Stock Market Simulator

Stock Market Simulator

Stock Market Simulator

By LineCentury

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2019-03-02
  • Current Version: 1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 39.05 MB
  • Developer: LineCentury
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.6
From 1,734 Ratings


Main Features of App Stock Market Simulator for Your Paper - Virtual Trading: +) LIVE MARKET: live stock quotes for 100,000 stocks on Nasdaq, NYSE, OTC & 30+ other markets worldwide +) MARKET SIMULATOR: support Market, Limit & Stop Loss Buy/Sell Orders Just like a real stock exchange +) FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS: statistics, news & profile for each company +) TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: 1D, 5D, 1M, 1min, 5min, etc charts with Indicators and Overlays +) LEARN: Technical Analysis, Chart Pattern & Fundamental Analysis Currently, this app supports stocks from the following exchanges: - United States: Dow Jones, NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC, S&P 500 & AMEX - Australia: ASX 200, ASX 50 & NZX 50 - United Kingdom: FTSE 100, FTSE All - Canada: Toronto TSX, TSXV - India: SENSEX, NSE, BSE - Argentina: Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BYMA) - Austria: Vienna Stock Exchange - Belgium: Euronext Brussels - Brazil: Sao Paolo Stock Exchange (BOVESPA) - Chile: Santiago Stock Exchange - China: Shanghai & Shenzhen Stock Exchange - Czech Republic: Prague Stock Exchange Index - Denmark: Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen - Egypt: Egyptian Exchange Index (EGID) - Estonia: Nasdaq OMX Tallinn - Finland: Nasdaq OMX Helsinki - France: Euronext, Euronext Paris - Germany: Berlin, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart Stock Exchanges & Deutsche Boerse XETRA - Greece: Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) - Hong Kong: Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) - Iceland: Nasdaq OMX Iceland - Indonesia: Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) - Ireland: Irish Stock Exchange - Israel: Tel Aviv Stock Exchange - Italy: EuroTLX & Italian Stock Exchange - Japan: Nikkei Indices & Tokyo Stock Exchange - Malaysia: Malaysian Stock Exchange - Mexico: Mexico Stock Exchange (BMV) - Netherlands: Euronext Amsterdam - New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) - Norway: Oslo Stock Exchange - Portugal: Euronext Lisbon - Qatar Stock Exchange - Russia: Moscow Exchange (MOEX) - Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) - Korea Stock Exchange & KOSDAQ - Spain: Barcelona & Madrid Stock Exchange - Sweden: Nasdaq OMX Stockholm - Switzerland: Swiss Exchange (SIX) - Thailand: Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) - Turkey: Borsa Istanbul


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It’s Exelent

This game is a great way to practice stock trading. They have accretion information and everything. They tell you your “video game net worth” on all of your game money and stocks. They have the exact price and value of the stock and they have almost all of the stock in the world in the game. Speaking of all over the world, you can chose the currency and country of the stocks that you want to buy. It is very detailed but it is super easy to understand. I feel like I am a stock broker when I am playing the game. I think that if I play the game until I am 18 when I can by stocks, (I am a kid) I will make a fortune. I highly recommend playing this game and not only will it be a blast, but you might get great practice on stock trading. Again I highly recommended playing this game and I think you will have fun. From: someone who loves this game!!!
By nathaniel nicholas hackney

Simple and nice

I suggest if you want to use a simulator, you should have a trading viewer app as your main app and track down the stocks you want and when you decided to buy, quickly switch to the simulator and buy. Becuz the simulator doesnt have indicators and you cant be a profitable traders without them. So yeah I like it cuz its real time and simple. Only problem is in the summery of buys and sells which it doesnt shows all and sometimes some transactions are getting missed from it which I hope the devs fix it.
By ynoroozi90


Great game
By 2037781

Refreshing issues

Sometimes it freezes and the money doesnt change even after a couple of days
By Lolli2222

Great app! But the bugs...

I love this app, I truly believe I have gained experience and knowledge through this app. But I don’t know about anybody else, but whenever I click on the monthly chart, the app freezes.
By Nick219392859205929:

Should add futures and options trading

App will get more better by adding other trading options like option and future trading etc
By rkumbhar

Perfect simulation

The perfect simulation, using real time charts and data. I’m a newb to stocks this was exactly what I was looking for
By $$$$fordays

Awesome! Just a few suggestions.

Hey, so I’ve just been using this app for a few days and I just have to say, amazing! I’ve never seen an app have an advanced option for looking at each individual business’ graph, it’s usually only on computers, none the less simulators! On top of it, you have so much news available for research and make it easily accessible and organized. I haven’t had any problems so far, this app runs very smoothly. I do have a few (by few, I mean 10. :)) suggestions, though: 1. So first my suggestion is less of a suggestion, and more of a glitch I noticed. So when ordering shares, after you have submitted an order, it shows the words “placed” in your order history, then once your order has been accepted it shows you how much money it cost. That’s all great, but when you go do the same thing with the sell option, it shows the price immediately rather than saying “placed”, and then once it is sold the price changes to what you actually sold it for because the original value showed you how much you bought the stock order. On top of it, when you go to leave the app then come back (to refresh it), and you sell order is still pending, it shows a blank. It’s not really that much big of a deal, since it’s just a title and it the sell order action still works properly, it just makes it harder to keep track of what sell orders have been sold and which one’s are are still pending. 2. This is another glitch which is similar to the last glitch mentioned. So this doesn’t mess up functionality, it’s just a title glitch. After you do a sell order with the limit order type, it labels it a stop loss order type, but it still functions as a limit order type correctly so it’s not that big of a deal, just kinda confusing. I don’t know if this is the same case for the other sell / buy order type title’s. 3. This one is also kind of a glitch rather than a suggestion (this is the last glitch), but it’s also a suggestion at the same time. So when you place an order to buy a stock, I’ve noticed that after you buy a stock, and the order has been completed (by that I mean it’s not pending any more, you actually own the stock) it doesn’t subtract from the total until after the stock is sold (then it adds how much you sold it for). So I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not, but if it isn’t, I was wondering if you could have two values telling you how much money you have. One of them might be how much money you have in cash, and the other tells you how much money you have invested in stock. Or some thing similar to that, as long as it makes it easy to know how much money you have available to invest in other companies (it tell you that when you go to order stock already, but it would be nice to have that in your portfolio), but it also lets you know you already invested some money into other stocks (so you know where all your money went). 4. So this suggestion is about the order types. I was hoping you could add in the trailing stop order type (it’s only for selling), I know it’s pretty extra for just a simulator but it would be good for me and many others to have that kind of practice with such a helpful order type. 5. Speaking of order types, that leads me to my other suggestion. Is it possible to be able to use multiple order types at the same time? But like, only with specific types. Like it wouldn’t make sense to be able to do a market order and a limit order at the same time, but it would make sense to have a sell limit order and a stop loss order at the same time. Although, if real stock market apps don’t have this, I wouldn’t suggest this for obvious reasons (if people are using this app to practice for the real thing later on, they should be relying on a tool they won’t actual have when working with actual money in other real investing apps). 6. This is another suggestion about order types (and my last that relates to them). While they already provide you with a brief description of what that specific order type does when selecting them, they can be kind of confusing and it would help if they were explained a bit better or if there was a video explaining them in that videos section your app has (if one of your videos in your app already explains that, my bad). 7. This is also related to your videos section in your app; if you don’t already have a video that kind of explains all the functions - especially the advanced graph - of the app and tours you around it, could you make one? Or at least something that makes it easier to figure out how to use the app for the first time. 8. If you could add an overview of like all the different businesses you could invest in, and have options to pick specific ones based of off parameters such as maybe it has a decreasing percentage or it’s increasing right now (stuff like that) that would be great. Though, that seems pretty difficult to code so I get if it takes a while or it’s not done at all. :) 9. It would be nice if we could save the data like with an account or something. 10. This is mainly a question, but when are trading hours? I don’t know if you have it listed any where in the app or in the App Store under the app’s description, but if it isn’t could you add it? And if you text a response to let me know that would be great! So yeah, I know this is long (and I probably spent way to much time on this) but hope I helped!
By Basketball_Nerd

Prices are in Euros not the almighty US dollar!

See above.
By Steveislost

Great app but you can choose sell price

I am not going to do this to make it more of a simulator, but you can sell shares for whatever you want. Other than that, it’s a pretty good app.
By Koolgirl 333