Joon Parent App

Joon Parent App

By Joon App, Inc

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2020-06-23
  • Current Version: 3.44
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 956.95 MB
  • Developer: Joon App, Inc
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+
Score: 4.72
From 3,661 Ratings


Backed by Occupational Therapists, Teachers, and Child Psychologists, Joon is the future of motivating kids and helping them focus. Using a kid-friendly game (for ages 8-12), Joon helps you motivate your child to focus and stay on top of their daily tasks & habits. **JOON’S GOAL** Help you motivate your kids with ADHD, ADD, or OSD to focus and complete their daily tasks while learning basic responsibility and independence. Not only does Joon make it extremely easy to motivate your ADHD kids to do important tasks, but it also teaches them valuable life skills that they won’t be able to learn in school. We’ve helped thousands of families complete more than 100k tasks and teach their kids important life skills, so why can't we help you? **HOW IT WORKS** Assign tasks as "Quests", then the game does the rest. 1) Start with age-appropriate tasks & habits to focus on: Choose a couple focus areas, and we'll provide you with a small list of recommended tasks (known as Quests) or create your own tasks to get your child started! 2) Use gamification to keep your child on track: Your child chooses a virtual pet (called a Doter) to feed, wash, and grow. They stay motivated and focused on completing the tasks you assigned them, so they can take care of their pet and level it up! 3) Your child stays focused and even develops life skills! As they progress in the game, your child will naturally start building their tasks as habits into their daily routine and even pick up on learning important life skills. All because they want to keep playing a fun game! **THE PARENTING TOOL YOU NEED** + We make it easy to manage your child’s tasks and add to your existing routine. + We'll do the reminding to help your child stick to their routine. No more nagging from your end. + Your child will stay focused to do the activities assigned to them. In fact, 90% of kids on Joon complete all tasks assigned. + Choose from a large list of research-backed activities to help your child build important life skills that teach independence. Joon is less than a year old and already has the attention of press, parenting publications, and parenting experts. To see the complete list, visit our website here: **HOW TO GET STARTED** 1) Install Joon on your device, create your family, and select a few beginning tasks you’d like your child to initially focus on. 2) Help your child set up their account so they can see the tasks that you’ve assigned them. You can have them download Joon on their own device or share you phone. 3) Add a few more activities that are most important to your family (such as chores, learning, or exercising) and assign them to your child. Your child will be motivated to complete these activities in order to feed and take care of their virtual pet. 4) Once your child completes their tasks, you can review and approve them to make sure they were completed correctly. 5) Once approved, your children receive coins and experience points that let them feed, level up, buy things, and progress in the game with their virtual pet. As your child continues to progress in the game, they actually progress in real life too! 6) Keep adding quests (and we’ll recommend you new ones too to help your children develop good habits! Your children cannot grow on their own. Make sure to stay involved in the process and keep assigning new quests as needed to allow your children to continue helping, learning, growing, and progressing in the game. Terms Of Use:


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Game Changer!

This app is helping us finally establish and stick to a routine and foster some more independence in our homeschooling day. It’s not just something I am trying to implement. Because it’s something the kids enjoy too, they keep me accountable too if I don’t keep up with my reviews. Love that they are constantly improving this app and they really care what the user experience is.
By jlily89

Great app but no monthly option

My child and I really liked the app. But the price is a big commitment for something I’m not sure my 7 year old will use for a year. We tried the 7 day free trial. He didn’t use the app a few days when I wasn’t home to remind him. So I canceled the trial. I would start back up if there was a monthly option.
By cwolves

Be honest about the price

Be honest about the price, don’t list it as in app purchases when it really is a subscription that’s 89.99 for the year or 18 something per month after one free week. I wouldn’t have wasted my time downloading.
By Zombie352

Good start, but needs work.

Did my other review go through? I left a ton of notes and suggestions and I don’t see it posted anywhere?
By Artemis82

I love this game

I love this game so much I learn how to do my chores 😋
By gsisywowuwiaua

Great organizational tool.

I was looking for a way to motivate my nine-year-old daughter with ADHD. After reading many reviews, and looking at many different apps, we came to the conclusion that Joon met our needs and desires. For a reward based task driven app that I could assign tasks that she would then complete and get credit for. She has also learned that if she doesn’t do the task correctly or completely, she either gets no coins for the quest or the quest is less than in value, when I go to approve her work, these things are very motivating to her and help her to stay focused and to do the things that she knows to be right it took us some time to formulate what requests were truly important and which ones were worth more coins versus others that’s something that you’ll have to experiment with your child. It’s an easy way to keep your child focused and motivated. From doing chores to brushing teeth. To eating meals, all has improved with our positive focus on Joon. This isn’t a fix all but it is one of the multiple tools we employ to encourage, strengthen and motivate our daughter.
By Best travel tool


So sick of stuff that drags you through filling in stuff and THEN showing you that it cost $90! Just be up front before someone goes through the process of wasting their timing to fill in info! DELETED
By heathersgreeneyes

Put price up front please

I gave you one star because you need to tell people you charge 90 dollars for your app. Downloading your app was a waste of time.
By TroyTCF

Motivating my daughter to be independent!

We’ve been using this app for a couple weeks now, and my 11 year old daughter loves it! In the past we used token charts for her tasks that were difficult to remember, and didn’t help with motivation. Since we started the app she has been more independent and our morning routine has been more smooth than usual!
By nickname:mo2.0

Not too bad

My kids liked this a lot for about 3 days. But the novelty wore off. I supposed if I had a longer free trial, I suppose I could have made a better effort to make it stick. But there isn’t much you can do with only a week to try for free. It’s hard to see solid results and reason to try it at $130/yr or $15/month after just a week. Solid concept. The app just needs to give at least a 30 day trial for family’s to see if it would stick.
By FrancesEngland79

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