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  • Release Date: 2020-10-26
  • Current Version: 8.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Score: 3.16
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Make the Most of Your Money with Banktivity The key to reaching all your financial goals comes down to one simple idea: Proactive Money Management. Banktivity gives you everything you need to do just that and more! And all in a user-friendly environment that’s safe and secure. You’ll have immediate access to the tools, resources and U.S.-based support to make smarter financial decisions. BANKTIVITY BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHER The first step in better money management is getting all your finances and accounts into one place. Banktivity's Direct Access service makes this even easier by connecting to over 14,000 banks worldwide, automatically delivering the latest transaction data to your Mac. Banktivity's set-up assistant will import your old data and download current transactions from your bank accounts online. BANKTIVITY GIVES YOU THE BIG PICTURE Banktivity gives you a holistic view of your finances — checking accounts, savings, credit cards, real estate, mortgages, investments and budgets. You’ll easily track, categorize, tag, reconcile and manage every transaction. (Including online bill pay!) Do it all yourself or let Banktivity’s transaction templates do the work for you. It’s simple to update your accounts all at once with Banktivity's "Update Everything" button. Sync devices, fetch Direct Access data, security prices even currency exchange rates. BUILD SAVINGS WITH BANKTIVITY BUDGETING Banktivity's budgeting tools help you to set saving and proactive spending goals. By giving yourself available cash for specific purposes, Envelope Budgeting lets you assign money to different categories. And any money not spent can be carried carry over into your savings. Banktivity automatically budgets scheduled transactions like paychecks and bills (categorized to your Envelope Budget). You’ll always know how well you’re tracking to your budget and savings with Banktivity’s visually-driven Budget vs. Actual reports. BANKTIVITY SIMPLIFIES INVESTING Banktivity's investment features manage stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, 401Ks, CDs and other assets. You can track buys, sells, splits, dividends, options and more. Banktivity calculates IRR, ROI and gains and losses. You can even pick which lots you've sold from. Built-in report templates (Income & Expense, Net Worth, Payee Summary and more) dynamically analyze your finances. Assign tax codes to transactions to generate Tax reports (or export to TurboTax). Or view holdings in the Portfolio or Investment Summary reports —presented in comprehensive graphics that let you drill down for details, export or print. BANKTIVITY’S WITH YOU ON THE GO No matter where you are, you can enter transactions on the go with Banktivity for iPhone. And you can sync accounts, budgets and investments to Banktivity for iPhone/iPad for mobile money management. Should you need help or have questions, we provide unlimited email support or Live Chat for quick solutions. Plus, Banktivity offers built-in Help files, a searchable Knowledge Base and video tutorials. It's time to take action and start PROACTIVELY managing your money. Download Banktivity now!


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Banktivity on iPad

As a reviewer I just read has said “I would like to see improvement in the functionality of the iPad version.” I think that many Mac owners now own an iPad also & I think I speak for all of us that would find it very useful to pick up our iPads rather than the Mac to view reports & enter a days worth of transactions or import a days worth with the convenience of the iPad rather than the more time consuming use of the Mac for a simple financial session.
By RobJWheeler


I've used this app ftom their iBank beginnings.It is easy to purchase the subscription for Banktivity 8. I transferred my data with no problem. It looks good. But I can only see it in "read only" mode. I can't enable the app. There's a way to Create a "Banktivity ID", but only if you know your "Login ID". The passwords I used in the past don't work. But even worse, you can't access help. Neither of the links were enabled to get online or chat support. I'm sitting here helplessly waiting to update my records with no helpf. Shame on IGG for locking me out of my program.
By lpquilts

Upgraded from Version 7 - Direct Access is not working

I was already unhappy about the shift to a subscritpion model. However, banks are deprecating OFX support, so I thought I would try to stay with Banktivity before looking elsewhere. Despite careful entry of credentials and verifying my institutions are all on Direct Access, I am unable to get it working. I've filed three tickets with IGG Support and hope to find resolution, but so far I would grade this "upgrade" as an epic fail. It's presently unlikely that I will even complete the free trail period.
By SWODaddy

Not ready for prime time - no support

I've been using Banktivity for 10yrs and I support the move to a subscription. But Banktivity 8 is not ready for prime time and support has evaporated. Direct Access is unreliable at best. I select Download, the wheels spin, and stops implying the transactions have been downloaded. Then I go to the website (Citibank or Schwab) and find transactions that were not downloaded! I have to select Download half a dozen times to finally get the transactions. Trying to raise this issue with support is futile. They only support live chat and must have only one person providing support because it's routinely telling me that I'm #9 or #5, and 20min later I'm maybe #6 or #3. Today I was #10 and the wait was estimated at 42min. The bottom line is don't buy this product right now. Hopefully they will eventually fix it. Buy it now and you'll be frustrated. Thank you for the developer's reply. If the "Download transactions" is not going to work in realtime, then I suggest a change to the UI that sets the expectation for when the transactions will be loaded. 5min? 10min?
By NewMorning

Not for those living abroad.

I’ve been using Banktivity for a while, but now, with the new subscription model, I’m forced to buy something I don’t need. I would mostly use the features in Bronze, but I also care for the investment features, so that’s Silver level at $70/year. However, since I live abroad (where direct access essentially does not work, mind you), I also use different currencies. For that, alone, I’d have to pay $30/year more. That means a total of $100/year. Up to now, in 4 years, I purchased Banktivity 6 for $65 and updated to a new version (7) for $35. Fair enough - you could charge us a bit more, but what cost me $100 would now cost $400. Now, I realise that I could halt the subscription and keep the app (and updates), except for the connected services. However the Investment and Currency features I’d have bought with the Silver and Gold tiers would essentially be useless without connected services. So each tier ends up being like a subscription for the services: $50 for direct access $20 for stock prices $30 for exchange rates I do understand these services cost the company money, but I’m only interested in the last two. However, I can’t just pick and choose, and I have to pay (the most) for the direct access which I don’t (can’t!) use, just to be able to pay for the others. Let me choose the services I want, or even swap direct access for one of the others. If not, paying 4x more for essentially the same that I had before seems excessive. It also seems it’s US focused, in particular because as based abroad, currency exchange is a must and direct access is mostly useless.
By scheekotm

Stay with Ver 7 - No way ready for Prime Time

The Apps Store label is mispeading. It indicates in-app purchases. NOT SO! If you want to use it at all, you MUST sign up with one of three subscriptions starting at $49.00, and by the way, you cannot print checks. After selecting the subscription level, you get a free trial. If you want to pay a subscription go to Quicken for MAC. Ver 8 = the Direct Access is faulty at best; address error or do not pick up at all from Contacts; Customer Service went away. Likely, there are more problems, just haven't had the number or variety of transactions to discover them.
By Rancher Ron

subscription model? No thanks

Well, Banktivity 7 will be my last. When I saw there was an 8 now I went to check it out. Side note great job IGG letting your users who had paid for apps prior know there was a new version. Any way, where was I. Oh yes subscription model. No. Seven will be my last version. I paid quiet a lot for seven and even prior spent the money for the phone app (before it was free) and thought those prices were high until I saw the prices for the subscriptions. Wow. For those prices I better get a new version every year at most. These companies are following the trend that companies like Microsoft and Adobe started. It’s a bummer. I get prior versions had subscriptions for certain things. But I had the option to still have a fully functional check book app with all types of accounts with out having to pay. I just had to pay for some extra services if I wanted them (direct download and stuff I wouldn’t use). That is using server power and I understand that. But to have to pay a subscription fee just to be able to use the software for basic things like having different account types listed? Really? I have to pay extra money so I can keep track of my student loans? Or making a budget? Well sorry, I can tell you with out the programs help that paying hundreds of dollars over the years vs the one time cost of a version is out of my budget.
By panoptic

Sync issues

I use the Banktivity App on my home Mac as my primary finance tool. I download the Banktivity app for my iPhone so that I can take out transactions when I’m out and about. Then sync back to the home computer. But over the past two years after a month or two of using the app, the sinc has issues. The amount that I show in my checking account on my home computer gets off from the amount shown on my phone. Even after I verified both the home computer and my phone have synced. Then I even tried to wipe out the data on my phone and replace it with the data on the Banktivity cloud sink, but it is still off. My only recourse is to upload a fresh cloud sync document, wipe out my app on the phone and reinstall and get data from the new cloud sync. That is a lot of work and happens over and over again. I can’t figure out why my phone sync gets screwed up. And they have not been able to help me. I love the program and don’t want to stop using it, but I don’t know what else to do.
By Enfuego13

The best financial App keeps getting better

After being a dedicated Quicken user for many years I switched to Banktivity for my my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I rely on it to download transactions for all my accounts (credit cards and bank and investment accounts) in the US and overseas, and in multiple currencies. It allows me to easily track cash, monitor my accounts, and prepare taxes for myself and my business. It is easy to use and powerful. I appreciate the many improvements and upgrades in the latest version, and that IGG Software is always investing in response to customer feedback. Their customer support is fabulous, too. If you are serious about managing your money, Banktivity is an essential tool.
By PWRusso


I was a long time Banktivity user, going back to the iBank days. When they announced the subscription service I was not happy considering the large price increases seen yearly. I also did not like the tiered modal that seems overpriced or the lack of commitment to keep service levels associated with price points. Since my direct access subscription is up I thought I would give Banktivity 8 a shot just to see and for me, it's not worth it. By the way, my subscription is not up, it expires 02/10/21 but igg shutdown the service off and says to consider upgrading when adding a new account. I looked for other options and chose Quicken. I went to export my data and when I import it everything is wrong. So, not only do they have shady business practices (canceling, prepaid subscription without refund) they also lock up your data. About 10 years of my financial data is gone. BEWARE and STAY AWAY! RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER: It doesn’t add up huh? In Banktivity 7 my direct access accounts stopped updating and it had been a while since they had updated I deleted the connection to re-establish. When I try to reconnect I get an error saying “Direct Access connections require a subscription with IGG Software. One subscription allows you to connect to an unlimited number of banks on both Banktivity and iOS.” I get this error even though my direct access subscription was paid for until 02/10/21. I have screenshots of the error and my “view my subscription” dated from 01/30/21 should the developer need them to jog their memory of their software. As far as the lockout, as stated, I went to export my data from Banktivity and the imported data does not reconcile. I tried exporting from both 7 and 8. I tried exporting shorter lengths (first full ten, then 7, 5, 3 and 1) and none of them worked and all balances were way beyond off. So being forced to use your app to review past financial data and not being able to port my data is being locked in. Hopefully, this adds up now.
By zguy981


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