Weekly: Budget App & Planner

Weekly: Budget App & Planner

By Weekly, LLC

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2019-10-20
  • Current Version: 3.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Weekly, LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.0+
Score: 4.63
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Weekly is a beautiful budgeting app based on a week. Keeping track of your spending on a weekly basis is the most effective way to stay in touch with your budget and save for your goals. Weekly’s simple interface and guided setup will get you up and running with a personal or household budget quickly. In addition to budgeting for regular recurring expenses with our bill tracker, you can also set up funds to save for your goals! Our spending tracker will help you stay on top of what you can spend on things like gas and groceries. Weekly is completely free to use or you can subscribe to Weekly PRO for our premium features. With automatic transaction syncing with your bank account and credit cards and Weekly taking care of all the calculations, budgeting has never been simpler and more in sync with how you live. By breaking down your budget on a weekly basis you’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to stay on track and stop overspending, knowing that all your regular recurring expenses and savings goals have been accounted for. You can also use Weekly for budgeting with your partner so you both be on the same page with your spending. With Weekly you can - Add in your recurring bills - Understand exactly how much money you have at any given time on things like gas and groceries - Save for your goals - Have a budgeting tool that is a pleasure to use an easy to understand The steps to budgeting with Weekly. Step 1: Create Your Budget ** Use our guided walkthrough to set up your budget. ** Enter your regular income ** Enter your recurring expenses such as your mortgage, car payments, loans, and utilities bills Step 2: Set Up Funds to Save for Your Goals ** Create funds to save for your goals ** Weekly automatically contributes money to your funds each week for steady growth Step 3: Find Your Weekly Safe-To-Spend ** Weekly calculates what you can safely spend each week ** The calculation takes into account all recurring bills, income and savings goals. Step 4: Track Your Day-to-Day Spending ** Add in your daily transactions either manually or download them from your bank and credit cards ** Stay aware of your “Safe-to-Spend” number ** Review and identify any expenses you could eliminate ** Spend worry-free knowing all your bills and savings goals are factored in Step 5: Watch Your Savings Grow ** See the amount you have saved. ** When the time comes, spend from your funds to buy the things you have saved for. Weekly is completely free to use or you can subscribe to Weekly PRO for our premium features which include automatic transaction syncing from your bank and savings tracking with funds. User Testimonials “Weekly has me saving so much more cash! … With Weekly, you concentrate on smaller, more manageable time and money chunks. I now have my adult children using it successfully and am recommending it to friends!” Happy User 1111, January 2021 “Probably the most important app my wife and I have. It throws our ambiguity around finances out the window and sets us up for success each week with an easy to understand, easy to read budgeting app.” leajere – Jul 10, 2023 Weekly is free to use but if you subscribe to Weekly PRO, the subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iPhone Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription to Weekly before your trial expires. Terms and Conditions - https://weeklybudgeting.com/terms Privacy Policy - https://www.privacypolicies.com/privacy/view/6c2c1200579f8307c4080c7f9cd94723


Weekly: Budget App & Planner ScreenshotWeekly: Budget App & Planner ScreenshotWeekly: Budget App & Planner ScreenshotWeekly: Budget App & Planner ScreenshotWeekly: Budget App & Planner ScreenshotWeekly: Budget App & Planner ScreenshotWeekly: Budget App & Planner ScreenshotWeekly: Budget App & Planner ScreenshotWeekly: Budget App & Planner ScreenshotWeekly: Budget App & Planner Screenshot


Budgeting That Works

I’ve tried all sorts of budgeting apps: Mint, YNAB, PocketGuard, Emma, and more. I liked some better than others, but I was never fully comfortable with any. They weren’t as user friendly as I wanted, were loaded down with too much superfluous stuff, or they were too expensive. I stumbled across Weekly in an app search and was intrigued by the demo video. I decided to give it a try. WOW! This app’s approach is so streamlined and efficient, I no longer feel like budgeting is something I’m incapable of! The developers clearly understand that more isn’t always better and obviously put a lot of thought into creating this app. Its wonderfully designed, easy to use, and I love the strategy of operating on a weekly basis and only focusing on one number throughout that week. Finally a budgeting app that makes me feel confident about budgeting! My only regret is that I didn’t find Weekly sooner!
By DecemberKid

Overall I really like the app….I just wish

Overall I really like the app…I just wish there were some better/any instructions on how to use this app ie. I got a refund. It was a one time thing and I have no idea where to put it? Is it income? Do I ignore it? Is it safe to spend? Just a few helpful hints would be great. Also, being able to get an estimate of the next week. I would love to see that.
By mizdukek

The paid version is good but can be improved

If you are looking for a free app I would not recommend this one. I’ve used a different budgeting app for years that was monthly budgeting, and never felt the need to use the paid version of that app. The reason I went with the paid version of weekly is for the Funds feature, which was a free feature with my other app so it was kinda disappointing to have to pay for that. With that said I’m really liking the app so far, I like how everything is broken down by week for you automatically even when some payments are yearly, some monthly, etc. The app is very easy to use. One thing I really wish could be added is the ability to split a single transaction into different fund types. For example, I have funds set up for groceries, household items and personal care items because I don’t like all my money in “Safe to spend” I allocate it to the funds. So say I go to Costco, and I pickup some groceries and some toilet paper and other household supplies. I would like to be able to enter one transaction, and then split it up into the different funds. Another thing is there is a significant delay on the transactions from connected accounts, it seems like it happens over night but one transaction from yesterday still isn’t showing today. A nice to have would be some graphs so you can see your overall spending for categories as well as being able to categorize your funds. It is nice there is a way to export your data so you can do this type of analysis yourself though.
By jdurade

The best budgeting app IMHO

I’ve used several budgeting apps over time (Mint, YNAB, EveryDollar), and this is the one I prefer over them all. Weekly budgeting is most intuitive and flexible, and this app does a great job of tracking budgets and funds. It does not track investments and net worth, but that can be easily done in many other free apps. This app is excellent at what it does, and their support folks are very responsive and helpful.
By MZed505

Clean, simple, clutter-free budgeting

I started looking for a new budgeting app when my issues with Mint became too frustrating to ignore. I wanted something that would help me keep track of my recurring expenses and monitor my cash flow, without having to anticipate and categorize every possible cost. Something that would automatically import my transactions, but wouldn't incorrectly auto-categorize them, forcing me to waste time chasing down miscategorized transactions. Something that would let me account for special expenses or limited periods of unusually high spending, like vacations, without requiring me to either wreck my monthly numbers or force-ignore every transaction. And most importantly, something that wouldn't interrupt my efforts to budget with ads or sketchy investment suggestions. Weekly is that thing. If you recogize yourself in anything I said above, give this app a try.
By Daeranilen

Seriously great app

Probably the most important app my wife and I have. It throws our ambiguity around finances out the window and sets us up for success each week with an easy to understand, easy to read budgeting app.
By leajere

I won’t shut up about this app

I was a monthly budgeter and always thought that a Weekly budget wouldn’t make sense for me because I couldn’t get past thinking in terms of expenses by month. But this app has converted me to a Weekly budgeter! If you are someone who loves your monthly budget, hear me out: in Weekly, you can go to the Budget tab and choose Group & Sort to show all the amounts in Months. This way you can literally set up a monthly budget, and then Weekly will show what you can spend by week. I really like that Weekly helps me “ration” my money by the week, because my habit for a monthly budget has been that I blow all my shopping money in the first couple weeks and then I get frustrated that I am not able to spend anything in the last half of the month. I like Weekly because it’s helping me pace myself more. Also, when I put in my income and my expenses, Weekly helped me find money I didn’t know I had! When I was using a monthly budget, and then calculating what I could save in a year based on the 12 months, I was forgetting the fact that some months are longer than others. Since I get paid every 2 weeks, I get paid 3x in some months, and I was just sort of not including that in my budget calculations. I started out by just telling Weekly what I made each month, and then feeling discouraged when I saw how low my Safe to Spend was. But then when I put in how much I get paid every 2 weeks, I was surprised and pleased to see that my Safe to Spend increased a lot. I had been going off of a 48-week year (2 paychecks per month x 12 months) but really the year is 52 weeks long so I was missing a whole 2 paychecks worth of income! Weekly is also great if you’re using Velocity Banking, which is a debt repayment strategy in which all of your income is goes directly to paying down a line of credit each month, and then all of your expenses are paid out of that line of credit - with the goal to make progress on paying down the debt by paying off more than you spend. But of course, this system only works if I can hold myself accountable to my expenses on a weekly/monthly basis AND on a yearly basis. I was really struggling to do that with a monthly budgeting system, but Weekly does it for me by calculating what my income and expenses mean on a weekly basis. I was trying (and struggling) to keep track of all of my yearly things in an excel spreadsheet, then using a monthly budgeting app like YNAB, plus tracking my savings/spending funds separately in Fudget. 😅 I love the Funds feature in Weekly because I can mark expenses down as I’m using them and keep track of everything in one place. I haven’t found any other app that works for Velocity Banking like Weekly does. All that to say, the app has given me more peace of mind than I ever had with my bungled together system of excel spreadsheets + YNAB + Fudget. I thought I had really niche needs that I wouldn’t find in any budgeting app, but Weekly has met them all! Weekly has a beautiful blend of simplicity and functionality. Thanks for making such a helpful app. I hope it’s around forever.
By o1t1w9b4

Best budgeting app out there to me

I love it shows me what I can spend. A budget should be simple. I tried most budget apps but this is by far the best budget app
By Jbegley27


I’ve tried a million apps. They’re all too complex or too expensive. Show me what I can spend after my bills are paid. And that’s exactly what this app does. Simple and easy to use.
By Reeceken910

Fantastic Budgeting App

I’m not sure I have ever reviewed an app before but this one deserves it. I have far too much trouble with other apps because they break things down into too many steps and I end up not keeping up. This app shoots me a notification when I have transactions to review and about once a day I quickly put them into their categories. This process take’s probably less than 30 seconds. Incredibly easy to use and well worth the subscription fee. Again, I don’t ever review apps but this one has 100% changed my financials in just the last month alone!
By Pisaclogos

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