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Tone & Sculpt is a health and fitness-based app, helping hundreds of thousands of women around the world reach their goals. Download the life-changing workout and nutrition app designed by Krissy Cela, who has successfully built a community of strong and powerful women making healthy changes to their lives, whether it’s their diet, fitness, or attitude! Tone & Sculpt is designed to help women of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. There is no “one size fits all”, so Tone and Sculpt customises each plan, recipe and workout to what fits best for you, or create your own workouts and meal plan yourself The goal is to make women feel strong, powerful! Tone & Sculpt promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle, where nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Join now and get your first 7 DAYS FREE! WORKOUT WITH KRISSY CELA - Beginner, intermediate and advanced programs. - Choose between the gym and home workout plans to make the most of Tone & Sculpt, your way, with whatever equipment you have available. Each 12-week programme combines HIIT, circuits, supersets, drop sets, bodyweight workouts and specific exercises for target areas. They’re designed to help you build a strong, balanced frame, strengthen and tone your body, and improve your fitness. - Each workout can be customised to your needs. Simply swap in your favourite exercises and enjoy the results! - Quick 15-minute workouts for women who want to improve their fitness on the go or just need a quick sweat on! - Fun challenges designed for you to try with friends and push yourself. - Bonus workouts to target any specific body parts you want to work on, such as booty building, sculpting your shoulders, and much more. - Offline mode lets you save each workout to access when you don’t have Wi-Fi available. Bring Tone & Sculpt with you everywhere you go! PERSONALISE YOUR MEAL PLANNER - Custom meal plans with set calories and macros for everything you eat. - Delicious, healthy recipes for every diet including Standard, Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Vegan. - Follow the step-by-step instructions for meals specifically to fit within your recommended calorie range, or add your own recipes to your meal plan! - Shopping lists to show what’s needed for your weekly meal plans. - Try the handy Weight Tracker which can record your progress and add notes to document your fitness journey milestones. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF INSPIRING WOMEN - Browse all of Krissy’s informative guides on nutrition, supplements and fitness training, so you can learn about specific topics that interest you. - Keep up to date with the latest fitness and nutrition tips, tricks and trends on the forum, and share your own advice with this growing and thriving community of strong, healthy, powerful women. Let’s do this together! - Share your favourite recipes, customised workouts and experience with your friends and family. SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Let’s do this! Real women, real results, all with Tone & Sculpt. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS OF USE For more information, see our terms and condition and privacy policy: Terms Of Use: Privacy Policy: In agreeing with the terms and conditions you agree to have your subscription automatically renewed. Subscription purchase will be applied to your iTunes account at the end of the trial or on the confirmation. You agree to your account being charged to renewal within a 24 hour period at the end of the current period and to this charge is the same as your initial fee unless you opt for a different plan (e.g switching from monthly to annual). Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled within 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can manage subscriptions at any time, and turn off auto-renewal in your account settings after purchase if you choose. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription.


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I love this app! The workouts and food options are amazing. So worth it for the price. My one complaint is that the recipes for meals are typically written out in grams, rather than cups/tablespoons/teaspoons. I don’t weigh my food or intrinsically know how much a certain amount of food weighs, and constantly converting things and having to google conversions gets annoying. You have the option of adjust kg to lbs, it would be nice to do the same with the notion side of things.
By swimmersheart

The best fitness app ever!

I’ve tried a lot of different apps and this one definitely beats all of them. Seriously a personal trainer on your phone for a low monthly payment! Worth the time, money, & energy you put into it. I’ve been consistent for about 2 months now and I can’t wait for more progress to come in. Highly recommend!
By i love it so muccchhh omg

App issues

I have not been able to get into my app for almost 4 days. The app keeps saying I “have no internet connection and to please connect and relaunch”. I love the app and this is the first issue I’ve had. Please let me know how to correct this. There is no reason I should be getting that error! If I in install the app I’ll lose all of my previous data- which I don’t want to lose!
By Monia38

Amazing! Incredible! Life changer!!!!

I downloaded the app a month ago exact and it has changed my life! I started my fitness journey three years ago with my goal being to lose weight. I was successful and lost 30lbs! Once I lost it, I want to gain muscle and become stronger. However, I was being very inconsistent, I kept doing the same workouts and just felt like I was in a rut. I wanted to also better my diet but I had no idea what I was able to eat! I first thought of hiring a personal trainer but due to my finances and my budget, I realized I wouldn’t be able or it wouldn’t be smart to pay $150 per session. I have been following Krissy for over two-three years and have seen the growth of her company and app. I have seen how much they care for the women that join and how realistic it is! I made decision last year to download the app and give it a shot. The first week I started using it, I felt like wonder women lol. I literally felt so confident at the gym to try machines I was always scared to use (even after three years!) what i struggled with before was what workouts to do and how to plan them out for the week. Was I doing enough? Was I running enough? Was I even doing them correctly? What muscles am I targeting? All these questions made me second guess myself and not go to the gym. This app has not only given my fitness life more structure, but has give MY LIFE more structure. I no longer feel guilty about having a treat here and there. I am more knowledgeable about the food I buy and eat. This app is amazing and I want to thank Krissy and her whole team for making this possible! I can’t wait to see what my results look like in a year!!!
By iz20675

Used to love it

I used to love this app. I never looked at the meal plans, but I loved the workout gym guide. It was easy to follow and straightforward. However, it recently updated, and the new version frustrates me so much, unfortunately I’ll be unsubscribing. It stinks because I used to ADORE this app. But there’s simply too much going on now, it’s complicated to follow and navigate, and I can no longer skip around during my workout- which really stinks if you go to a busy gym and you have to rearrange the exercises a bit to work with free/busy equipment. Another thing I noticed since the upgrade is the app doesn’t work very well. It takes quite a while for it to load, and it frequently freezes, or it takes forever for the little workout demo video to load. This also became very frustrating after the first couple of gym sessions where I found myself just standing around like a dummy waiting for this app to load. I adore Kristen, and this app really has potential. The old version remains the best workout app I’ve ever used. But with how frustrating and complicated to navigate the new update is, it’s simply not worth the monthly subscription price anymore.
By AustinW13

Update not “seamless”

I have been using T&S for 13 months now. It is the first workout guide I have been able to follow for a significant amount of time. I have gained weight, which was my goal, and I feel more confident in the gym. However, the update of the app is so frustrating for me. I would look for a different workout guide, but unfortunately I committed to a year long subscription prior to the update that has months left. The intent of the update, as Krissy and her team told me after I reached out to them via Instagram, is for it to be seamless. There is nothing seamless about having to click the next arrow constantly in the middle of the gym. I understand how this is helpful for a circuit or home guide, but NOT for the gym guide. I don’t like looking at my phone during the gym, and this update makes it near impossible to not look at your phone while in the gym. I also do not like having the instruction videos show on my screen in the gym. I am near the end of intermediate: I know how to do a reverse squat. I prefer having the option to click for more information if I want it. The instructions are ridden with typos. The nutrition guide is not helpful if you know how to cook. It is clear from many of the supersets that the ability to take up two machines at once in opposite sides of the gym was not taken into account. There are many pull exercises on push day and vice versa. Some workouts have you do 4 different variations of deadlifts in the same hour. Workouts are LONG, take me 90 minutes if I do the finisher. After a year, I still cannot finish a whole circuit round without taking a break. The workouts cannot be completed off of WiFi and save the weight history you recorded during the workout. I have lost the records of a couple of PRs this way. The only way to complete the workout is to click the next arrow through the last exercise. Did you go out of order and do the last exercise earlier in the workout, then click the next arrow to bring you to the complete workout button? Too bad, you can’t go back. This week I clicked the stretch and recover button after a workout and it brought me to the finisher? NOT seamless, a lot of errors that need to be fixed for me to continue my subscription after it expires I like the concept of the weekly planner, however, it too is not seamless by any means. If you’re off by more than a day, you have to RESTART your gym guide to where you left off. How is this seamless? I have been debating writing this review for weeks. I have been a long time app user and Krissy supporter for 1+ years. I reached out too the team about my concerns with the update and I feel as though I was blown off. Bring the old T&S back or fix these issues, or I am moving on.
By CathleenHumm

Good workouts annoying app.

I used tone and sculpt when it first came out and I loved the simplicity of it. Checked off the exercises as I finished them and completed the workout. The new update now makes it way too complicated. I liked being able to arrange my exercises how it worked for me and what machines are available now I only have the option to do the exercises in the exact order and wait for timers to end and can’t even go back and forth between other apps without the timer stopping. The app HAS to be open, using battery and screen time, in order for the timer to keep going. Tried getting refunded for my year subscription because I paid before I realized what a terrible update it was and got no where. $90 wasted for the year because I will not be using this app. Disappointed that refunds aren’t even an option.
By Paige Lovelace

Personal training at fraction of the cost!

This app offers you the guidance, knowledge, and challenge of having a personal trainer but at a far more affordable price and with the freedom to train when you want to. After stepping into a gym for the first time in twelve years, I needed some help to feel confident that I was getting an effective workout (not just hitting the treadmill) and using all the machines and weights correctly. Tone and Sculpt has been my secret weapon to get in the gym and not waste any time trying to figure out what to do or how to do it. Time is of the essence when you have two hours of child care and kids to pick up from school! I’m seeing such quick results with the 3 days a week program and love how easy it is to add little extra workouts to my weekly calendar for the days that I’m not in the gym. Another huge plus is the ability to swap an exercise with something you like better that will still target the same muscle group. Love, love, love this app!
By ChelAoki

Love the workouts but HATE the app

I never leave reviews but after the new update I am really having a hard time liking the app - I removed 2 stars from the review because of it. In the old version I could easily see the overview of the workout, now the only way to mark my workout complete is to go through every exercise set individually. I also do not like thatcher new weekly schedule and how it places the workout on certain days of the week vs letting you choose. Overall, I love the exercises and Krissy but PLEASE change the app back to the original format and/or allow us to easily mark the workout “complete” easier.
By abucek


this app literally has it all. It’s not only workouts but meals and recipes as well. T&S is so life changing and easy to use. Would never use another workout app again
By Mariiannn



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