Rise: Energy & Sleep Tracker

Rise: Energy & Sleep Tracker

By Rise Science Inc

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2019-08-19
  • Current Version: 1.235
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Rise Science Inc
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.0+
Score: 4.54
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Become a better sleeper thanks to 100 years of sleep science. Teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS as well as many Fortune 500 companies trust Rise to help members achieve better sleep. FROM THE RISE COMMUNITY: ***** Chase M. "Rise helped me understand how vital sleep truly is. In only a few weeks, I found myself more focused, energetic, and productive at work." *** Becky G. "I could see where sleep debt was causing issues, like temper short, not comprehending things, moving slowly.
 I had an epiphany... I'm getting 45min more sleep on average than I was before Rise." **** Katie B. "I never thought too much about the impact of sleep on my mood. With Rise I saw a very fast improvement in my sleep which impacted my relationship with my kiddos." ▶ RISE Premium Features FEEL BETTER Are you wondering how to get the most out of your sleep? It’s time to look beyond a new mattress or getting eight hours of shut eye and focus instead on your SLEEP DEBT. Sleep Debt is one of the most vital findings in the last century of sleep science. When your Sleep Debt is low, your quality of life as well as your life expectancy increases. When your Sleep Debt is high, the opposite happens. With Rise, learn what Sleep Debt is, how it works and then calculate your own. This will help you better understand why some days you feel great and others not as much. It will help you decipher when you should prioritize sleep and the real toll staying up late has on you. GUIDANCE TAILORED FOR YOU Do you find your mind racing just as your head hits the pillow? Unable to stop doom-scrolling on your phone until the early hours? Based on your data and the latest research, we’ll make recommendations on new personalized habits that fit your needs and help you feel better immediately. How Rise helps you sleep better: Encourages you to get into bed on time Provides guidance when you have difficulty sleeping Reduces the amount of times you wake up in the middle of the night Optimizes sleep time to reduce feelings of grogginess OPTIMIZE YOUR DAY We all have an internal brain clock that signals to your body when to be alert as well as when to go into recovery mode. Each body and mind is unique to another, from when we perform our best to when we should be sleeping and waking up. Given this individualization, we use advanced algorithms to highlight the optimal window for sleep and activity. AUTOMATICALLY TRACK SLEEP Through our integration with Apple Health, Fitbit, Oura, Garmin, Sleep Cycle and data from other sleep trackers already on your phone, Rise can determine the hours of sleep you get every night, the number of steps you take each day, as well as data from other various activities that affect your sleep pattern. WHY WE STARTED RISE We want to help get ahead of the Insufficient Sleep Epidemic (CDC, 2014) we are currently experiencing and that has been steadily increasing since 1985. This Epidemic has led to elevated mortality rates (Cappuccio, 2010) as well as underperformance in most aspects of life (RAND, 2016). Today, we look at sleep as a luxury. Rise strives to create a world where healthy sleep is a necessity. Subscription pricing and terms: Rise offers an auto-renewing yearly subscriptions at $59.99/yr or $35.99/yr to provide you with unlimited access to the RISE Sleep & Energy improvement membership and all premium features. We offered a limited-time free trials of 7-days to explore the Premium features for free. Payment will be charged to the credit card connected to your App Store account when you confirm the initial subscription purchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Manage your subscription by going to your Profile page, or on the App Store Subscriptions settings page. With your Rise Premium subscription, you may be eligible for life and AD&D insurance. Terms of Service available at: bit.ly/rise-sleep-app-tos.


Rise: Energy & Sleep Tracker ScreenshotRise: Energy & Sleep Tracker ScreenshotRise: Energy & Sleep Tracker ScreenshotRise: Energy & Sleep Tracker ScreenshotRise: Energy & Sleep Tracker ScreenshotRise: Energy & Sleep Tracker ScreenshotRise: Energy & Sleep Tracker ScreenshotRise: Energy & Sleep Tracker Screenshot


Won’t cancel your trial and based on junk pseudoscience

I canceled my trial and was hit today with a charge for the full annual subscription. Then, when I redownloaded the app I was unable to log in because the email verification links don’t work! This entire thing is a scam, and is based on pseudoscience. Where are all the links with peer-reviewed studies that back up their claims? Junk.
By Delaine25

It’s worth the price

I can’t stress enough how much more energy you will have by following this schedule! Plus the alarm is pretty catchy 😉
By d.john27


Pretty useless. It doesn’t really have any good info apple health doesn’t provide. I deleted the app after two or three days and still got charged for a year. It doesn’t show up in your iTunes subscriptions so watch out. It’s almost like they make it purposefully hard to cancel.
By hkd1986

Doesn’t accurately track sleep at all

If you have a sleep schedule that isn’t exactly the same every night or you don’t use your phone up until the very moment you pass out it won’t track your sleep accurately. If you happen to not use your phone for a bit close to your sleep schedule it’ll say your sleeping. And you cannot delete that bit of sleep off the schedule because it was from the automatic phone motion tracking. And it won’t track any sleep after the time it thinks you should be awake. So if you slept extra on a weekend or if you stayed up a little late and got up a little late it won’t track the extra sleep at all and it’ll add sleep debt for the staying up even though you got the full amount of sleep. It really is a useless app. Somehow even more useless than apples own slew tracking
By Stiles_Micaiah

Great app for tracking sleep

Rise offers a very detailed report on your sleep. That said, I often felt less energized than I should’ve been according to the app. I really think that Rise should add the wake up alarm option that could follow the Sun so that it adjusts your waking time according to the Sun position. This would be great for circadian rhytm and would save users from the trouble of having to have multiple apps.
By Dzukela

Great app if it didn’t require an annual commitment

The app provides a lot of insight into sleep habits and information about how to develop a good sleep routine, as well as your predicted energy levels throughout the day. My main, but big gripes about the app are the notifications and the annual commitment. Notifications: You cannot pick and choose what kinds of notifications you want. If you only want the notifications telling you when your “melatonin window” is, too bad, you have to get the notifications telling you about your energy peaks and dips, as well as the patronizing notifications telling you “GREAT JOB ON YOUR WALKING EXERCISE! THAT WAS AN ENERGY BOOST!” Subscription: There is a 7-day free trial, 1-month $3.99 “trial,” and a $59.99 annual payment. That’s it. You cannot just pay $5/mo. Those are your only options. If I could do the monthly payments, they’d be getting my $5/mo and maybe getting that $60 over the course of a year. But because of their commitment requirement, they will not be.
By DanElHombre

Unresolved after 9mos TS Basic Sleep Dept Tracking

Do your due diligence and search the web for reviews on this app. This app is a complete scam. Don’t pay for it. The entire premise is that your daily energy is based on sleep debt. OK great. So why does the app ignore my sleep needs and calculate my sleep debt based on an arbitrary number far less than what I have it set to use? I have emailed support about this issue specifically since 4/6 (other issues prior). They told me this sleep debt calculation (the entire premise of their app) was not a priority for them to fix. After a total of 8mos of follow ups, they have simply stopped responding to my emails to support, since none of their “solutions” resolved their app issue. So I paid $60 for a year of TS and an app that doesn’t work- to a company who is not concerned about fixing it for us. You do the math.
By Sara3bey

Extremely disappointing

My friend shared with me a one month free trial to Rise so I could try it out. First, the month trial key did not work. It showed as a two week trial. I retried it several times, but I couldn’t get it to show one month of time. Then, I didn’t personally find it accurate for my cycles, and I found it a bit demoralizing to be told I was going to hit a slump. Kind of backwards placebo, you know? Anyway, that’s just me, so I just cancelled my subscriptions (two trials showed in my Apple subs, because I’d tried the referral link more than once). Surprised me today a month later (so I guess the month long trials did work?) when I was charged not just once but three times for this app! I double and triple checked my Apple subscription and family subs list and three instances of Rise showed up, all cancelled. Not sure how I got charged nearly 200 dollars, but I guess if you try it, be sure to watch your charges.
By jeanbpdx

Not What It Appears?

I don’t normally write reviews. This app promises a lot and I do not mind a reoccurring cost for good and insightful service. Instead this feels an awful lot like a wrapper for Apple health, basically showing you data that was collected via your phone and aggregating it in an easy to digest way. They charge monthly for this. They also send multiple emails daily. Multiple notifications daily. All of these are done to get you to spend more on the app, more time or more money. When you go to cancel it offers more data collection and free offers. It becomes clear; you are once again the product and the vendor in this situation is charging you for sleep data they are selling. When you look at the product in this way the design decisions are evident. The app may work for you, it did not for me.
By jtschmitz88

Un able to get refund

I did the seven day trial and was unable to stop the process for automatic purchase of $59.99 for a yearly subscription. I went through the refund procedure and a couple days later I received a full refund followed, on the same day, by another automatic purchase of $59.99 and this time I don’t have the ability to use the app to try again for a refund. On top of that my calendar is full of reminders from the app that I do not want. Can’t find a link to anyone that can help. I hope this gets some attention, helping me get my refund or at least inform others of what could happen. Thanks
By 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤔😁😁😁

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