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Archer Next-Generation NCLEX – with a single motto to Make Quality Test Prep Affordable & Effective! Over several years, Archer Review has provided affordable and successful courses to nursing students, medical students, and physicians. Archer applies a high-yield focused test preparation strategy to help you prepare SMART. Good test-prep courses need not be pricey, and Archer is moving forward with this single motto. Since 2020, about 200,000 nursing students and nurses have trusted Archer Review and have reported high pass rates. Archer NCLEX products include: 1. Question banks 2. On-demand videos 3. Combos (question banks and on-demand videos) - A large number of questions (next-generation NCLEX items and legacy items spread out according to the new NGN-NCLEX pattern): A. 2950+ NCLEX-RN questions on an interface that mimics the real NCLEX exam B. 1100+ NCLEX-PN questions. High-yield new questions are added almost every week so that you will see a continuously increasing number of critically important questions. - Multiple prediction assessments: Multiple readiness assessments can be launched. Assessing yourself frequently helps you know your readiness throughout your prep compared to assessing just at the end of the prep. - Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) mode: Like NCLEX, CAT adapts to your performance and sequentially delivers questions to simulate NCLEX. - 98% pass rate confidence: Among the Archer Q-bank users who took the exam after completing all the sure-pass criteria and achieving consecutive highs on four assessments, the pass rate has been 98%. - The Power of Rationales: In-depth and detailed explanations (rationales). Additional information sections provide in-depth details, while the body of the rationale provides focused information. Multiple concepts are explained in a single question, so you understand why a specific option is incorrect. - Challenging Questions: The questions will challenge you. While the questions can be challenging, the goal is to challenge you and explain the subject within the explanation. Learning is enhanced under stress – we use this scientific concept to challenge you hard, so you study and retain the explanation better. Review your performance, weak and strong, under previous tests. - Tutor/ Test and Timed modes: Tutor mode allows you to see the rationale immediately, whereas Timed mode simulates the actual testing atmosphere. Create comprehensive tests on the go or practice questions in your weak areas via—system-based question review. - Ability to launch tests based on NCSBN client need areas. This is particularly useful for those with prior NCLEX attempts to launch and practice tests in their weak client-need areas. - "Peer Stats" provides you with information to compare yourself with your peers regarding every question and the overall test. Your score compared to the average peer score lets you assess your readiness for the exam. - Videos: Our unique "video rationales" accompany some essential topics repeatedly tested on NCLEX. Once again, Archer's strategy is to help you retain concepts through "audio-visual reinforcement" while quizzing you. - Multiple test item types: All next-generation NCLEX item types (unfolding case studies, other standalone new NGN items), single choice, SATA (select all that apply), fill in the blanks, ordered sequence, audios/ images questions with a large proportion of questions being SATA to reflect the actual exam distribution. - Performance dashboards to analyze your weak and strong areas. System-wise breakdown and client-needs data are presented. Combo products include - All features of the Q-bank - On-Demand videos covering every client need area tested on the NCLEX. Videos are updated after every live review. Both the videos of live review crash courses and topic-wise videos are included in the On-Demand bundles. - Money-back guarantee (SurePass combo users only)


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Highly Recommended

Hey everyone, I know firsthand that it can be tough to stay engaged during lectures while juggling exams and homework assignments. Fortunately, Archer's lectures offer a wealth of information that is presented in a more digestible manner than traditional school lectures, making it easier for us students to comprehend. When deciding between Archer and other companies, I highly recommend giving Archer a shot. They provide a cost-effective option with engaging content that is perfect for any student. Not only does this program allow you to replay lectures as needed, but they also offer live lectures for an additional fee that can be incredibly beneficial. Do it, you won't regret choosing Archer. : )
By Alaskan Student :)

Trust Archer and the process

I am a recent grad and took the new 2023 Next Gen NCLEX and PASSED my FIRST attempt! I took 6 Readiness Assessments and each one was either “high” or “very high” score and likelihood of passing. I also took 3 CAT tests and also got “pass” results with them. I did a minimum of 100 questions a day until the day of my test (which in the end, I used about 70% of the question bank). The rationales for the questions were concise and not overwhelming long. Additionally, some of their videos were gold and if you lack in one area, definitely watch their videos! Their format is near identical to the NCLEX, the only difference was the font of the text and calculator. The wording and phrasing of questions felt like I was taking an Archer exam. Additionally, practice and take only Next Gen tests with Archer (make a custom test) as this will really help you with answering these case studies on the NCLEX. For reference, my school used ATI, which I hated! I only had Simple Nursing during school for content help. The ONLY NCLEX study resource I did was Archer, and I’m telling everyone to do it because it’s affordable and it WORKS. So far, all of my classmates (5 so far) that used Archer have passed the NCLEX on their first attempt!
By Ever_athena

Study review

I love the rationales as I go through my testing. The different styles of testing methods is efficient. Plenty of NGN questions. Also the videos reviewing material we already know if very helpful. The instructor has a great teaching method, helpful tips and tricks !!
By rjpray

Passed in 85 questions!

I used archer for the majority of my practice questions to prepare for the NGN NCLEX RN exam and passed in 85 questions on my first attempt! I also found the review videos to be helpful.
By Jake643$

Repeat test taker

So I’ve been using archer for quite some time now. First, I’ve noticed with this most recent update that it’s not calculating my overall scores correctly. For example, I’ve mostly done the classic style questions and I remember seeing that I had got 1300 correct … now it’s saying I’ve only gotten 1004 correct. Even when doing more questions and getting them correct that “Total Correct” number has not changed. Same for the NGN questions. .I’ve probably done a total of 15 overall and it’s showing that I’ve done over 300 ? It doesn’t make sense. . . I’d like to further add that I’ve taken my NCLEX a number of times now but when using archer and taking the readiness assessments I always get a very high chance of passing or when I’m taking the CAT adaptive test I get a pass, but still failing the NCLEX. I feel it may be inaccurately generating my scores which is a bummer because I always go into my test just knowing I’m going to pass based off of using archer then I fail. It may be working for some, but for me I don’t think so.
By yasefaye

Passed the exam on 1st attempt😇Thank you ARCHER NCLEX REVIEW ❤️

Thank you Archer NCLEX Review. My exam was similar to the Q bank. Questions and options were structured similar. I love your crash course videos too. I passed the exam on 1st attempt . Thanks to the God for opening my heart to trust ur Q bank. Thank you Morgan and all of ur team member. NCLEX is so vast and and vague like you said. Prepare Smart not hard . These two words were so encouraging . Performance comparison with peers was good to evaluate myself. Rational help me to develop my critical thinking to new level. Thank you Again😇 Completed B.Sc Nursing in India in 2015 , Nepal RN and now saw my name on CA board of Nursing ; USRN .
By Khadka Rashmi


This app is very user friendly. I like that I can review and study on the go
By Tasha Jo3

Passed in 75 questions, first try!!

This is awesome, I did 90% of the qbank. The readiness assessment were the best!! I did 1 readiness assessment test, 75 questions, everyday. Wrote down the rationals of what I did not know and listened to mark k lectures and took notes on those too. You got this new nurse!!!
By Hybdfgjudgvk


I really love how I am learning with Archer, test bank questions are awesome and rationals are good!!!
By S_Hampton

Passed NCLEX in 75Q’s after multiple attempts

Do yourself the favor and please purchase Archer Rapid Review with the combo of the Qbank. I followed the suggested 6 week study plan that is on the website. It helped me feel prepared and my confidence went up. After taking this exam multiple times and using all the different study material of other resources, Archer was the one that really helped and put everything in one big picture for me. I went into NCLEX and I thought archer was harder than the actual exam itself! Thank you Archer, I can finally call myself an RN after a year of taking this exam over and over :)
By Jay❤

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