Flying Lines- Pocket Webnovels

Flying Lines- Pocket Webnovels

Flying Lines- Pocket Webnovels

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Meet your next favorite web novels of fantasy, romance, BL, rebirth, wuxia, CEO, love story and other light novels on Flying Lines. Flying Lines is a great reading APP. It’s a hub of fabulous Chinese novels, where you can read, translate and create. We dedicate to bringing the best fiction novel translations to the world. FLYING LINES FEATURES • Read addictive popular novels: romance, BL, rebirth, quick transmigration, action, adventure, revenge, manga, fantasy, LGBT, xuanhuan, wuxia, xianxia, love story, adapted to drama, light novels and more excellent original stories⋯ Download the app to find more! • Enjoy the hottest original translations: “Legend of Concubine’s Daughter Minglan”, “The Longest Day in Chang’an”, “The Lady’s Sickly Husband”, “One Useless Rebirth”, “Ascendance of a Bookworm”, “10 Years I Loved You the Most!” ⋯ • Update daily to meet your needs! Subscribe to your favorite novels and you will never miss an update. • Rewards are coming to you! Login to get FREE Spirit Plume (SP) every day. Earn more rewards by completing daily missions! • Available on ALL DEVICES: PC web, Mobile web, iOS devices and more. Read everywhere, everytime. • More features for translators: Better writing experience online. Get more fans, get paid! Monthly VIP Membership Details • Subscription period and price: Monthly VIP membership renewal price: $8.99/30 days & $17.99/30 days. (Actual prices may differ based on local taxes.) VIP Membership's actual deduction is decided by Apple. Monthly VIP Membership is effective for 30 days. • Payment: The purchase will be charged through your iTunes account. • Renewal: Your subscription will renew automatically. You may be charged no more than 24 hours before the beginning of each VIP Membership period until you cancel your subscription. • Cancellation: On Apple iOS devices, you can cancel a subscription at any time and at least 24 hours before your renewal date on Settings -> iTunes Store&App Store -> Apple ID -> Check Apple ID -> Subscriptions -> Flying Lines. • Terms of Service (including policies about Monthly VIP membership): • Privacy Policy: GET IN TOUCH Email: Website: Facebook: Discord:


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Really very good boys love novels

I love this reading app, bl novels are so great. One useless rebirth and I just want to be in a relationship, so interesting stories to read 😀
By Toni Aloke

Good app

Some minor issues but overall a nice app.
By JTKent

Omg I love I guess

By emi rose jackson

Very good

This is a really entertaining app
By 428am


I love this app and it has creative interesting stories .
By The great game i ever played

I love this app

I love this app because it’s so interesting and you can read many things
By kaitlynromero2233

Here comes a baby to kinpnap a daddy for mommy

By claudtte

Great app

I am very happy to find this app and with some improvements I can see this app becoming very big. PROS: -Good selection of titles -Frequent updates -Easy to use CONS: -Saw quit a bit of grammatical and spelling errors. I am not too picky though SUGGESTIONS: -Monthly subscription -Option to suggest titles and maybe even vote on them. There are some titles I really want to see translated and definitely willing to pay for them. -Options to allow fans to submit correction suggestions to earn a bit of points. I think this will benefit the app greatly. Thanks for creating this wonderful app.
By C4reless

Ok reading app

The app is great and all and there are free chapter you can read for most novels, even when it comes to the chapters that requires you to pay, as long as you complete all the small daily’s and check ins you should have enough to read up to 4 ish chapters at least or 2 at most. In a way, the app is completely free as long as you have the patient. But I must say it’s quite upsetting when a translator become lazy with the translation while require you to pay coins for the chapters :/
By A very annoyed bot


Please change it to monthly subscriptions. I cant afford to pay 1 book for $50. Buying coins is too much.
By haeler_22


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Flying Lines- Pocket Webnovels

Flying Lines- Pocket Webnovels

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