Flying Lines: Romance&BL Novel

Flying Lines: Romance&BL Novel

Flying Lines: Romance&BL Novel

By Oriental Times Technology Co., Ltd.

Score: 4.12
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Read addictive web novels of BL novel, LGBT and romance stories on Flying Lines now! It’s really an easy to use reading app for romance and BL reader. As one of the reading apps for free, Flying Lines is a hub of fabulous Chinese webnovel, where you can read novel and translate. Also novel writing is available. We dedicate to bring the best translations of Chinese novels to the world. No matter you love to read comic stories, fantasy romance novels, wuxia, light novel or boys love novels, Flying Lines will be a great story app for you. And novel updates daily here. FLYING LINES FEATURES ► Read web novels: romance stories, Yaoi novel, rebirth, quick transmigration, action, adventure, revenge, manga, fantasy, LGBT, xuanhuan, wuxia, xianxia, love story, millionaire, light novels and more excellent original books… Download this free reading app to read pocket fiction now! ► Hot books to read for free: “The Glory After Rebirth”, “I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World”, “The Lady’s Sickly Husband”, “One Useless Rebirth”, “Rebirth: My Sassy 'Crown Princess'”, “10 Years I Loved You the Most!”, “Comeback of the Abandoned Wife” and more love story. ►Exclusive romance and Yaoi & Chinese BL stories: This story app focus on extremely modern & fantasy romance book and Yaoi novels. It’s a good choice especially for boys love readers. ► Novel updates daily to meet your needs! Subscribe to your favorite free novels on our reading app and you will never miss any novel updates. ► Rewards are coming to you! Login to get FREE Spirit Plume (SP) every day. Earn more rewards by completing daily missions! ► Read Online & Offline: Download light novels at home and you can enjoy reading wherever you are without worrying about the no-WIFI situations when you are outside. ► More features for translators: Better translation and novel writing experience online. Get more fans, get paid! ► Monthly VIP Membership Details • Subscription period and price: Monthly VIP membership renewal price: $8.99/30 days & $17.99/30 days. (Actual prices may differ based on local taxes.) VIP Membership's actual deduction is decided by Apple. Monthly VIP Membership is effective for 30 days. • Payment: The purchase will be charged through your iTunes account. • Renewal: Your subscription will renew automatically. You may be charged no more than 24 hours before the beginning of each VIP Membership period until you cancel your subscription. • Cancellation: On Apple iOS devices, you can cancel a subscription at any time and at least 24 hours before your renewal date on Settings -> iTunes Store&App Store -> Apple ID -> Check Apple ID -> Subscriptions -> Flying Lines. • Terms of Service (including policies about Monthly VIP membership): • Privacy Policy: In a word, if you love reading BL, oriental novel, fujoshi or romance novel, Flying Lines is really a fantastic story app just for you. Download and read your favorite BL reading and romance stories now!


Flying Lines: Romance&BL Novel ScreenshotFlying Lines: Romance&BL Novel ScreenshotFlying Lines: Romance&BL Novel ScreenshotFlying Lines: Romance&BL Novel ScreenshotFlying Lines: Romance&BL Novel ScreenshotFlying Lines: Romance&BL Novel ScreenshotFlying Lines: Romance&BL Novel ScreenshotFlying Lines: Romance&BL Novel Screenshot


Low quality translations

After using this app for maybe a year or two I can say that most of the novels back then though maybe not the best with translations were showing effort to provide the product they promised. Now most stories are simply MTLed and put out for profit. No effort goes into this at all anymore. Just a cash grab at this point.
By KrazyKitKatVer1.3

Use to love it

Can’t unlock new chapter with spirit, it says not enough score. Very sad
By Maypixie

It’s good but could be better

I love this app very much and it bought so many good stories into life by translating them so us English speakers can enjoy them as well. My issue is something stupid and it’s that the quality of the translation really doesn’t warrant payments and the like but I also understand that people do all this and it takes time and effort as well as money to buy the raws so I completely get the prices. If only the free SPs given could be more because honestly starting a new story when you’re already reading others is a whole struggle. I really have to budget my SPs and in my country I can’t pay for extras so I’m screwed. But it’s all manageable and I don’t mind it much. I just wish there was a way to talk to the translators other than through comments since the translators rarely see those. And also if they drop a story then it should be said clearly instead of letting people hang. My biggest issue is that the app is turning into Wattpad 2.0. Instead of it being Asian comics and novels somehow English wattpad stories are making their way into the app and it’s honestly annoying. It was much better when the app was for translated novels only. I know people will say I could just ignore them but frankly it’s still annoying.
By yuuki no yuki

Flying Lines

This app is wonderful but add some new daily things to do so we can get more coins.And almost all of the books I am reading you have to pay I can only read one or two books a day because I am a picky reader. I understand that the creators/writer’s are working hard but don’t make us pay too fast.
By "I am worldwide handsome."

i love this. im addicted to this app now.

literally you will get a 3-5 VIP if you invite your friend to this app.. wow. YUP get this .THE STORY IS MHAWWW I love the novel.
By ayano-kun

Best app for me

I love how the translation is correct. I love everything about this app. I hope the translator will add more BL novels too. Overall this is a great app I’ve found so far. I also hope the translator will update more chapters too.
By monoon99


I love this app but the recent event, “lucky draw” is kinda mean. What I meant is when I was about to get the 7 day trial it jump 5 step ahead and keep making me get like 5sp. It’s unfair. If you don’t want us to get it, u can just not put it. I just feel bitter about it
By wandering grim


This app is overall great because of the amount of comics/manga you can read, but the thing i’m mostly here for is the way they advertise, I was on a game and saw an ad for this app. The other thing I see is fan art or a photo of Levi Ackerman, from Attack on Titan laying on Eren Yeager’s shoulder also from Attack on Titan. I just don’t think it’s right.. Levi is basically almost forty, Eren is nine teen. I’m not sure if they gave credit for the characters from Attack on Titan but whatever. I just suggest they change the way they advertise.
By kawaiidoge

About translating

It a good app. Great stories on it with great plot lines. I’d like to make a response however to one review who said the translation is lazy. Actually sometimes words can’t be translated correctly from one language to another. Often certain words don’t exist so they have to use or even adjust a sentence to accommodate that. Not being lazy just trying there best
By Peacefully dreaming

Some issues that need changes

Good app overall, although I agree with five majority on how lazy translators are for books we PAID for. When I’m paying monthly I expect to at least have decent service in return. There’s also connection issues on their end when using the app, interrupting moments when I’m reading. Overall, good UI and quality of books to read.
By Nuutzz


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Flying Lines: Romance&BL Novel

Flying Lines: Romance&BL Novel

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