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PokerBROS: Anyone Can Now Play Texas Holdem Play poker with friends online anytime and anywhere you like. Specifically designed for all levels of players, from beginners (practice mode) to experts (tournaments mode). PokerBROS suits any player who wants to practice and challenge friends. Become part of the world poker community. Get your own poker table, design your own poker room and play Texas Holdem Poker Bros allows you to design your own table and personalise your appearance. Invite friends and share what you have done while trying to win the jackpot. You can feel like the owner of a Las Vegas casino, showing off your poker skills with your friends. There are no silly rules just your poker room, your poker table and your game the way you like it. Be like Bond: Play Texas Holdem like you are in Casino Royale Texas Holdem is now Bond’s game and you can play like him. You are in full control. Raise the steaks, go all in or fold at the first blind. With Poker Bros it is completely your call. Get all your favourite poker features Play the world’s most exciting form of poker - Texas Holdem Create your own room and table Customized players Full real-world poker experience online Invite and play with friends Join the world’s poker community with Poker Bros today.


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Caters to new players

New accounts run hot at first then the software makes a complete 180 on you in a week or so. It will make you begin to lose slowly then once they see that you are losing and willing to reload continuously they will begin to light you up. Everything that was getting there before begins to brick out and you will continuously be given second best or for example yesterday I played about 2000 hands spread around a bunch of tables, I just went on a few hour long streak of bricking every flop in PLO. This isn’t real poker. Once they see you’re up money and winning the site flips the switch on your username and you will automatically begin to lose no matter what you do. It evens it out for the player field. The action on poker bros is the best I’ve ever seen but the results are not realistic. Players just continuously are playing really bad starting hands while I’m playing 15% of hands and either brick out everytime or get coolered by a silly hand. It’s not real poker. Fake rng. Won’t let you crush the site.
By bills1836

Don’t not deal with these players the are scams

Players on the grind 422972 & teabag my nuts 55184 ( union head) Message @Mt66672 At He is the one who has all your money he is a scam

Rigged for action

App is obviously rigged for action. Bad beats happen, but not on every river card.
By hahajdbvriisb

Fix the rebuys

There has to be a grace period for rebuys. For example, the other night I hosted a poker tournament with one rebuy up til 4 levels. We had 3 players all in on level four with 40 seconds left and once the hand was over, level 5 just started, so those 3 players could not rebuy even though they were all in on level 4. There has to be a grace period for situations like this. That was my first hosted tournament and a lot of people feel robbed because I told them they get 1 rebuy during 4 levels. They have to fix this. There must be a grace period for situations like this because with rebuys, this will happen a lot.
By trewqfdsag

It’s a scam

Be warned. This game and all the agents that control it are a scam. Good luck to all who even try this platform. It’s absolutely disgusting poker and the players are the absolute worst. The worse you are, the more your rewarded. The FBI has been notified and is actively investigating this site. Good luck to all
By factchecks

Terrible app

This apps RNG is not random. Whole thing is rigged. They have a feature that allows to throw poop at other players which is childish. 1 star. Plenty of other poker apps out there
By chrisandgreg12019

A complete scam

I agree with most everyone on here. There is just no probable way to get the bad beats over and over again. Im talking about multi card run outs. Yes this happens in real life but the frequency is not possible statistically. Not only should they be shut down but people need to go to prison. Save your money.
By Rapedagain

This app is bad!

Don’t be fooled the RNG was certified for a previous version and the app had been updated numerous times without being reverified! If you play your poker on here, you better be ready to lose.
By Youragonerdude

Totally scam don’t downloading

This app is designed to till you 100% you get the worse bad beads ever and 80% of the time that you have to fold a hand prefloop you end up flipping whether straight, trips or two pairs so you can even till you more, the creators of this app they always going to said that is 100% certify gam lap, but that’s not true, please save you money and a lot of stress is not worth it, if you want to play real poker go to Pokes tables in casinos
By cris 0999999999

Not random

This app is absolutely not random! They do not run random cards, every hands you get will be set up. ALL THE TIME!
By Toan Phan


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