Jumbo: Protect Identity

Jumbo: Protect Identity

By 2121 Atelier, Inc

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2019-04-03
  • Current Version: 3.64.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 217.78 MB
  • Developer: 2121 Atelier, Inc
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.0+
Score: 4.63
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Jumbo is a leading privacy and security assistant that protects you from online risks such as data breaches, online tracking, unwanted social media posts, unsecured wifi networks, and more. We tackle all online risks head-on by protecting you across 4 categories: PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL DATA 80% of people online have suffered a breach. Our promise: Notify you in real-time if any of your data (credit cards, passwords, SSN, etc.) is compromised Notify you if you’re connected to an unsecured wifi network Protect you from any damages from ID theft for up to $1m. STAY PRIVATE ON THE INTERNET On average, apps you use include six trackers with the sole purpose of collecting and tracking your personal information. Our promise: Automatically block 400+ trackers, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon, to ensure your browsing privacy Automatically delete your Google Search, Mail, Shopping, and YouTube search history CONTROL YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION 50%+ employers have passed on a candidate based on their social media profile. Our promise: Automatically delete or hide your old social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY ONLINE Due to shared bank accounts and logins, a data leak for one family member can lead to a security breach for the entire family. Our promise: Add up to 5 family members to ensure the entire family is internet-safe. $1m ID THEFT INSURANCE With Jumbo Pro or Jumbo Family, you are covered for up to $1m in ID theft insurance per individual. This coverage extends to any monetary damages you suffer as a result of identity theft or fraud and we at Jumbo work hand-in-hand with you to help you recover your losses. JUMBO’S PRIVACY PROMISE Jumbo is committed to never collect your data nor share/sell it to third parties. In fact, we engineered our product in such a way that all scanning and monitoring occurs right from your iPhone and the data is never stored on our servers. OUR INCREDIBLE TRACTION Since our launch in 2019, 1M+ users have trusted Jumbo to protect them online. To date, we’ve reported 5M+ data leaks, detected 2M+ unsecured wifi networks, archived 70M+ social media posts and blocked 100M+ online trackers. JUMBO PRO & JUMBO FAMILY If you choose to take your online privacy and security protection to the next level, Jumbo Pro is available at $99/yr and you can try it free for 7 days before committing. With Jumbo Pro, you benefit from real-time notifications of all new data leaks and a $1m ID theft insurance. Remember, online privacy and security is a family affair. When one family member’s data is compromised, the entire family is exposed. Jumbo Family at $149/yr offers Pro-level protection to up to 5 additional family members (or friends, or coworkers) with you in control as the account admin. USERS LOVE US "Seeing the amount of threats and trackers blocked weekly is a real eye opener!" - Darwood "I sleep much better knowing that Jumbo is protecting all three of my email accounts" - Cathey "I honestly feel so much safer since downloading the app - trackers, social network settings, and so many other things you had no idea about." - Ludovico PRIVACY EXPERTS LOVE US Washington Post: "It's my favorite app of the year." New York Times: "Tip of the Week: Jumbo Privacy App." FastCompany: “Most Innovative Security Companies of 2020." The Verge: "A powerful privacy assistant" Terms of Use: https://blog.jumboprivacy.com/terms-of-use.html Privacy Policy: https://blog.jumboprivacy.com/privacy-policy.html


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Very Impressed!

Wonderful app. That saves a lot of time, while letting you control who gets your personal information.
By chents12

Stop charging me!!

The developers continue attempting to charge me for this app!!! Anywhere from $60-110 what in the world are you doing??? A TOTAL scam and it doesn’t appear in my subscriptions so I have no idea how to stop you from defrauding me again except to report this to my bank and have you blocked. What a way to waste my valuable energy and time.


Great to know I have additional protection
By art Magana


Canceled before my “trial” was over and they are still trying to charge my card $99.99!!!
By Imtheman


It’s cool 😎
By Creepytrembles


I love this app.They are very helpful in every way.I had life lock and wasn’t happy with it.My phone and bank got hacked.So I seen Jumbo and tried it and wow. Thank you Jumbo ✨
By corkiemy

Needed support

I needed to get a copy of my subscription receipt and was frustrated that I couldn’t find a telephone number. I sent an email instead and expected to wait days for a response, and much to my surprise it came very quickly. I was extremely happy with Jumbo’s follow-up and how they sent me a PDF of my invoice. I would recommend to Jumbo that they give their customers a way to retrieve this from the app. Overall I’m extremely happy with their product and support.
By OnebadLilRed

Good in theory, less so in reality.

This app used to be significantly easier to use. The new UI (well, “new” been a bit since I’ve opened it) is just terrible. It’s clearly designed to obscure everything except buying their identity thief subscription. The socials monitoring is now super buried and, it seems, no longer exports the info it deletes, forcing you to keep this app off your want that historical data. The UI I’d like a bad banking app. It used to be kinda pretty. I get the elephant might have been to cute or whatever some corner-office-having idiot described it during the rebrand, but the solution was not to make it flat, add a ton of dead space, and use icons that they stole from the 90’s. It’s just bad. Also, why is there always a pic of some random guy everywhere? I get trying to show “this is a social account” but it smacks of MySpace’s Tom default friend… maybe they got this design cue from the same dumpster the icons came from. Meanwhile, the bottom - full width - glowing button is a subscription upgrade for nearly $9/mo which is nuts. Norton offers everything here and more for $2 and their app is reasonably navigable. Mozilla, haveIbeenpwned, so many options that do exactly this without sucking. The appeal was that this was pretty, simple to use, and easily at hand. They’ve removed all these benefits. Honestly, it feels like the Jumbo startup sold to some electric car making, blue badge fumbling, idiot who derailed the app entirely. It probably still works. I got some notifications (all where -years- old so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) but I can’t really trust it anymore because it’s so obviously involved in a cash grab. I wish I could export my deleted tweets so I could just delete this app. Update - you can copy the raw JSON in the iCloud folder. I guess that’s a kind of export as long as you’re ok with JSON formats. Deleting app…
By DrPeril

I hate the update

I’m shocked. This app used to be the best. I loved the cute elephant on the app icon and the simple, clean, aesthetic design. It was easy and fun to use. The developers must have sold it, because an update like this definitely wouldn’t have come from the same team. Everything changed, the functionality is different and it’s looks so ugly, generic and uninspired. It’s such a bummer. I’m surprised more people aren’t complaining about this.
By sarahnorthcat

Stay Jumbo

This is my first time using the app, but, I’m confident that it’ll provide me with the knowledge I need and protect me from all of the negatives that are out there in internet.
By Jjjred1987

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Jumbo: Protect Identity

Jumbo: Protect Identity

By 2121 Atelier, Inc

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