Forks Meal Planner

Forks Meal Planner

By Forks Over Knives, LLC

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Make meal planning easy with the FREE Forks Meal Planner, which offers seasonal menus, grocery lists, and all of the resources you need to make plant-based living easy. Get healthy and delicious plant-based meals planned for every day of the week with the Forks Meal Planner app that's FREE to download now! With Forks Meal Planner, you'll receive plant-based and vegan-friendly recipes that you can cook in 35 minutes or less making meal planning easy for you and your family. Get started by telling us your goals, number of servings you need, what meals you need to cook, and we'll do the rest. Each plant-based recipe has been developed and taste-tested by our team of vegan chefs and nutritionists. On top of being whole food-based and vegan, they’re also low in fat and sodium, making this weekly meal planner ideal for improving you and your family’s health and wellness through clean eating. After all, plant-based diets are linked to a number of health benefits, like reducing your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and cognitive decline. There's no easier (or more delicious) way to get started on your whole-food, plant-based diet and lifestyle than with Forks Meal Planner! HOW IT WORKS - RECIPES SENT EVERY WEEK • Tell us your goals and how many servings you need every week • Choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that are low-fat, low-sodium, and 100% whole-food, plant-based. • Get weekly notifications for new vegan recipes and meal plans • Get auto-generated grocery shopping lists CUSTOM MEAL PLANNING FOR YOU • Gluten, soy-, and nut-free meal plan options are available. • Kid-friendly recipes are available • Swap out any recipe for one of 1000+ recipes in our library. EASY AND FAST GROCERY SHOPPING AND COOKING TIMES • Grocery lists are automatically generated in the app to help you get in and out of the story quickly. • Weekend Prep guide outlines which ingredients you can prep ahead of time. • Recipes can be cooked in 35 minutes or less • Takes the stress out of deciding what to eat during the week UPGRADE YOUR MEAL PLAN • Upgrade your FREE plan to a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription (rates apply) PRIVATE SUPPORT GROUP • Receive support, tips and encouragement in our dedicated members-only plant-based community.


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Good, but not enough

Not all recipes have nutritional information. Some have the “i” but it doesn’t pull up the information. The option to swap meals are limited and the 14 day trial is really just one week. I’m not able to experience if the following week is more of the same and it allows me to pick favorites. I thought the added feature was that the meal plan has all the nutritional balance you need so I’m skeptical into how can that be be accomplish with recipe swaps. If that is not available the only real feature is that it gets you the grocery list and prepping, which are great but not valued enough for me to stick with a subscription. We already have the FOK recipe app. We like it and light just stick with it.
By guanacux

Content is Amazing!

When the app is working, I LOVE it! The content is amazing. 10/5 stars! I love the grocery list and weekly meal prep; however, I’ve had the app for a week and have to uninstall and reinstall every other day because the recipes aren’t loading. That’s super annoying.
By fhjijgf

Great app!

My husband and I have been plant based for a while, but we both work, and meals were devolving into canned beans and salad. I love the variety of food, fairly simple recipes, tasty meals. This has been really helpful!
By Annette aka mariposa

Great recipes but

It would be great to be able to flip my iPad on its side and have the app work in landscape mode. It would be very helpful as I use that for recipes in the kitchen and it would be nice to be able to sit my iPad on its side in its case and use it that way
By velkara

Fantastic Meal Plan with a few app suggestions

This has been great for our family. The meals are delicious and I like the customization. My wish list for the app: that I could search in the recipe box. The filter options are too generic and I can’t get to the meal I’m looking for. There are sometimes where I want to just look at the pasta dishes, or salads, etc and I cannot do that on the app. I also wish I could add my recipes in the app. I have four small children and if I cannot do something on my phone it’s not happening. It would be great if I could add my own meals to the plan from my phone vs being limited to using a computer.
By earitter

Easy - Helpful - Yum

The app is super easy to use and meals to prepare. It is so helpful having our meals ready to go and keeps us from eating out! Every meal has been a winner. Our teen swimmer said last week “I’m really glad we’re doing this. The food is good and we’re not just eating potatoes and broccoli anymore”. Ha!!
By Mrs. Patty


I only wanted some new recipe ideas (owning the book). after paying for the app, now you have to subscribe to unlock recipes - for it is a ripoff.
By r!çk

Great plan but app will drive you crazy

I love the meal planner itself but the app is terrible and it’s not getting better- it’s getting worse. I used to be able to view a recipe and then would need to restart the app to view another one. Now, none of the recipes are able to load. The app has now become just a picture of the weekly plan. I still like the website but please please fix the app - I think we’re paying enough to expect that
By Gizzyyy687


Was hesitant about paying for a meal planner because I thought “I should be able to plan my own meals because I’ve got loads of cookbooks!” But, oh my, it has been WELL WORTH the subscription!!! 🥳💕😋 the planner makes it easy to prep for my week without much thought. It lays out prep directions so I get it all done on the weekend and that makes life MUCH EASIER during the week when I’m dealing with kids and school and life AND still have to get dinner on the table!! Thank you!! Also, please know that my husband wasn’t excited about going vegan but thanks to your ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE RECIPES he is very pleased and doesn’t even miss the junk we’ve left behind!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!
By dawson_mama


I’m obsessed with this app and will talk about it to anyone who will listen! They take all the guesswork out of living WFPB. I love love the fact that it curates a grocery list for you in the exact amount of ingredients you need whether you’ve got it set for a 2 person meal plan or 11! You can adjust it to whatever you need and it calculates it for you! AND if you live near a Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh you can add all those items to your cart and have it DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR. There is a Sunday prep option in the app if you want to give yourself less work in the week but honestly these recipes are rarely labor intensive and all delicious. Other users comment on recipes to changes the made that you can try too. Just obsessed. I look forward to these meal plans every week AND it is BUDGET FRIENDLY. Eating WFPB is CHEAP YALL! It’s when you start buying vegan subs for non vegan foods like cheese and meats that things can get expensive. Eating WFPB is the best thing I could’ve ever done for my health.
By gwen.coco

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