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Make the Most of Your Money with Banktivity The key to reaching all your financial goals comes down to one simple idea: Proactive Money Management. Banktivity gives you everything you need to do just that and more! And all in a user-friendly environment that’s safe and secure. You’ll have immediate access to the tools, resources and U.S.-based support to make smarter financial decisions. BANKTIVITY BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHER The first step in better money management is getting all your finances and accounts into one place. Banktivity's Direct Access service makes this even easier by connecting to over 14,000 banks worldwide, automatically delivering the latest transaction data to your Mac. Banktivity's set-up assistant will import your old data and download current transactions from your bank accounts online. BANKTIVITY GIVES YOU THE BIG PICTURE Banktivity gives you a holistic view of your finances — checking accounts, savings, credit cards, real estate, mortgages, investments and budgets. You’ll easily track, categorize, tag, reconcile and manage every transaction. (Including online bill pay!) Do it all yourself or let Banktivity’s transaction templates do the work for you. It’s simple to update your accounts all at once with Banktivity's "Update Everything" button. Sync devices, fetch Direct Access data, security prices even currency exchange rates. BUILD SAVINGS WITH BANKTIVITY BUDGETING Banktivity's budgeting tools help you to set saving and proactive spending goals. By giving yourself available cash for specific purposes, Envelope Budgeting lets you assign money to different categories. And any money not spent can be carried carry over into your savings. Banktivity automatically budgets scheduled transactions like paychecks and bills (categorized to your Envelope Budget). You’ll always know how well you’re tracking to your budget and savings with Banktivity’s visually-driven Budget vs. Actual reports. BANKTIVITY REPORTS Powerful reports give you all of the information you need to know for your financial situation. Track your net worth over time, see income and spending. You can even compare your finances to a previous period, like year-over-year or month-over-month. BANKTIVITY SIMPLIFIES INVESTING Banktivity's investment features manage stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, 401Ks, CDs and other assets. You can track buys, sells, splits, dividends, options and more. Banktivity calculates IRR, ROI and gains and losses. You can even pick which lots you've sold from. Built-in report templates (Income & Expense, Net Worth, Payee Summary and more) dynamically analyze your finances. Assign tax codes to transactions to generate Tax reports (or export to TurboTax). Or view holdings in the Portfolio or Investment Summary reports —presented in comprehensive graphics that let you drill down for details, export or print. BANKTIVITY’S WITH YOU ON THE GO No matter where you are, you can enter transactions on the go with Banktivity for iPhone. And you can sync accounts, budgets and investments to Banktivity for iPhone/iPad for mobile money management. Should you need help or have questions, we provide unlimited email support or Live Chat for quick solutions. Plus, Banktivity offers built-in Help files, a searchable Knowledge Base and video tutorials. It's time to take action and start PROACTIVELY managing your money. Download Banktivity now!


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No ability to sync with datafile stored in dropbox

I have been syncing my Banktivity via dropbox since I began using the application and never had a problem. The newest iteration of the Banktivity app for ios has no menu option for connecting with a datafile stored in dropbox. Useless to me.
By Pwags66

More and more frustrated

Banktivity has been in use in our household for many years. My wife primarily uses the Mac and I use iPhone and iPad. I enter transactions as we buy things and she reconciles. Recently I have taken on responsibility for capturing Sales Tax information for transactions. First problem is selecting a payee, I am sure there are at least 30 McDonalds in the list. Which one do you pick? Some of them seem like they might be the same location but the description is a little different, so which one should I choose. This morning we were out at a local bagel place. Now a few hours later we are looking at two transactions: different amounts 12.35 vs 12.21. Not only different amounts, but one transaction has split categories both of which are sales tax, the other has dining and sales tax. When we are out it takes 20-30 seconds to select a category. It seems to want to download the category list each time you select a category. If you choose a payee with splits and one of the split items is incorrect and try to change the amount, an uncategorized split is created which seems impossible to remove. Then you look for documentation, it is not only old, the one about import rules was five years old so, several version ago but it only refers to the Mac version which uses different terminology. On the iPhone I see Configuration Payees, on the Mac I see Payees, Schedule with headings All Payees, Scheduled Transactions, Import Rules
By Kpcol0

Connections don’t stick and Customer service is poor

I have an account at a large bank that suddenly stopped working. I submitted a ticket and was told they’ll update me. I must have sent 5 messages asking for updates and have heard nothing. Conceptually this app is great but if it doesn’t maintain the connections to your accounts, it’s a lot of money for nothing. Consider me very disappointed. Update: My issue has been on going 4 months. The frequent updates I was promised stopped 2 months ago, and my follow-ups haven’t been replied to. I can’t imagine that’s the customer service you envision.
By Jigwigmig

Over complicated

Wish I hadn’t paid. Last update introduced tons of what I hope are bugs and not bad design decisions. Main screen no longer shows future balance only todays balence. If your are like me, you put in future payments to help budget and see how much money you have available outside of your budget. Well now the main screen only shows todays balance not future balance so you have to go in to each account to see what you have. Make a budget you say? Well I tried. I messed a few things up and they won’t delete. I’m sure there is a way to delete the budget but the UI is so messy it’s hard to find and when I go and delete the schedules in setup they never actually delete. I’ve been a Banktivity user since version 4 or 5 and I’ve watched it go down hill. I think it’s time to find something else despite the fact I just paid for a year of this app.
By panoptic

Solid Banking App

Really solid app in terms of breadth of functionality. For MacOS and iOS users, really the only viable option for Australian users, as it support MOST of the Aussie banks (however, Banktivity does not use CDR / OpenBanking yet). I have rather complicated financial mgmt, and it’s able to handle it all.
By Razr2dot0

What happened to this app ??

I used this app since they Bankivity 5 version. Downloaded version 9 and it’s never been this bad. Tried to add an account with direct access and right away got information that makes no sense : - When trying to add checking account which requires bronze package ( I have silver ) it prompted me I have ti upgrade to gold because it’s Canadian dollar ??? I have to get most expensive package because of the currency ?? Not one previous version had that. - Once I actually upgraded to Gold I got the success message ! No account added though. Still nothing. - I tried adding the account again and it’s asking my to upgrade to Gold again ??? - Just for the fun of it I click on upgrade again and the system tells me I already have a gold package. So why is it asking me to upgrade every single time when I want to add an account ? - Gold package just because of Canadian dollar ??? - Latest message was that there are two subscriptions or something ??? And under my account I can see only silver package subscription still. Where is the Gold I upgraded ??? I sent a message to customer service ( no phone number ) and received zero response. Where do I get my refund ???
By Real Work

The best game in town

I've used this app for 5 years. I love it.
By HugoRabson

Beware of Banktivity's upgrade

I was using version 8, was sent a 'free upgrade' to 9 and now ALL my data is gone, missing, nowhere to be found. And they charge $49.95 a year too.
By bohdanz

Can't do simple math

My cash accounts are never accurate. Terrible
By velgor

A Success, Mostly, and the Best Available

I subscribed. I have purchased or subscribed to an embarrassing number of financial apps over the years. I like this the best so far, though not without a wish list. Four-and-a-half stars. The startup. 1) The initial setup of cloud account and syncing is too multi-step. Further, one may have to to dig into the Help files to find out some steps. Surely a login ought to be a guided part of the purchase and first startup. 2) It imported my generic backup QIF perfectly, a delightful and unique experience. An annoying oversight is that it doesn’t build payee prompts for journal entries. It has all your historical payees properly recorded, but from then on you will have to enter any payee as if new to build Banktivity’s own database of them for prompting. Besides the keystrokes, this complicates consistency. Reports on iOS!. Banktivity 9 posts its reports (Income/Expense, Payees, Net Worth, Category) to Mac and (except for Category) to iOS. This was a key factor in my purchase, and I am not disappointed. Report formats are good as numbers and text, but weak on graphical charts. A picture can be worth a lot of words. For example, the payee report really needs a pie chart by amount. The Budget is designed well except for two matters. (I don’t use the envelopes.) 1) The budget summary (Budgeted Income Actual/Remaining, Expenses Actual Remaining) is not footed overall. If as planner you want to see the sum of incomes minus expenses, flip back to the Income/Expense Report or do it manually. 2) The chart of vertical annual bars has no legend. The green and the salmon are no doubt self-explanatory, but the iOS green with dark diagonals is for the user to figure out. It’s not in the Help, either. The graphical bars seem to be an approximation, not (to my eye) matching the calibration axis and numbers very well. The capacity for drilling down is excellent. The UI for data entry is excellent on both platforms. None of the famous iOS data wiggle seen elsewhere, or Mac wiggle in popups. There’s also room on both device setups to enter historical information useful later. The Help (dating from version 7, as it says) needs work. It’s a good foundation but incomplete and dated. Further, it’s text, with little graphic show-and-tell. In sum, however, the app is solid, professionally serious, and, as a tool, successful. Mostly fun, too. As I said, four-and-a-half stars.
By Mac Since 1985

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