Forks Meal Planner

Forks Meal Planner

By Forks Over Knives, LLC

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Make meal planning easy with the FREE Forks Meal Planner, which offers seasonal menus, grocery lists, and all of the resources you need to make plant-based living easy. Get healthy and delicious plant-based meals planned for every day of the week with the Forks Meal Planner app that's FREE to download now! With Forks Meal Planner, you'll receive plant-based and vegan-friendly recipes that you can cook in 35 minutes or less making meal planning easy for you and your family. Get started by telling us your goals, number of servings you need, what meals you need to cook, and we'll do the rest. Each plant-based recipe has been developed and taste-tested by our team of vegan chefs and nutritionists. On top of being whole food-based and vegan, they’re also low in fat and sodium, making this weekly meal planner ideal for improving you and your family’s health and wellness through clean eating. After all, plant-based diets are linked to a number of health benefits, like reducing your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and cognitive decline. There's no easier (or more delicious) way to get started on your whole-food, plant-based diet and lifestyle than with Forks Meal Planner! HOW IT WORKS - RECIPES SENT EVERY WEEK • Tell us your goals and how many servings you need every week • Choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that are low-fat, low-sodium, and 100% whole-food, plant-based. • Get weekly notifications for new vegan recipes and meal plans • Get auto-generated grocery shopping lists CUSTOM MEAL PLANNING FOR YOU • Gluten, soy-, and nut-free meal plan options are available. • Kid-friendly recipes are available • Swap out any recipe for one of 1000+ recipes in our library. EASY AND FAST GROCERY SHOPPING AND COOKING TIMES • Grocery lists are automatically generated in the app to help you get in and out of the story quickly. • Weekend Prep guide outlines which ingredients you can prep ahead of time. • Recipes can be cooked in 35 minutes or less • Takes the stress out of deciding what to eat during the week UPGRADE YOUR MEAL PLAN • Upgrade your FREE plan to a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription (rates apply) PRIVATE SUPPORT GROUP • Receive support, tips and encouragement in our dedicated members-only plant-based community.


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Need to add more filters for allergies

I can’t filter out several allergies, including peanuts which is one of the most common allergens. I emailed to ask about that and was told to just omit peanuts, substitute a different ingredient, or swap out the recipe. Why not just add it to the filtered allergens??
By Banh mi temptress

Great App! Well worth the money!

This app makes mealtime a breeze. And the recipes are super delicious and flavorful. I’m not very creative with my cooking abilities so having a recipe to follow makes cooking enjoyable. The recipes are easy and fast. If the cost is an issues, don’t hesitate…you won’t be disappointed.
By Tango Chatlie

Recipes Are Great, App Needs some work

Unfortunately have been facing many difficulties modifying my meal plan. App keeps crashing and it requires me to “reset” and start from scratch after every attempt. It’s exhausting and almost not worth having the app. Again, content is great, but you need fluid app to access to get get to your customers. Otherwise, what am I paying for ?
By ramo0048

Love the Service, HATE THE APP!!

Constantly crashes, can’t even successfully load the content that I subscribed to. Please FIX!
By ztrcbtns

Great recipes, but needs better UX

This app is amazing and a great resource for cooking healthy, vegan meals! It’s made our weekly meals so much easier and the grocery list function is a god send. It’d be nice if you could customize certain recipes by switching out ingredients and such. Also, the user experience is not the greatest/most intuitive. The different weekly meal plan menu is hard to navigate to and within, and the menu reorder function could be better with dragging and dropping meals on certain days rather than pressing an arrow multiple times. Overall a decent app if you’re looking for an easy meal planner, we bought the premium subscription to have access to more recipe options.
By shannonfagan

Love the concept, glitches out for me a lot

This app is great and has been helpful so far in making plant based meals. The one thing is that the app is very glitchy for me. It will freeze a lot and I would be forced to restart the app and start over whatever I was looking at. It is also slow and just does not run smoothly. If that were to be fixed I would give it 5 stars for sure.
By sof1712

Not free

I purchased forks over knives recipes app- which I NEVER do- and it suggested this companion app which seemed like a great addition. But then when I tried to use it my “free trial” had ended. Annoying! I’ll plan my own meals, thanks for nothing!!
By taras6


asked for a refund , too much sugar for me they won’t give a refund because i tried this app before and got a refund so they won’t give another one. just another way for a company to rip off hard working people trying to be healthy. if i could rate a zero i would but you don’t even get that option.
By Styler13o

Great, only one flaw I’ve noticed.

I’ve owned this app for 6 months. The recipes I have tried are delicious. The layout of the app is beautiful and easy to use. It’s made my health journey much less daunting. My only issue is with the search feature under the recipes tab. If I search through all the recipes on the site for “dressing” for example I get zero results yet if I don’t type anything into the search bar and just click the filter “sides” salad dressing recipes show up. The search feature needs a serious upgrade. I need to be able to narrow things down so I don’t have to scroll forever to find what I need. Otherwise fantastic app.
By musicalmybus

Save and healthy

I was a vegetarian for a long time, I knew about FOK I got some of their magazines and did some recipe that I found. A lot of times I will go to the store with no plans what to cook, and I ended expending more money and waisting more food. Now, with forks meal plan I know exactly what we will have every day, I expend less money and less food goes to waist. Oh and all my no vegan friends are impress when they come and visit. We love it.
By Save Dumbo

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