Food Sense Guide

Food Sense Guide

By Melanie Avalon

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  • Release Date: 2019-03-29
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Take charge of your food sensitivities! Reactions to various “natural” compounds in foods can often create an array of health problems, from the GI tract to skin issues to neurological and hormonal imbalances. Food Sense helps you identify your potential food sensitivities and minimize food reactions. FOOD SENSE includes: - An easily searchable catalogue of 300+ foods. - The general levels of amines, histamines, glutamates, oxalates, salicylates, sulfites, and thiols in various foods, as well nightshade status. - An overview of these various compounds, including typical reactions for those sensitive, and lists of foods high and low in them. - The ability to create your own personal lists. - Quick instant access to the levels of these compounds for anything you may eat!  “My patients and readers will love this! It will save them huge amounts of time, and they can quickly be able to identify which foods they can focus on stage to steer clear of their triggers. Well done!” - Dr. Alan Christianson, NYT Bestselling Author Of The Adrenal Reset Diet  Whether you know your current food sensitivities or are trying to figure them out, Food Sense will help you take charge of your food choices for peaceful eating, to support resilient health! Developer’s Note: Food Sense is intended to provide general amounts (in ranges of low, medium, and high) for the compounds found in various foods. Please consult third party sources for specific levels, especially if you struggle with severe sensitivities. The catalogue is constantly being updated. If you’d like to see a certain food included, or believe an amount is inaccurate, please contact


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Great app

Very easy to use and very helpful for food sensitivities
By smukegirl253

Love It!!

Highly recommend this app—but have a request: could you please include info about lectin content in each of the foods listed? Your app would be wildly popular with the Plant Paradox followers!
By to: peas in a pod

Quick reference

When trying to figure out quickly what foods to avoid or ones you can have, this app is very easy and helpful! If spices could be added!! That would be helpful as well. I love having all the food sensitivities in one quick reference!! My only other option is to go through Facebook group files on different sensitivity groups and then searching on spreadsheets. I also like that Susan Owens was consulted in providing accurate information, as she definitely knows everything regarding oxalates!
By Fish the umteenth

Great App for patients

I find this app really helpful for my food sensitive patients.
By Amir Maghsoodi L.Ac.

A must have food sensitivity guide

Very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. All-encompassing with great explanations and summaries for all topics/categories. I have not come across any other app that provides such an in-depth and easily accessible food sensitivity guide. Great tool!!
By danialynch

This App Is EXACTLY What I Needed!!

I’ve been needing this app for so long!! I was always neurotically trying to figure out what compounds I was reacting to, and now I can see it all in one place. {sigh of relief}. The app is super easy to quickly search through which I like. I find myself constantly referencing it... even though I already know the answer most likely 😂 But seriously, so easy, helpful, and awesome. I also love that you can make your own lists. Some other people seem to want it to address their one issue super intensely, but the way I see it, this is best for getting a general overall picture of things... which is probably more helpful in the end by being less neurotic. Love it.
By Adamantine

Great info!

My patients and readers will love this! It will save them huge amounts of time and quickly be able to identify which foods they can focus on stage to steer clear of their triggers. Well done!
By Dr. Alan Christianson

A sensible easy-to-use specific food app

Finally! Great app that explains some of my food sensitivities. I love the three colors that alert the degree of concentration. With all this talk about nightshades, I'm happy to have an app that can easily say yes or no. Design is simple, elegant and easy to navigate. Really helps when I grocery shop now and I don't have to punch in measurements.
By Karinalizw

So informative!

I love this app! The foods I have always had issues with are now making sense because with this app I can figure out what the common denominator is! It is helpful in informing me on foods that I didn’t even know contained the sensitivity for me. I am looking forward to organizing my problematic foods and moving forward to better health!
By allyfree

Food Allergy Sufferer

This app is terrible. It didn’t have any of the food items I looked up. How could you not have hemp oil or sunflower oil listed? My free app for food sensitivities is so much better. I can’t believe I paid $4.99 for this!! It’s useless!
By belloort


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Food Sense Guide

Food Sense Guide

Melanie Avalon