Backbone — Next-Level Play

Backbone — Next-Level Play

By Backbone Labs, Inc

Score: 4.79
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Backbone makes your iPhone into a serious gaming device. ■ Play any game or service that supports game controllers. The Backbone One controller works with services like PS Remote Play, Xbox Game Pass (xCloud), Apple Arcade, Xbox Remote Play, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. It also works with games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Minecraft and Genshin Impact. Press the Backbone Button to bring up the app and launch into your favorite games that support controllers from one place. ■ Record, edit, and share epic gaming clips Backbone One has a built-in Capture button that allows you to easily screen record or screenshot gameplay and share directly to social platforms like Instagram Stories and iMessage, all directly from your mobile device. ■ Never miss a moment Hold the Capture Button to bookmark a moment when recording. Forgot to bookmark? Once a video is captured, Backbone’s app helps you identify your most action-packed moments automatically, allowing you to show off your best moments and highlights with ease. ■ Party with your friends With Backbone’s Rich Presence feature, you can get push notifications when your friends start playing games on Backbone, making it easy to join the action in real-time. Once you see a friend online, you can link up for voice chat inside the app and move from game to game, seamlessly. To learn more, download the app or visit Any feedback? Use the in-app feedback tool, ping us at or tweet us @backbone Terms of Use:


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Needs lots of improvement!!!

This product needs multiple updates. I believe this product is way to expensive for what we are getting. For starters, I have to take off my case in order to play. I had updated my backbone last week, it no longer function properly. I contacted tech support. No help at all. Its like im speaking to a bot everytime smh. My left side of my controller no longer works and my buttons on the right work during testing, but not in the same games ive been playing since ive bought it. Im completely done with this product, on to the next one. Im sure with the amount of money this company is making from this controller, you will make a better model in the future. This company is on the right track, unfortunately this particular product is a bust. Better luck next time 🤷🏾
By Flint024

Smh… starting to become a disappointment.

Out of nowhere it now randomly doesn’t want to work with my phone, for two days it’ll work in the am and in the pm it doesn’t connect. Sometimes it’ll even say it’s not supported on my iPhone 13 Pro Max.
By TMP_92

Subscription too expensive

The $39.99 yearly subscription is too expensive for the value received from the app, even when paying $3.99. I signed up for the trial and forgot to cancel and got charged $39.99 for the app. I have maybe used it once in the last 3+ months.
By toroblue1

Don’t get this

Don’t bother getting this it’s a scam you have to pay a subscription to play it’s stupid once you log in it brings you to a subscription screen that you can’t get out of and you have to pay for it
By Stetsonn4


It won’t let me delete it
By NIKOS Villesonar

Bad bad bad

I bought two backbones only to find out backbone has an enormous reputation of the joystick always failing that’s what happened to my two backbones and now I will never buy a backbone product again. I haven’t used my item in over 7 months and forgot I had the backbone subscription for another year. I just got charged but keep getting declined but I don’t have any money in the selected card. Now, GuitarTuna charged me and it declined and it stopped charging me after the one time , but this app, backbone , continues to charge me time and time again because it has been declined. Thankfully the card that’s selected is out of money so it won’t take anything from me. But I would like to have it stop charging me
By tino710420

great portable controller

i’ve never played games online until now, playing ghostbusters spirits unleashed on ps5, it’s a lil difficult with my dexterity issues but i’m managing it but this controller is great. the only thing missing is the charger cord for it, i don’t remember seeing it in the box. 🤷🏼‍♀️ i’ll look again though i tossed the box in the trash already like an idiot. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Edit: never mind. a friend told me these portable controllers don’t need charger cords cuz they’re powered via the phone. 🤦🏼‍♀️
By catnatural


Got controller drift first day of use and was immediately unplayable pls respond
By John giunta

It’s ok

I have been trying to get the free trial but it won’t let me press certify while putting in the code
By stephen mcgov

My backbone froze

Every time I try to open the app it goes to this black screen and there is a right and a left option. And that’s it . Wtf… nowhere have I seen this happening to anyone else…. confused
By soberonetun

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Backbone — Next-Level Play

Backbone — Next-Level Play

By Backbone Labs, Inc

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