Bloom: CBT Therapy & Journal

Bloom: CBT Therapy & Journal

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Bloom is the easiest & most affordable way to learn the ropes of therapy. Train your mind with personalized daily mental health education. We've made videos that help teach skills to manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep, build better habits, foster stronger relationships and improve one's quality of life. We work with experts who are fluent in cognitive-behavioral-therapy (CBT). (More about why we chose CBT below). Bloom combines interactive video classes with journaling and mindfulness exercises to help you work on your mental well-being, change your mood & cultivate more joy in life. HOW DOES BLOOM WORK? Bloom is your personalized journey to a healthy state of mind. Bloom combines digital programs, guided journaling, and emotional analysis to give you a new hyper-personalized digital therapy experience. Through guided video classes, you will learn new self-care practices to cultivate more joy, happiness, and positivity in your life. Improve your personal well-being, manage stress & anxiety and feed your emotional health. WHERE IS THE CONTENT COMING FROM? All our classes are science-backed and bring you the latest research in mental health. Every video is designed & developed by a leading clinical therapist and best-selling author on CBT, Seth Gillihan, PhD. IS BLOOM SECURE? Your safety & security are our #1 priorities. All journaling entries are encrypted and saved in the cloud. Nothing is seen by humans. None of your training data is shared with third-parties or outside partners. IS BLOOM EFFECTIVE? The team at Bloom understand how helpful cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be for folks who need to improve their mental well being. We focus on teaching about CBT because outside research shows, again and again, that it the most effective form of therapy to improve mental well-being for the vast majority of folks who experience symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety or depression. Studies show that patients can get the benefits of learning CBT techniques without an in-person therapist. Bloom gives users the power to learn about mental health in a guided & self-directed way at their own pace. WHAT USERS SAY Bloom is considered a cheaper and more accessible option: “Not everybody has access or can afford a therapist. This is like a therapist in my pocket. Personalized but still private.” “I love that I can do it at my own time and I don’t have to feel awkward talking to a stranger about my life.” “It’s an easy and private discrete thing, no one even has to know!” DO NOT USE BLOOM IF.... CBT and digital options like Bloom aren't a fit for everybody. If you're suffering from severe depression or anxiety, Bloom education alone may not be the right choice for you. Bloom cannot and does not diagnose, only a medical provider can do that. If you are in need of a treatment plan, please seek care under the supervision of a medical professional. We are not a clinic, nor are we a medical device. We hope that you get the treatment you need. WHEN SHOULD I USE CBT? CBT can help people with depression by giving you tools to challenge the negative thoughts and override them with more realistic and positive thought processes. CBT is also used to help many more psychological problems. In some cases, other forms of therapy used at the same time may be recommended for best results. DOES IT WORK FOR TRAUMA? If you have been diagnosed with PTSD, your provider may have suggested CBT. But if you were diagnosed with cPTSD (complex PTSD), your medical professional may prefer you to use a DBT program. At this time, Bloom does not offer DBT. CONNECT WITH US! We’re always keen on getting feedback from you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Read more about our terms and conditions here: Terms of service: Privacy policy: Email us:


Bloom: CBT Therapy & Journal ScreenshotBloom: CBT Therapy & Journal ScreenshotBloom: CBT Therapy & Journal ScreenshotBloom: CBT Therapy & Journal ScreenshotBloom: CBT Therapy & Journal ScreenshotBloom: CBT Therapy & Journal ScreenshotBloom: CBT Therapy & Journal ScreenshotBloom: CBT Therapy & Journal ScreenshotBloom: CBT Therapy & Journal ScreenshotBloom: CBT Therapy & Journal Screenshot


Captions are not working

I just paid for the subscription today after trialing this service for a month and suddenly the captions aren’t working. As a hard of hearing person this makes the app unusable.
By Asante131


came at just the right time.
By roselung

Helpful mental health app

I feel validated by bloom, it helps me understand my emotions and how normally our mind works, which I’ve found such a big relief from my shoulders as I feel validated. I’ve been feel more educated about myself. I’ve found it useful too for conversations with my partner, love the tips to speak about my needs. I haven’t formed the habit of being consistent with sessions, but I feel great knowing that I have this app at my finer tips. Thank you for making this affordable, and for being so thoughtful about the programs offered in the app.
By Meliresco1

Life Changing

I’m a new stay at home mom with postpartum anxiety and without any childcare. Because of my lack of childcare, I have been unable to get the mental help I need, because I am not able to bring my young child to appointments. But, I desperately needed help because my anxiety was getting out of control, and I was starting to feel hopeless because I felt like I would never be able to get the help I needed, at least for years to come. This app however, without sounding cheesy, is honestly my light in the dark. I felt so hopeless, but then I found this and I feel motivated and I’m charge of my brain again and gave me the flexibility to get good help even though I don’t have any childcare support. I am beyond grateful that this app exists. It has and continues to greatly help me each and every day. I honestly believe that because of it, I’m going to be the type of healthy, good parent that I want to be, instead of being ruled by my anxiety.
By brittany931!

Thanks God for Bloom!!✨🌸✨

I am so glad I downloaded this app! I had it actually for some time before using it And then somehow I did and have been using it ever since religiously! It is well thought, simply to use and filled of insight
By Frenchbabe188

Continue to charge me even though no longer subscribed

BEWARE. THIS COMPANY SAVES YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION AND WILL ATTEMPT TO CHARGE YOU EVEN IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION. I downloaded this app about a year ago and quickly deleted it after a few days as I did not feel it was worth the time to use it. I canceled my subscription. Checked my bank account and noticed a $59.99 charge from bloom a few days ago, almost a year from deleting the app from my phone, despite no longer having an active subscription. In addition, the debit card they charged is no longer on my Apple account and thus, the only explanation is that bloom saved my payment information, which they absolutely do not have permission to do. Not only that, but I contacted the company for a refund and they have neglected to even respond. Pretty ironic for an app that claims its intention is to reduce stress - its not, all they want is your money, clearly.
By Blbulloc

This is a really great program and affordable

I am so glad that I came across this while in the midst of some life turmoil and changes. I look forward to continuing this program for the next year at least! The modules and daily exercises have really helped me process my emotions and alleviate a lot of my anxiety!! In the last 8 days, I feel SO MUCH better about everything and feel more connected to my body and emotions. I feel that this has definitely saved me from destructive behavior. Truly, Being able to have this everyday has really changed things for me. Thank you!!
By SevenLee512

Life Changing!!!

I have been doing the Bloom programs for a while now and they have been amazing. They have helped me to deal with some serious challenges in my life. Mike is who I watch, and his recordings have a way of making me feel like he is talking directly to me and my situations, and that he passionately cares about who he is helping. I can’t say enough good things about Bloom…don’t hesitate for a moment, this program will change your life💝!!!
By Klmindbody

What is the title of the background music

I love this app so much!! What is the title of the background music? I want to play it even when I’m not using bloom. Thx
By bsudknffddh

Good Mental Health Help and Tracker

Has a lot of features, so you can find some that you like. You can track your mood and do daily check-ins. They also have daily activities you can do if you feel up for it. I’ve been setting a time each morning before my college classes to check-in, and try to remember on weekends, but not a big deal if you miss an entry. I’m doing the free version at the moment, I still have a lot of applications that I can do even if I don’t spend money on it. I hope this review helps someone! For reference I struggle with MDD, GAD, panic attacks, and ADHD.
By Kaitlyn Eberle

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