Sidekick by Sorted Food

Sidekick by Sorted Food

By Sorted Food

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2019-10-23
  • Current Version: 2.10.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 28.97 MB
  • Developer: Sorted Food
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.0+
Score: 4.37
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Sidekick is a weekly meal planning app designed to help you become the hero of your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for quick and simple meals, dinners to push your culinary boundaries, or ways to eat more seasonally and sustainably, there will be something for you. Our Smarter Recipe Packs contain 3x tasty recipes, 1x food shopping list and 0x food waste, to ensure you’re cooking every bit of food you buy… In turn, saving you money on your food shopping! Now with a free one month trial - so you can see how it works and cook up some awesome dishes, completely free! Here’s what Sidekick can do for you: 1. Discover Smarter Recipe Packs Pick from a wide range of Smarter Recipes Pack each week – each one contains 3 simple and tasty recipes for 2 people, so you’ll never worry about cooking again! Meat/Fish and Veggie options are available, so there should be something for everyone. 2. Cut Out Food Waste Each Smarter Recipe Pack has been designed to share ingredients across recipes and use up all the fresh food you buy each week - reducing food waste and saving cash. The easy-to-follow shopping list means you can buy your groceries in a way that suits you - either online or in-store. 3. Smash Your Cooking Take your skills to the next level using hints and tips from pro chefs - zero effort required! 4. Crush The Week Plan, shop and cook like an awesome home cook. Key Features: - Wide choice of Smarter Recipe Packs available each week - Meat/Fish & Veggie options available - Meals mainly designed for 2 people - Clearly written step-by-step instructions with images - Cook using Metric or Imperial measurements - Audio guides speak the instructions to you for ‘hands-free’ cooking - Handy Cooking Timers keep track of your food as it’s cooking - Suggested list of Store Cupboard food to buy to make your weekly meals even cheaper - Easy-to-follow shopping list for fresh ingredients to make your groceries super easy - Recommended Twists from other Sidekick users to add or substitute ingredients within recipes With Sidekick, you’ll also get access to Sorted Food’s Cookbooks app containing over 500+ recipes, and join in our food debates with over 100+ episodes of our Feast Your Ears Podcast. ---------------------------------- Sidekick is available as an auto-renewing subscription in the app for £49.99 per year or £4.99 per month. After purchasing Sidekick, payment will be charged to your App Store account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the App Store after purchase. Privacy policy: Terms of Service:


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Good… better suited for Brits

I have tried this app out for a year and while I love this concept, unfortunately I have found it does not meet my needs well enough as an American. I bought this app subscription for the budget and food waste conscious benefits. TLDR: If you don’t have a lot of dietary concerns, this app is a great asset in meal planning/cooking. If you’re an American and don’t have a tight budget/don’t mind searching for less common ingredients, this app may work for you and introduce new recipes/ingredients. Pros: 1) Lots of useful features, and particularly like the one shopping list for all recipe packs. 2) Helpful to have the cooking instructions as you go and timers pop up with instructions. 3) The app has something for every experience level, both newbies and experienced cooks can gain something from this. Cons: 1) Many of the budget or speedy recipes rely on ingredient “hacks” that are simply unavailable or cost-prohibitive in my area (midwest USA). For example, a favorite shortcut ingredient is canned lentils, which I have never been able to find. Some stores will have pre-cooked lentils in a shelf-stable bag, but it will be $3-$4 (where I would expect a can to be about $1), so I end up cooking my own and defeats the speediness.. I’m sure these budget ideas work better for a British audience. 2) I’ve also found other favorite ingredients difficult to locate here, and often only available at high end grocery stores. This adds to my shopping time (having to go to multiple stores) and stretches my budget (commons ingredients for them are uncommon here and more expensive) 3) My standard diet is a lot different than theirs as Brits. This alone is not bad and has exposed me to a lot of different recipes and ingredients I wouldn’t normally try, however so many recipe packs include fish that it’s almost unavoidable. I live nowhere near the sea, so seafood is generally less available, less affordable, and less common to eat here. I’m fine with using the vegetarian options to avoid fish BUT… 4) It’s very difficult to avoid dairy in these recipes (lactose intolerant) and non-dairy substitutions end up costing significantly more. I have noticed a few more options that address this (dairy-free gluten-free packs, vegan packs) but there’s not enough that I would recommend this to someone with dietary issues like me. 5) Food waste issue is not addressed as well for American users, it seems some of our food may come packaged differently/in larger quantity and food may still end up wasted. So overall, I think the app works well and wish it worked better for my needs, however I think it is not as well suited to an American audience. I would definitely recommend to any Brits, and to any Americans who may have less restrictions/different needs than me. I would love to someday see them partner with a few Americans to create a version better suited to our needs to address budget and food waste concerns.
By aggresivelyimpatient

Love it!

I have really enjoyed this app and how it has streamlined my cooking. I cook at home a lot more now and don’t have lots of left over ingredients in my fridge. The app does have some bugs, but it hasn’t troubled me too much. One thing I would love to see with this app is the ability to favorite individual recipes in addition to packs and the ability to build your own packs from favorite recipes.
By kj dickinson

Excellent recipes; good app

The recipes from sorted are always home runs, but the app is a little buggy.
By SuperMegaMarioMan

I so badly want to love this, but…

I love these guys. They’re great and I watched each video every week. I thought I’d try this app out. While it has some great ideas, it needs LOTS of work to be able to compete with other similar apps that do it much better. It’s pretty user friendly, but still can be hard to find things. The biggest issue between this app and others, it doesn’t give you the option to put dietary issues. I cannot have anything lactose and don’t want any recipes that include it. I tried looking for many ways to find options to show me things without dairy in it, but I could not find anything. And not just for lactose free, if you have any dietary issues, I could not find a way to put so. Unfortunately, there are similar apps that do this far better. And they tend to start with asking about any dietary issues you may have, so it can upload recipe’s immediately for your dietary needs. If they can make this more user friendly and give you options for dietary issues, I may come back and try it again in the future. But for now, this needs some major work.
By @ayb_rick

New update ruined the utility

The new update has some serious issues. The app has become so opinionated about how you are supposed to plan and cook. This used to be a great little tool for making a quick shopping list and doing a few meals. Now you have to plan a whole weeks worth of food. And if you don’t make all the recipes by Sunday? Sorry, you’re entire list is gone. I really don’t understand why this was considered an improvement? Why add so much more friction to the users with no real benefit.
By Archcuke

App is not usable with new iPhone 14 pro max

All navigation buttons are at the very top of my screen under the batter indicator and time. I cannot click them and have to exit out of the app every time if I want to go back
By Cigan93

New updates ruined this app

The most recent updates have ruined a really fun, helpful, user-friendly app. I can no longer find any of my previously selected meals packs to be able to go in at any time and try some of the selected recipes. It seems as though now you can only select and use the meals packs within a give week? Disappointed that something that was so good was changed so significantly and is really pushing marketing more than helpful recipes and information.
By tweez76

Reinventing the wheel?

I loved the app up until this most recent update; it used to be a great way to look for meals by packs to keep down on food waste, and look through recipes. This latest update has made the app unwieldy, and the constant pressure to put a schedule together makes it unfriendly to people such as myself where I might be called in to work at night. It used to be a great repository of fun, cost-cutting, and delicious meals. Now I need to abide by it and its changing systems to even function half as smoothly as it used to
By Pher5

Want to like it but app is a bit broken

I have been a fan of sorted food for a long time but have also not made a lot of their food. I wanted to try and this new app seemed promising! The food scheduling is super broken- you can put multiple recipes in one day by accident and it just disappears and you cannot change what pack you scheduled for one week. I also think it would be helpful to see what recipes have similar ingredients for yourself so you can sort and make your own “packs” If this gets fixed and the bugs get…. Sorted (pun intended) I might come back and try it. As it stands? Unusable for me and I’ll stick with my nytimes cooking and their cookbook app
By Signedskylermay

Great app, a few bugs to work out

Love this app and cook with it regularly, but am still having some issues with the update for planning/mixing meal packs for the week. Can’t see any dishes I’ve added when I go to the weekly calendar. Really great feature, though, and hoping some updates are in the works to fix those bugs.
By outastyle

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