Spellsword Cards: Origins

Spellsword Cards: Origins

By One Up Plus

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-02
  • Current Version: 1.62
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 167.12 MB
  • Developer: One Up Plus
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.5
From 66 Ratings


Featuring 500+ cards and counting, 10 classes, 6 races, and 5 paths to follow along with hundreds of unique battles. CARD FUSION & UPGRADES & CYCLING SYSTEM Upgrade your cards and use the unique card fusion system to create any combination of cards imaginable! As you make each run you will need to carefully manage your deck, to include just what you need to survive. To combat the problematic “bad draw” a voluntary discard and resource recovery system has been developed. PROCEDURALLY GENERATED ADVENTURES Adventure across the lands of Port Haven in this solo card combat roguelike. Crawl through swamp, fight over mountains, and swim through the seas all in search of loot, fame and fortune. Game play focuses on being a perfect card crawler and deck builder for all roguelike and roguelite loving dungeoneers. GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS Climb your way up the Leaderboards to show just how far your character can go.


Spellsword Cards: Origins ScreenshotSpellsword Cards: Origins ScreenshotSpellsword Cards: Origins ScreenshotSpellsword Cards: Origins ScreenshotSpellsword Cards: Origins ScreenshotSpellsword Cards: Origins ScreenshotSpellsword Cards: Origins Screenshot



Can we get an arcade/deck builder mode where I go in with the cards I want (picked from cards I’ve unlocked in the normal adventure mode) and try and see how long I last with ramping difficulty? Itd be a great way to test classes and synergy with cards without all the rng involved. Not a requirement because the game is already above my expectations.
By Jacob!!!!

Excellent, really fun game!

I’ve really enjoyed this game - hard enough with enough variety to be replayable and no in-game $$! I’ve won with every race/class (except Bard). It can be annoying to get through all 3 locations, only to get slaughtered by the Lich, but keep tweaking and it can be done. Fun card game!
By Miserybob

This is what mobile games should be like

Dollar for dollar I’ve had more fun with this game than any other iOS title in quite some time. Easy to learn and difficult to master. No cloud based online only bs so you can pick up and play and quickly close it out to do something else on your phone without losing progress. I do wish certain systems like the quiver, souls, and other skills had a better explanation from the get go. I would also like for it to be more obvious what the gameplay differences are from one race/class to the next, but I suppose the vague descriptions encourage the player to try each one and find out. Wonderful game overall and a great value at $2.99
By Nastyn800

Needs iCloud support!

I hate having to use two different accounts! This game is awesome, but I hate having to guess which account has what cards. Also, if you merge two Storm Blades together they do not stack.
By GlowInTheDarkPanda

It seems RNG > Skill but still fun

Sometimes you just get crappy hands dealt and I've often found myself unable to do any damage at all with certain builds in the very first fight. But if RNG works in your favor, it makes for an interesting game to waste a few minutes at a time on.
By dave.michael

Great game

Big fan of deck builders and this one is no exception. A few issues op up here and there. The last boss against certain builds seems to be almost impossible, and about 1/3 times I fight him, he somehow turns my entire deck into skeletons. Like the entire deck. I pick 5 skeletons on my turn, he gets another free turn, I go, and I pick 5 more skeletons. I’ve chased his cards and he does NOT have a card that says “automatically end the game by turning your opponent’s deck into a worthless pile of monsters.” Like... I can kill the third level boss and barely take a point of damage, and then the Lich will kill me with barely a scratch on him. Balancing needs help.
By Nabzalot

Great game!

Overall this game has so many classes, races, and spell combinations you can play through 100 times and never use the same strategy. There is some RNG, but I’ve never felt it to be extremely unfair. It recognizes what type of deck you’re trying to build and tries to give you cards that synergize. This was the first game I actually paid money to get and for the price it can’t be beaten. I’ve already sunk tons of time into it and with updates/adding new classes/new spells, I’ll continue coming back and keeping an eye on open for their next game. Great job Devs!
By Xaivor

Great Game

Finished all achievements so I’ve surely enjoyed the game. Looking forward to future expansions.
By Sediasss

I regret purchasing this game

The idea and implementation are great, yet I have found “simulated difficulty” multiple times. For instance I use a card that will remove up to 3 action points. I use the card and it removes 3 bringing the enemy to 0. The enemy has 0 mana, yet uses 3 attack cards and 1 mana card and kills me... Of course it’s the final enemy before I can shrine and fight the boss. This is impossible, they were not cards played that require no ap or mana, I watched the entire thing and they were 100% action and mana cards. There have been multiple times where this occurs. Other times I see an enemy use a lvl 1 block, 1 star, and receive 6 total block. I have also had situations where I had 5 block the enemy uses a single damage card and I not only lose all 5 block but take damage as well. In all these instances there were no status effects on myself or the enemy. I can’t keep playing a game that randomly decides when it will kill me, a game that hardly plays by the rules it lays out. I wont request a refund because I really enjoyed the game, but I wont waste any more time on it.
By Junk app....

Great Roguelike Deck Builder

Game is deceptively deep. Three starting character traits can yield different synergies with varying degrees of effectiveness. The real challenge is discovering the optimal build for each combination. The hook is finding a synergy that not only gets you safely to the end-game, but allows you to dominate the final boss. True: the card graphics are very minimal with no animations and limited effects. True: you will die frequently, it’s a Roguelike. But like all great RL’s, death is its own reward, as new cards unlock after each run. True: the final boss is very difficult, but what good is a final boss if they aren’t challenging. This game is not for the shallow, impatient or anyone who doesn’t enjoy the challenge of roguelike mechanics. This game will definitely appeal to the patient, tactically-minded player who doesn’t need their hand held, doesn’t require AAA graphics to hold their attention, and values the challenge and replayability of roguelike games.
By GmatterG


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