VeVe Collectibles

VeVe Collectibles

By ECOMI Technology PTE Ltd

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VeVe: The Next Evolution in Collecting! VeVe brings the world of collectibles into the digital realm and right into the palm of your hand. Collect limited edition 3D sculptures of your favorite heroes, characters and icons in premium digital format. DIRECT FROM ARTIST TO PHONE VeVe 3D digital collectibles are crafted by world leading artists including legendary sculptors Jim Lee, Todd MacFarlane and Scott Snyder, who sculpt directly in 3D instead of clay, and with VeVe you can now own limited editions of these exclusive digital collectibles. NO MATTER YOUR FANDOM, VE-VE HAS YOU COVERED! Whether you love pop culture, gaming, sports, film and TV, or anime and animation, VeVe offers digital collectibles from your favorite brands including Batman, Adventure Time, Monster Hunter, NFL, DC Collectibles, Star Trek, Jurassic Park, Fast and the Furious, Back to the Future, Ultraman, Superman, and SO MUCH MORE. VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS Collectors display their collectibles with pride and with VeVe continue this in the digital realm. Create and customize virtual showrooms to showcase your digital collectibles and share this experience with other VeVe collectors around the world. Move through your virtual Showrooms on your phone, FPS game-style, or bring your showrooms to life in Augmented Reality and physically walk through them, all on your phone or tablet! DIGITAL IN THE REAL WORLD! With VeVe's Augmented Reality features you can stand side by side with your favorite hero's, BUY, SELL & SWAP WITH OTHERS FANS In the Market you can buy sell and trade with other VeVe collectors. If you missed out on that digital collectible you need to complete your set, fear not! You can browse the secondary market for the collectibles you need, or you can choose to sell or swap any of the collectibles you own! DROP DAYS VeVe drops new Digital Collectibles on Thursdays! Keep an eye on your phone each Thursday at 8am PST to get the scoop on latest drop and get your hands on rare digital collectibles


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1 sec sell outs

Just know if your thinking “I can buy NFT for cheap I can press the buy button fast” well this again. I literally lost all but one of the NFT’s that I tried to buy. They sell out in less then 1 sec. And that facts, before you invest look at the comments on the ones you like and see what people say about how they couldn’t buy it because it sold out in less then a sec. Tbh I seems kinda like a scam, I got lucky once and got a comic book but that was luck because it seems like that book no one liked. Good-luck if you plan on using this app. Also to transfer your money back you need to transfer the gyms to a crypto wallet and convert it and then transfer which is super difficult
By Rikki 2020

Dog water

Bots win every time
By nikniknikniki

Best NFT platform out there

Title says it all I love it and make 💰
By XxkillerdroneXx

I love app but hate bots

The app is great they just have to work on the bots that take the fun out of the drops
By candyman300187

My collectibles are gone. I can’t view them.

This app has SO many glitches. I can’t even view any of my collectibles in the app.
By Transparently True

Has potential

Interesting app, needs to create a way to convert gems to fiat currency fir any chance at true survival.
By saucekinn

Amazing app for nft collectibles

This is an amazing app for collecting NFT’s. Better then open sea I must say. Because the drops are accessible to everyone at the same time at the same price. Disney nft drops have been a,axing.
By pdeezie

*Bugs and login fails conveniently happen on drop days!!!

WTH, fix the bugs and convenient app issues on drop dates. App looks inclined for a few, but the masses can only login after drop days to see all sold out and marked up by resellers….(not good).
By ccplayz


your accounts will be compromised and then they will not allow you to recooperate any of your account. They can take your money but won’t give back or even allow you to keep it. They should be ashamed and Disney is in business with them. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS SCAM

They stole $100

I made an account and put $100 in. Now I cannot access account. I’ve tried logging in but it won’t let me. Idk what to do to get my money back and I can’t buy anything since I can’t get in. Save your money do not get this app
By jdhwishhf

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VeVe Collectibles

VeVe Collectibles

By ECOMI Technology PTE Ltd

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