Quicken Simplifi: Budget Smart

Quicken Simplifi: Budget Smart

By Quicken Inc.

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2019-10-01
  • Current Version: 3.28.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 82.10 MB
  • Developer: Quicken Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.15
From 1,729 Ratings


Effortlessly manage your finances and track your spending all in one place with Simplifi by Quicken, a convenient and easy-to-use budgeting app. Tracking expenses, managing budgets, and keeping tabs on your finances can be a challenge. Simplifi by Quicken makes it easy to see your monthly bills, set goals, and grow your savings in less than 5 minutes a week. Don't let your finances hold you back; take control of your finances today! Whether you're new to budgeting, a seasoned budgeter, or a finance manager, you'll love the simplicity and convenience of our user-centric interface. Managing every bill, every expense, and every subscription can be overwhelming. Make it easy with Simplifi. Leave the Excel spreadsheets in the past and track your expenses, save more money, track your bills, pay off debt, and take control of your finances once and for all with Simplifi's easy-to-use budgeting app. We know that every budget is unique. That's why Simplifi's budgeting and money app lets you customize and track your budget based on your specific needs. Get customized alerts and always know where you stand with one personalized, use-anywhere budget app. Join the thousands of people already using the Simplifi expense tracker and budget planner app to manage bills, save money, and take control of their finances. ALL YOUR MONEY & FINANCES IN ONE APP * Automatically sync all of your financial accounts in one easy-to-use expense tracking and budgeting app * Connect with and view all your accounts in one place so you know exactly what’s happening with your money, budget, and finances * Effortlessly identify changes in spending, income, net worth, budget, finances, and more * Find places to save more money and reach your financial goals with confidence SET & ACHIEVE PERSONALIZED MONEY & FINANCIAL GOALS * Whether you’re saving money for your dream home, a vacation, retirement, or your child’s education, Simplifi by Quicken helps you achieve life’s most important milestones and meet your budget requirements. * Adjust your budget based on goals and watch your savings grow. * Set custom financial goals and get personalized financial insights. TRACK SPENDING, WATCH YOUR MONEY & BUDGET WITH CONFIDENCE * Feel confident that you’re covered to spend on the things you care about. * Create a simple budget based on your income and finances to make sure you aren't spending more than you make in a month. * Categorize and monitor spending so you can get ahead and stay ahead. GET CUSTOMIZED SPENDING & SAVING INSIGHTS * Discover key insights about your money and finances so you can make smart decisions. * Stay informed about how each financial move will impact your future so there's never any surprises. * See how much money you’ve spent this month, excluding bills and subscriptions, so you know if you have enough left in your budget or need to cut back. BACKED BY 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE *For over 30 years, customers have relied on Quicken to help manage their complete financial picture, so they can live their best lives. *Simplifi by Quicken is the newest solution in the Quicken portfolio to help customers make the most of their money. SECURITY We're serious about protecting your account and privacy. Visit https://www.quicken.com/privacy/us to learn more. PRIVACY If you’re a California resident, please refer to the new privacy guidelines set forth by The California Consumer Privacy Act on information sharing. If you’d like to opt out of the sale of your personal information as defined by these new guidelines, please go to https://www.quicken.com/privacy/us


Quicken Simplifi: Budget Smart ScreenshotQuicken Simplifi: Budget Smart ScreenshotQuicken Simplifi: Budget Smart ScreenshotQuicken Simplifi: Budget Smart ScreenshotQuicken Simplifi: Budget Smart ScreenshotQuicken Simplifi: Budget Smart ScreenshotQuicken Simplifi: Budget Smart ScreenshotQuicken Simplifi: Budget Smart ScreenshotQuicken Simplifi: Budget Smart ScreenshotQuicken Simplifi: Budget Smart Screenshot



The app has a nice design and I like it. The first account I added, it worked great. The more accounts I add, the slower it gets.
By IntenseWeatherUser

So much latency!!!

There was a time when I loved this app. I used it daily for budgeting multiple accounts. But over the last year the performance has degraded to the point that it is unusable. The lag between screens is often 6-8 seconds or more. You have to click multiple times for the app to respond to a command. It will hourglass for 20-30 seconds to load the next page of transactions. And before the developer responds and suggests that it’s a problem with my device, this is the only app on my phone that I’m having this issue with, so it’s not a device problem. Unfortunately, I have to consider using other applications to fulfill my budgeting needs.
By OCD Squirrl

Love the app! But sooo slow.

The app is great and has improved a lot in the past year, but wowza it’s slow. Seems like the web team gets all the funding, and the app is an afterthought. Every action you take has to get saved first before it updates, whereas it seems the website caches locally and then reverts if something fails. Also, buttons don’t work while it’s loading, but the buttons don’t tell you that. The transactions list loads a list of about 50 it seems, but you can’t load any earlier than that. If you want to use simplifi, use the website, and then use the app if you need to change a single transaction or want to look at your spending plan.
By Jokenge

Like the concept but too buggy for a paid app

Love the concept - these people have done a great job of understanding how people budget and the flow of the app makes perfect sense to me. However, this app has been too buggy and has too much lag. Essentially unusable. This app needs to be totally rebuilt to be fast and responsive, otherwise it’s not worth paying for. Examples of issues I had just this morning using the app: Changes I make to transaction types don’t get saved. Transactions that were in my history randomly disappear. If I make a change to my spending plan, it takes forever for it to save. The notifications on top are super annoying and can’t get removed easily without swiping multiple times.
By BrownAK84

Just…wow. This is so bad.

This app and service is such a joke. This app in particular is sooooo useless. You can’t change half of the settings (like notifications - seriously? Why do you have the mobile notifications listed there if i can’t change them?!?) you can’t upload your Apple Card transactions to it - you know, the only place I can download them, and you can’t be bothered to let me upload them to your service? And that’s before the inconsistencies that the actual service has - it will still randomly just not show transactions from my bank account, but it will show the proper balance, so I know it is connected. Their customer service is just that - lip service. they are nice, but if they can’t fix your problem by reading from a script, they will tell you too bad, or say that they will “pass it on to their developers” which means nothing will happen. I have had issues with this service for over a year, and they still haven’t fixed the original bug I contacted them about!
By wordperson23

Inconsistent support for major banks and cards

Very disappointed with my experience so far. Several open issues with linking to Citibank and Applecard. This service may work well for some people, but beware that your bank or other institution may not be supported for automation. It’s a deal breaker for me because that’s the whole point.
By Wayne B 12345

Notifications difficult to disable and nonstop

I got like 3 notifications all within a minute of each other. It’s incredibly annoying. 5am emails are not cool either. App has way too much going on. I’m gonna create a spreadsheet and just do this myself, since the app is not abstracting away the work it takes to budget.
By Olivechives3394

Dependability has plummeted

I’ve used this service for the past year and a half, and I’ve been a big fan of it. But over the past few months, it just doesn’t work well. Most days it won’t connect to my bank without trying multiple times. Transactions are often missing from their categories. Spending tracking just isn’t reliable. And now the price is going up. It’s really a shame, because for a while, Simplifi was everything I wanted it to be. Update 2/2023: Dependability is still poor. Transactions frequently just disappear after they’ve cleared and you have no idea if your spending is on track or not. Additionally, the savings goals feature is half-baked and not useful in its current state. It’s shocking that reliability is still this bad for a paid service.
By jonathan.reviews

Track your spending

This is a great way to track your spending, plan for your upcoming bills, and view many reports including net income, overall spending, and more. I love watching my “spending plan.” It takes your projected income, subtracts your bills and planned spending, then gives you a dollar amount for how much money you can save every month. I am saving so much money now that I can see my money.
By Zack Skellington

Freezes and glitches ALL the time

The design of the app is great. I love the zero based budgeting philosophy and layout but the execution is as if it’s still in its beta phase. For the amount of money you pay each year they should be able to stop the freezing and crashing by now.
By Elfin Forest

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