Bark - Parental Controls

Bark - Parental Controls

Bark - Parental Controls

By Bark Technologies, Inc.

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2019-09-25
  • Current Version: 5.0.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 34.00 MB
  • Developer: Bark Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.1+
Score: 3.23
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Bark provides families with all the tools they need to raise kids in the digital age. Our comprehensive service lets you monitor content, manage screen time, and filter websites so you can get peace of mind while your child is online. CONTENT MONITORING Bark monitors your child’s texts, email, YouTube, and 30+ apps and social media platforms for issues like cyberbullying, adult content, sexual predators, profanity, suicidal ideation, threats of violence, and more. Parents receive alerts only when something potentially problematic occurs online. You won’t have full access to everything on your child’s phone — just the things you might need to know about. SCREEN TIME MANAGEMENT Families can set healthy time limits and create schedules for when their children’s devices can connect to the internet (through both cell service and Wi-Fi). WEB FILTERING Our web filter lets you select which websites your child can access on their devices. You can allow or block specific sites — or even whole categories like streaming services, online gaming, sexual content, and more. BARK TESTIMONIALS • "My wife and I LOVE Bark. We've had some tough but productive conversations with our 13-year-old son. It's proving to be extremely valuable." — Josh L. • “It’s just another set of protections we as parents give our kids for the digital environment (or as my 10-year-old calls it, a “cell phone seat belt”). My oldest is a 9th grader, and while I trust her, I’ve come to realize through the alerts that some of her friends aren’t truly her friends. It’s led to some amazing conversations about choosing friends wisely and recognizing toxic people. While she wasn’t for Bark at first, she’s since said she’s grateful that I saw those messages because it reaffirmed what she was feeling but didn’t know how to verbalize without sounding sensitive.” — Bark Parent • "Bark notified me that my young daughter had unknowingly revealed her phone number to strangers on Twitter. The fact that Bark notified me was impressive and led to an informative discussion with her the same day." — Jon B. • “Since Bark alerted us to the suicidal language used in the Google doc that was being used in a chat document with a friend, we have seen both a pediatrician and a licensed counselor. We are hopeful for a positive outcome. Thanks to Bark for letting us peek into our child’s mind!” — Bark Parent • “This app is a lifesaver! It has allowed us to catch so many “red flags” in the content my kids have accessed on their devices and in their interactions with friends and other people online that I wouldn’t have ever known about otherwise. The big difference between Bark and other “Parental Control” software is that Bark allows your kids to have so much more privacy. It doesn’t show you everything they do, but sends an instant alert regarding any activity that might be concerning. Highly recommended!” — Bark Parent With Bark, you can help keep your kids safe both online and in real life. Try it out for seven days absolutely free! Our Family Online Safety Specialists are standing by to help answer any questions you may have. Email or visit to get answers and advice from the Bark Team. Terms of Use


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The idea behind the app is great. However, the app is very clunky. Ive been trying to force a backup over WiFi for the past couple of days because its not doing it automatically like it should. The forced backup doesn't work either. I have to plug the phones to the computer and do it that way. Another thing, if you hit the “pause” button on a specific device, it wont pause anything. Overall I think this is definitely not worth the $14 a month I’m paying right now.
By Eight limbs

this app makes me sick

i’m genuinely curious why someone would make an app to “protect” their child from predators, but most children at this point have common sense and know not to reply to an old man asking for inappropriate pictures. and if your teen doesn’t know that by now, you are the one teaching them wrong. you are the problem. ruining your bond and trust with your children is not the way to go. now i don’t feel comfortable or safe on my phone ever knowing my parents can see everything. this app is supposed to help your teen not send anything bad but what it’s REALLY doing is making your teen more sneaky to actually feel safe talking to their friends. this app has done nothing except for ruin my trust with my parents. y’all think your app is protecting us from the real world, but one day we are gonna move out and go into the real world that parents have been trying to prepare us for for our whole lives. and if you don’t trust your kid so much that you are reading all of their texts, then they aren’t the problem, you are. you are the problem. maybe if you had trust in your child, they wouldn’t worry all the time and they would feel safe. maybe it makes you feel better about yourself that your child is “safe online” but coming from a child, this is making me feel unsafe and loose trust with my parents. and bark, if you do reply to this, don’t say what you’ve been saying to every teen that feels the same way as me. don’t say “we don’t show your parents all of your texts. we want teens to feel safe too.” because you clearly don’t. just bc you don’t show our parents everything that we say and do, it doesn’t mean we suddenly are happy with the app. that doesn’t change anything. and you obviously don’t give a crap about what the teens think because if you did, we would feel safe on our phones.
By Caroline the weirdo


I keep trying to write a review but i keep canceling on accident, so im not going to retype all the 7 reasons i listed why this is a no no. In short just dont get this app, for more reasons look at the other bad reviews from parents and kids
By Bas!cly_fL0w3rPr1nc3ss

Not for iOS

I hated this! 100 bucks for them to tell me iOS can’t be supported
By babygirl1babyboy5

Please help!

Want to get for my kids phone but I cannot register as the screen keeps glitching. Happens on multiple phones.....
By concerned parent 100200

Worst app ever

As a kid I want my privacy, and bark totally ruins that and my relationship with my parents. My mom loves it and wants to keep it and I see all these adds about it and none of the adds have kids in it. Only parents telling us how great it is and how they can STALK US. Parents, for your child’s sake... DON’T GET THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE A BAD RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR KID. YEAH
By Swigart123

Concerned mom in Fl

Glad to see all clicks!
By concerned mom in fl


outed me to my parents
By estelles reviews lol?

child’s POV

I’m writing this for her because she cannot. this is from a friend of mines point of view, here’s what she has to say “please please do not get this app for your children. This is an invasion of privacy. I know that not all parents are as controlling and won’t care about a notification, But people like mine are very controlling and keep me from talking to people who make me happy. This app is supposed to prevent you from keeping things from your parents like self harm but it does the complete opposite. It makes me feel I can’t say anything to anyone, it makes me feel like doing the things it’s supposed to prevent. I don’t feel like a child I feel left out of everything. Kids in my school have Snapchat and other social media’s like that and I cannot. They don’t talk to me because I can’t have that stuff. Parent know that they made mistakes as children but act like I’m supposed to be perfect. They act like we’re stupid. They can’t prevent us from the world. Getting this app will only ruin your childhood and relationship with parents and people in general. I understand that you want to keep your child from things but this app is only a temporary fix. They will find out about everything eventually. Instead of downloading this app, try talking to your children about what you’re worried about. I guarantee that your children will open up to you if you simply to talk them. Here’s my point of view as a friend of hers, This app ruined our only way to communicate. This app only does one thing and that is teaching children to be sneaky and teaching them to hide things. I feel that if I need to talk to her about a problem that I have, I cannot. I don’t want her family knowing about my own issues. I’m telling her and only her for a reason. This is a waste of money and time. She’s told me how she feels about her family at the moment and it’s definitely not positive.this is not fair. No parents had this when they were younger and they should know what it feels like to be a kid. You make mistakes and that’s the only way you can learn to not make those again. I’m not her family’s property and i should be able to speak MY own mind without her family getting an alert on how I’m feeling. This app does not only affect her but it affects me too. I’ve noticed this has ripped her apart and only made her feel more negative. And to add to that she can’t even text her closest friends that she has known for years about it.
By GGG♥️☺️

Beyond disappointed

We are monitoring my kids iPhone and the younger ones iPod 1. This requires you to download an app on your computer and you have to use this app to sync your child’s devices before bark can review text messages etc. I want a service that is automatic and doesn’t require my child to be on wifi and syncing to a computer. I cannot even sync from my personal iPhone. It has to be a computer. 2. The setting are not user friendly and I wound up blocking my daughter from accessing things like google docs and Disney plus. You have to comb through so many setting to try and figure it out. I am very computer savvy and their setting are not user friendly. 3. The alerts are way to sensitive. I received flagged messages that were so minor and even changing the sensitivity I was getting minor items. After about a week I was almost conditioned to ignore alerts because they were so far off. Example. Ha ha not nice should not generate a flag as bullying. 4. Monthly costs in my opinion are high. I trust my kids but wanted insight into their conversations with friend etc. I really wanted this service to work but I’m going to search for better options.
By Thesacs69


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