CareClinic • Tracker, Reminder

CareClinic • Tracker, Reminder

CareClinic • Tracker, Reminder

By Tandem Loop Inc.

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2019-06-16
  • Current Version: 2.30
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 86.10 MB
  • Developer: Tandem Loop Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.4+
Score: 4.74
From 1,170 Ratings


CareClinic is more than an intelligent health tracker and symptom diary, it is your personal best friend and caregiver. Take control of your health and well-being with this doctor-recommended all-in-one app to help you measure, learn and improve your health! As a self-care wellness app, it includes all must-have's such as a medication tracker & health reminders. CareClinic not only helps you remember your meds & pills but reminds you to check your symptoms, measurements, engage in physical activity, eat correctly and provides a diary to journal your daily life accurately. Hold yourself accountable and try CareClinic! Works well for all aspects of your health especially mental health, chronic conditions, and metabolic disorders. REVIEWS ***** "Honestly, I felt various symptoms and I couldn't figure out when and how, and this has made my visits to the doctor so much better!" "I love the app, it allows me to journal my thoughts, record my factors, and provides me detailed reports and reminders. I can't recommend it enough." Track vitamins, supplements, iron, birth control, chronic conditions, medication, symptoms, nutrition, activity, daily vitals, therapies, pregnancy, baby symptoms, notes & automatically discover correlations & triggers through reports. Add your care team to the app to let them monitor your progress remotely, or monitor the health and well being of your loved ones! REASONS TO TRY US 1. CARE PLANS - Used as a treatment & pill organizer - See Drug & Supplement Interactions, Effects, Dose warnings - Don’t just create a medication list. Add Drugs, Meds, Vitamins, Minerals, Therapies, Fitness & Nutrition (your entire health regimen) 2. SCHEDULE MEDICATION or ANY TYPE OF REMINDERS - Set pill reminders, appointments, refill reminders, vitamin reminders or supplement trackers - Health Appointments for yourself & family 3. HEALTH DIARY & CHECK-INS - Check-in to record your treatment alongside medication reminders - Include PRN, Photos, Weight, Sleep, Blood Pressure, Energy, Memory, Mood, Pain Log, Blood Pressure, Pulse & Temperature or Add your own Measurement & Goals. - Log Therapies: Meditation, Mindfulness, CBT, Fitness 4. MULTIPLE USES: TRACK SYMPTOMS, GOALS, HABITS, HEADACHES, MIGRAINES - Use the diary as a symptom diary or the symptom tracker - Track & Journal anything: Such as a pain tracker and pain journal for chronic pain or a symptom diary for pain, migraines, headaches, mood or medication 5. ADD YOUR CARETEAM TO SHARE REPORTS AUTOMATICALLY - Enable Caregivers to view your care plans - Nudge Dependents to stay on track - Track multiple care plans for family, kids & seniors 6. MONITOR PROGRESS IN CHARTS, LOGS & CORRELATIONS - See what works and what doesn't 7. WEARABLE INTEGRATION with APPLE HEALTH 8. COMPLETE HEALTH PLANNER - Take a photo of your prescription to input meds, no typing needed! - Built-in Supplement & Medication Library! - More use cases: Mood Tracker, Pain Tracker, Track Urine, PMS, Stool, Food Allergy & Gut health, GI Symptoms - Securely Syncs with Desktop Web App at - Food & drinks Database with calories, micronutrient & macronutrient info. 9. Store Immunization (Vaccine) Records CareClinic is more than a medication management app, use it as a headache tracker, symptom tracker and symptom diary. Essential for chronic illness or health symptoms: Chronic Pain, cancer, fibromyalgia, IBD & IBS (Bowel Movements), urine, diabetes, flu, Disease, COPD, Epilepsy, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Multiple sclerosis (MS Symptoms), IPF. Mental health: ADHD, headache tracker, Depression, Anxiety, PMS, PMDD or any disorders Don’t put your loved ones at risk by missing a pill or tablet (or contraceptive pills). Ranked as the top free pill reminder app by pharmacists & integrates with Apple Health. $9.99/m or $59.99/yr subscription for advanced functionality and more affordable than other medication trackers.


CareClinic • Tracker, Reminder ScreenshotCareClinic • Tracker, Reminder ScreenshotCareClinic • Tracker, Reminder ScreenshotCareClinic • Tracker, Reminder ScreenshotCareClinic • Tracker, Reminder ScreenshotCareClinic • Tracker, Reminder ScreenshotCareClinic • Tracker, Reminder ScreenshotCareClinic • Tracker, Reminder ScreenshotCareClinic • Tracker, Reminder ScreenshotCareClinic • Tracker, Reminder Screenshot


Frozen App

The app does not seem to work. It asks you to enter your daily updates and then you go into the app and everything is frozen and it won’t work. I can’t click on, add or remove reminders. And I’m paying $9/month for this. If there isn’t an update before the next billing cycle then I will need to find another app to track daily supplements.
By SFotzy


I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time. It has everything I wanted on it but it’s so buggy that it’s utterly useless. None of the logs actually record everything and they’ll put it on the wrong date. The amount of time you’ll spend correcting errors is ridiculous because even those corrections will get messed up and make it worse.
By ntueni

Medicine record

Using as a record for medicine adherence and as an ibs diary. I am sure it can work well for other things as well but I have not used it for anything more.
By Maxamillion Bernoletjq

Pregnancy saver

There are tons of options for pregnancy and baby tracking apps, but none take into consideration recording the baby and mummy's health! This helps me create 2 care plans, one for baby bear and one for myself to journal all aspects of our health as we are heading towards baby #3.
By Laguisha Plantmp

sleep tracker

Needed a simple sleep tracking app.. They have one now, I record my sleep time and quality of sleep daily. I have to now report to my OD to see if I need sleep apnea machine and then record those details to see if my sleep has improved or not. Maybe it will fix my snoring too.
By Ginneh Revenxp

Free self care

It is the best free app there is for medication and overall health optimization or "self care" app there is. No other app comes close... having said that there are some issues, it can take a bit of time to set things up, some things are not that intuitive. Spend time once figuring it out and you won't regret it!
By Hoarce Elles

Bathroom analysis platform

I call this my sophisticated bathroom app, helps me record my poop consistency and urine amounts daily. Lets me also know if I am eating the right food and drinking enough water!
By Clearnce Sterryrw

Great Potential but...

I have the most current version. If I try to check in with various symptoms more than once per day, it duplicates the data from all previous check ins for the day. So much potential, just not ready for a price of $60. Support doesn’t respond to email and I find it strange that there were like 100 positive reviews in the last few days...???
By mastrosimone5

Best App EVER!! 

This app works great!! Tracks your birth control and so much more!
By Jessy1995d

Definitely worth the install 

This app is great and very simple to use. I love it it keeps my on track and it reminds me when I have doubts especially with two girls. I make sure I take my pill on time and when to expect my period. I do recommend it to everyone wether is your first time taking birth control or re taking it again.
By Heartsonmarsnake1


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CareClinic • Tracker, Reminder

CareClinic • Tracker, Reminder

Tandem Loop Inc.