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Share content and connect to people you love on Hive. - Express yourself with our customizable Music Section - Full app color themes and zodiac signs - Explore trending and new content on our Discover page with tons of communities - New Asks feature where you can get to know creators better - Repost, share, and reply to posts or upload Gifs with our Gif feature - Easily grow your account with an algorithm that boosts your organic reach We make it easy for you to discover content you enjoy, whether it's photos, videos, or statuses. Our music feature allows you to express yourself, our Asks feature makes it even more fun to interact with other users, and with our chronological home feed, you'll never miss a post from your family and friends either. Explore your favorite content on Hive. Have feedback for us? Please e-mail where our support team will assist you as soon as possible.


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Very glitchy

Can’t even see my own post
By nskishsbs

New and still works

For 2 people to bee running this app it’s quite impressive, it’s a combo of Insta and Tweet. I do hope people jump in and become a hive mind .
By quillisastick

Great for a LGBTQA space to explore

I got a few time crashed the apps a few days ago. I did enjoying to explore and find many good LGBTQA content on Hive. I got a few scam or fake profiles to follow my page. I want to let everyone know to awareness of those scam or fake profile to liked or follow the page. Hope there have a option avoid for future incidents or issues again.
By Jjdeeredude

promising but…

dear god the p*rn/nsfw filters do NOT work and there is no moderation because there’s only 2 devs, definitely can only open this app in private.
By mmbbrr

Email Signup Page Broken

Won’t let me sign up with an email. I fill out my email and a password that fits the criteria and it still won’t let me hit next. Forcing me to signup with my phone number which I do not wish to do.
By Catherine6574

Best Twitter Alternative

I’ve tried a few different social medias as an alternative to Twitter and let me tell you this is the most promising one. Make an account and get on here early because I really think it’s gonna blow up and be competing with Instagram and tiktok soon enough
By ✨Magic✨

Great idea, poor execution

Love that this exists and most of my Twitter mutuals have migrated here, but it’s literally unusable atm. It crashes every time I try to use the “discover” page, and has also started crashing a few seconds after launching (which it’s extremely slow to do). The hashtags also don’t seem to work and also cause crashes when tapped. I want it to succeed & improve, but it’s frustrating & literally unusable atm.
By Red_Fives

So much potential!

This app is amazing and has so much potential to support a diverse group of people. Please keep going the way you are going y’all. I’ll be begging everyone I know to join. Facebook needs to be replaced!
By lillithmrose

Usernames not long enough!

The fact that my usernames can only be 15 characters max is frustrating. This max limit prevents me from being able to use the same username that I have on other platforms so from a creator perspective, this makes it more difficult for me to keep it consistent and easier for my followers to find me.
By AmyMarie88

Solid Foundation

Looks very promising, recently left Twitter and while Instagram has been an okay replacement, this seems much less “commercialized”, more so a social app for people, not a company trying to maximize how to advertise products. Missed Myspace for the profile customization, which this has in it’s own way. I’m a new user, but I can confidently say I would rather support a platform like this versus a major social media site these days. Glad a major platform failing is bringing outlets like this to light for everyone to see and create communities around.
By MisterSc0rpi0n

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Hive Social

Hive Social

By Hive Social, Inc. (Apps)

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