Reeder 4

Reeder 4

By Silvio Rizzi

  • Category: News
  • Release Date: 2019-04-26
  • Current Version: 4.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 20.04 MB
  • Developer: Silvio Rizzi
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+
Score: 4.5
From 322 Ratings


A news reader for iOS with support for various sync services. Reeder 4 adds new features like… - The new Bionic Reading mode - An in-app Read Later service which syncs with iCloud - Image previews in the articles list (finally) - Search - Much improved article viewer - More layout options - Improved reader view - More shortcuts, matching the ones of Reeder for Mac Supported sync services: - Feedbin - Feedly - Feed Wrangler - FeedHQ - NewsBlur - The Old Reader - Inoreader - BazQux Reader - Instapaper - Pocket If you want to use a self-hosted service, Reeder should work with services which use the Fever or the Google Reader API. Or just standalone RSS (without syncing) if you don't want to use any service. Reeder 4 is also available for macOS. Please note: If you rely on image caching, this feature unfortunately wasn't ready for the 4.0 release but it's in the works.


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Annoying sync bug

Periodically my Feedbin account’s articles will disappear and Reeder will re-sync everything (like adding the account for the first time). This happens while I am actively using the app — I go to refresh my account by pulling down on the articles list, and rather than new articles appearing at the top, everything disappears. If I wait for a few seconds, Reeder will re-sync everything and the articles will re-appear. Presumably if this is happening over cellular it’s burning a ton of data. I’ve contacted support about this months ago but it is still not resolved, and I didn’t get any requests for additional debug information (which I’d happily provide).
By Max Masnick


Like others, I am happy to buy this app to support the developer since I’ve been using the old version of Reeder for years and only had to pay once. However I am unfortunately very disappointed in this version. It doesn’t provide any noticeable benefit over the previous version and instead only drawbacks. The old version of Reeder sets such a high standard and this app simply doesn’t live up. The new animations make the app feel slow. Tapping buttons like the mark unread button in the bottom left corner feel frustrating to use since I have to wait to see the visual indicator that the circle has been filled. Haptics would be more helpful than these animations. The animation that appears when you invoke Mercury Parser feels slow. It was better the old way when the parsed article appeared immediately. These animations feel gratuitous and not useful. It feels like the developer spent a lot of time on these animations which detract from the user experience when time could have been better spent on other improvements. The new article view wastes a ton of space on top and shows an awkward X in the top corner. Why? This app is all about swipe gestures. Why would I tap the X? And tapping that X doesn’t result in a close animation. Instead the view pans back to the left to show the list view. A back arrow/chevron would be much more appropriate (this is how the old version works). I appreciate moving the Mercury Parser button to the bottom but the app also took away the pinch gesture to trigger that view. I still attempt this gesture regularly to no effect. Other RSS readers like Feedbin allow you to enable the Parser to always be enabled for certain feeds. That would be ideal since some feeds need it and some don’t. Bionic reading makes me nauseous. It would be great if the toolbar at the bottom could be customizable so I could replace that button with something that’s more useful to me. I really dislike the all-caps text shown for the feed name in the list view. Please give us the ability to change that. The favicons in the list view appear to be misaligned vertically. Are they supposed to be in the middle of each item or at the top? This was less noticeable in the old version because they were smaller. Please bring back smaller favicons to enable more space for text and to reduce this eye sore. I hope the developer is listening. In general it appears he is mostly unresponsive to user requests. He has removed the old version of Reeder from the App Store yet I still have it and use it daily as I try to transition to the new version unsuccessfully. Feedbin recently released their own app which is a low-fi approximation of the old Reeder. If I had to choose between Feedbin and new Reeder (if the old one ever stops working in the future) at this point I would choose Feedbin, sadly.
By dsemaya

Image caching still missing

Silvio, any updates?
By jerryss

App looks nice but support is an issue

Beware indie devs who don't respond to support issues or questions about expected app behavior when it is unclear - would have expected some sort of reply, especially for an app that costs money How do I disable estimated reading time? Or can I have it just show minutes? The precision around seconds is messy and unnecessary information. It's like telling you I'll meet you somewhere in approximately 5.2654 minutes, get it?
By slapsh0t11

Love it, but consistently crashes

I would give this 5 star easily but for months it crashes on me randomly a few minutes into starting it.
By familycircus

Picket integration is broken

Update: Pocket sync is working now, but lots of items w/o titles.
By jostyee

Disappointed with v4

It feels like v4 is a lot slower than v3 probably because image caching was removed. So an article with an image that would come up instantly with v3 will take 2-5-10s (depending on the speed of the feed server) on v4. After 20 articles you can feel your life ticking away and will return back to v3. Other enhancements in v4 are pretty cosmetic; after I tweaked it the way that works for me, it looked exactly like v3, except it was slower...
By Mitzar7890

Nice One

Reeder 3 user since 2014. Reeder 4 makes me love RSS even more. RSS NEVER DIE.

Mark all as read and advance to next feed STILL broken!

EDIT: Inoreader is no longer working with Reeder 4. WTH!!! I had revert back to fiery feeds. What a disgrace. Can’t even get basic popular readers from loading. I love reeder 3 and loving version 4 but the number of bugs is unacceptable. I emailed the dev Sylvio with no reply (didn’t expect one-he never replies to any of his customers). Several versions later it still prompts me to confirm mark all as read and doesn’t advance to next feed even though the settings are correctly set. Mark all as read - when you click the check box it doesn’t prompt you but when you swipe up, it does. Other users complaining about the same thing. Go to next feed doesn’t and has never worked in v4. What a frustrating experience.
By i<3miabear

Love Reeder, one small improvement requested

Long time fan of Reeder on both iOS & MacOS. Incremental improvements to latest version making it better. One request to developer: reduce friction when swiping left on an article to mark as read. Thanks.
By Brian/NYC


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