PokerBROS - Your Poker App

PokerBROS - Your Poker App

By Thinklean Limited

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PokerBROS: Anyone Can Now Play Texas Holdem How They Want! New Fixed Limit game modes for you to try. Come play Fixed Limit Holdem and Fixed Limit Omaha! No matter what poker games you want to play, Multi Table Tournaments, Sit & Gos, and Ring Games, there is always a game for everyone. Boost the action in Fixed Limit games by turning on the new Kill Pot feature. Play poker with friends online anytime and anywhere you like. PokerBROS is a poker app designed for all levels of players, from beginners in practice mode to experts taking on tournament mode. Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs) have potentially thousands of players, so you can play for hours. Win the poker tournaments to earn bragging rights - there can only be one winner amongst thousands! Buy in and play until you’re out of chips. Sit & Gos (SNGs) offer quicker games with 6 or 9 people at a table. PokerBROS suits any player who wants to practice, challenge friends or find a casual game of poker. Play with your friends and become part of the world poker community. Play poker anytime you want. Create your private poker Club. Get your own poker table, design your own poker room and play Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Short Deck Poker and more! PokerBROS is a fully customizable poker experience, so you can play in all your favorite formats. Play poker with the Kill Pot feature enabled and watch limits double the hand after a pot grows over the size you choose. PokerBROS allows you to design your own table and personalize your appearance. Engage with friends in chat or with avatar emotes. Design your Club’s events and manage poker tournaments, all with a few taps. Invite friends to your private Club, play with who you want, how you want! You can feel like the owner of a Las Vegas casino, showing off your poker skills with your friends. There are no inflexible rules, just your poker room, your poker table and your game the way you like it. Texas Holdem is now Bond’s game and you can play like him. Enjoy a poker app where you are in full control. Choose how you play, go all in or fold. With PokerBROS it is completely your call.  Get all your favorite poker features in PokerBROS: Poker App Play the World’s Most Exciting Poker Games: - No Limit Texas Holdem (NLH) - Fixed Limit Texas Holdem (FLH)  - Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and high-low (PLO8)  - Fixed Limit Omaha (FLO) and high-low (FLO8) featuring “Kill Pot” option - Short Deck Poker/6+ Poker - Open Face Chinese (Pineapple Poker) 
 Card Games Online - Find card game tables any time - Sit & Go’s (SNG) games for a quick game - Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs) against poker players worldwide - NEW Kill Pot feature to add to any Fixed Limit game Private Poker Rooms - Create your own poker room and table - Invite and play with friends - Play with friends and chat with voice text, emoticons and throwable emojis - Play poker your way: your games, your rules  Online Poker Anytime - Play poker and get the full, real world experience online - Choose your poker player avatar and table themes - Join poker rooms and play in the global Gold Lobby any time - PokerBROs is free, fun and secure – the poker RNG is certified by 3 different companies and the games are audited by a best-in-class game integrity team! Join the world’s poker community with PokerBROS today and play card games the way you want, when you want.


PokerBROS - Your Poker App ScreenshotPokerBROS - Your Poker App ScreenshotPokerBROS - Your Poker App ScreenshotPokerBROS - Your Poker App ScreenshotPokerBROS - Your Poker App ScreenshotPokerBROS - Your Poker App ScreenshotPokerBROS - Your Poker App ScreenshotPokerBROS - Your Poker App ScreenshotPokerBROS - Your Poker App Screenshot


Watch out

If your a new player expect greatness your first week. Then watch the same three people hit bad beats 4 times a month for thousands. Hundreds. I mean 6 grand a pop and not even a winner or loser just sitting at the table. Pay attention watch the names. You’ll see what I’m talking about, clubs dont matter. Suited faces, lions den, poker cove doesn’t matter, it’s a bro thing. Just watch and tag certain names. 6000 a month on bad beats alone in two weeks. And if you think for one second you got a hand and you’re gonna play your stack cause you flopped a boat, well that king four, jack eight off suit will quad on you every time. Best bet 30 days never saw action like this. Two hours no hands to play and when you finally get that hand you been waiting for and push per flop for 60 bucks well 64 off suit is gonna call and flop a boat against your kings or queens. I highly suggest you find home games, love tables. Yeah sure your gonna lose two three hands but not 20 25 hands cause they feed you premium hands with boards so wet you think your fingering your girlfriend.
By Buzzard2285

App favors donkeys

So many bad beats and they claim they have the best random generator, how is this a random generator? Guy UTG and raises x7 And I have pocket KK so I raise to all in seeing how the 3 bet would put me all in because of his x7 raise and he has J8 off and we run it once and he flops three of a kind. Stay away from this app! Donkeys are favored and you will lose always
By Jkd d djfmenshdk

Fun App

Fun app to play on. However I wish there was a fast forward or zoom game type on this app. Similar in style where when you fold your hand you are automatically moved to the next table with a new hand. Would be lots of action and fun.
By troythemak

App isn’t random

You say its certified by 3 independent checks. Explain how quads (4 times), straight flush (1 time) and a royal flush happen in 1 hr.
By Airborne1984

Could not be more rigged

It’s all we have so we stay but it is clearly rigged and juiced for action. One outer after one outer. Sting along action cards. The board always flops within the range of the players in the pot. You can play heads up and both of you have five monsters in a row. Whether it be flush vs straight. Or quads vs full house. Or set vs straight etc. those who play real heads up know it can take an hour to see one set up like that let alone the whole heads up sit n go. It would be better if they just said what it is instead of scamming the people. And if you are gonna scam the people atleast make it waaaaay less obvious. I can call cards on certain board textures now it’s so predictable. Those who do the best on this app are those most familiar with the algorithm. Let’s just pray for the day they create a app Thats this awesome game play wise, emojis, etc etc that actually has a real randomizer. Whoever does it first gonna make a lot of money. Everyone would leave poker bro’s just like we left pppoker. Also I know they are “lab tested” but just like Taco Bell meat it is the worst meat you can legally sell to a human just like the people who deem this a true randomizer are the lowest standards to pass. Someone please make a app similar to this but not rigged. I am dying for reap cards
By Landshark360

Total scam

Please do not waste your time or money playing on this rigged app. It very legitimately is a giant scam
By papineedstop


Worst poker app in the world
By ehh12333


This app is rigged. The only ones winning are the club owners.
By hdhxidnd

Don’t Play Waste

I been playing for a couple Month the Don’t Play Don’t Play !!!! The same person always wins and u see the same ppl online . The best hands always loose I have trips 3 times and someone always beats me by 4 of a kind
By Killer_33

Illegal app

Real money app that has agents This app has been reported I’ve sent the feds my screenshots and money The river will bear you every time App need closed they make over 100 k in racks daily Rip offs
By RogerKlk

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