Bark - Parental Controls

Bark - Parental Controls

Bark - Parental Controls

By Bark Technologies, Inc.

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2019-09-25
  • Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 14.07 MB
  • Developer: Bark Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.1+
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Bark gives families a digital safety net by monitoring: • 30+ apps and social media platforms • Email • YouTube Bark’s advanced technology alerts parents and guardians to signs of potential issues such as cyberbullying, online predators, adult content, depression, suicidal ideation, drug and alcohol use, acts of violence, and more. The Bark app gives you access to your Parent Dashboard and all of its features. With Sentiment Insights, families can see language trends based on their child’s positive and negative communications. Our award-winning service can also let you know what apps your child has downloaded. And because we know every family is different, users can adjust the sensitivity of our detection algorithms to create a tailored monitoring experience. Kids spend much of their time plugged into the digital world, so parents need a smart solution to help protect their kids online without spending hours each week collecting their devices and reading through every message or post. By alerting parents and guardians only to the issues they need to know about, Bark helps families build trust and encourages ongoing conversations around digital safety. • "My wife and I LOVE Bark. We've had some tough but productive conversations with our 13-year-old son. It's proving to be extremely valuable." — Josh L. • “It’s just another set of protections we as parents give our kids for the digital environment (or as my 10-year-old calls it, a “cell phone seat belt”). My oldest is a 9th grader, and while I trust her, I’ve come to realize through the alerts that some of her friends aren’t truly her friends. It’s led to some amazing conversations about choosing friends wisely and recognizing toxic people. While she wasn’t for Bark at first, she’s since said she’s grateful that I saw those messages because it reaffirmed what she was feeling but didn’t know how to verbalize without sounding sensitive.” — Bark Parent • "Bark notified me that my young daughter had unknowingly revealed her phone number to strangers on Twitter. The fact that Bark notified me was impressive and led to an informative discussion with her the same day." — Jon B. • “Since Bark alerted us to the suicidal language used in the Google doc that was being used in a chat document with a friend, we have seen both a pediatrician and a licensed counselor. We are hopeful for a positive outcome. Thanks to Bark for letting us peek into our child’s mind!” — Bark Parent • “This app is a lifesaver! It has allowed us to catch so many “red flags” in the content my kids have accessed on their devices and in their interactions with friends and other people online that I wouldn’t have ever known about otherwise. The big difference between Bark and other “Parental Control” software is that Bark allows your kids to have so much more privacy. It doesn’t show you everything they do, but sends an instant alert regarding any activity that might be concerning. Highly recommended!” — Bark Parent With Bark, you can help keep your kids safe both online and in real life. Try it out for seven days absolutely free! Our Family Online Safety Specialists are standing by to help answer any questions you may have. Email or visit to get answers and advice from the Bark Team. Follow us: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Terms of Use


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from a teenagers standpoint

Parents out there looking to get this app- don’t. Is teenagers rely on privacy, and when you are medaling in EVERYTHING we have, it makes us want to graduate and never come back. Now, I am 16 and I believe in structure, but come on this is way too much! Have trust in your kids, no need to track every single thing.
By bearnabebuttons


This app has been a blessing for our family. We feel like we are constantly asking our 15 year old son what he is doing, what he is watching... it has broken a little of our relationship down. Once we put this app in, he was so thankful. He doesn’t want to have the stress and also the worry of clicking on something inappropriate. Good kids can get into bad situations. He said he appreciates the parameters. I’m sure we’ll have lots of conversations in the future. We are just grateful for someone doing the hard work for us.
By placenic

my kids don’t trust me

my kids do not trust me after this!! only use on children who you do not trust. i did not find out anything at all. it is stupid.
By avar69420

This app has brought nothing but pain...

Teenagers point of view. Hello, I’m sure parents are trying to decide if this app will work and help them peer into their teens and make sure their teens are safe online. The short answer is yes, it will. But what is a side effect of that so called “safety”. I can tell you from my personal experience of having this app on my phone is that you realize that your parents don’t trust you to know the difference from safe and unsafe. I think for middle schoolers this is fantastic. I think that they can’t fully see the truth of the internet and the harm it can bring. But as a teenager in high-school all it brings is mistrust, more lies and pain. I’ve lost my only best friend over this app. I’ve spent many nights wondering what my life would be like without this app... what would I have been like if my parents didn’t read my texts. I would be happy I’ll tell you that much. I don’t trust my mother or my father and they evidently don’t trust me. I feel violated, alone and watched. Due to my parents not agreeing with my words or actions I have had many sleepless nights. Truly think about wether or not to use this app. Just know that in your actions you are destroying your trust with your teen. You will not have their trust and they will not have yours. As a kid with no prior grievances with my parents this has truly torn us apart. Think about that before you make your choice. Thank you, a concerned teen
By lilliepoo655


i hate this app so much it’s badddd
By Bbone55

Too much stuff to download for Apple

I have to download the app onto my computer then I have to download iTunes. Too many hoops to get through to monitor my kids. Ridiculous it should work for apple better than this!!!!
By amberreeves55

This app is used by parents, not kids

Ignore the teenager/kid reviews. They don’t use this app and they aren’t even able to use it, since age verification is required. This is an excellent service for parents to monitor their kids’ device activity with excellent customer service 100% of the time.
By sshicks02


I can’t believe that people actually do this to their children. Complete invasion of privacy and totally limiting their freedom. I understand the wish to monitor what your child is doing and to want to protect you child from pedos and creeps online but don’t you think that instead of invading their privacy with an app that is always watching them, you should actually talk to your child and teach them about the dangers of social media and what to stay away from. Have people forgot that it is their job as the parent to teach the child what to stay away from and what is safe and what is dangerous. If your child doesn’t know who to stay away from and doesn’t know the dangers of social media then YOU failed as a parent. You shouldn’t have to monitor your child’s every move because you should be confident that you taught your child well. This app is a disgrace and any parent that buys it is one as well.
By Laylacogs

From a Parents perspective - a useful conversation starter

The Bark app has been very helpful in flagging topics for my wife and I to be able to discuss with our daughter. The software is very helpful and picking up on potential issues. The app sometimes flags items that may not be relevant but I prefer getting more notices then less and it is still much more efficient and can point us in the areas to focus on. This is Especially true when we are not able to completely review her usage. We are trying to find opportunities to help teach and have an open dialogue with my daughter and I think the ark app is a great tool and a way to bring things to the light. I would highly recommend it for families that are trying to navigate our current communication and social media. My suggestion for families would be to help explain to our kids why we use apps like this and to take the extra steps to talk through why with them. Thank you.
By learn7

All trust is lost

This app is one of the most invasive and controlling things a parent can have for their kids. Feeling like you can’t even talk to your friends about something a little awkward or touchy is something nobody should feel. I never want my kid to have to hide things from me, but personally my parents have no reason to have this app, I’m a pretty well rounded kid. This app just gives them the power to abuse our freedom and the rights they gave us permission to in the first place. If they were so worried about us using certain apps, what’s the point in letting us have them. Personally this is so disrespectful and can really ruin the trust between a child and their parents, I know it did for me.
By hdkaifjens


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Bark - Parental Controls

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