Gap Click by Benny Greb

Gap Click by Benny Greb

Gap Click by Benny Greb

By Sun Rising Application Development LLC

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Benny Greb, well known for his contributions to the drumming education community, shared the approach that he has taken personally to develop his sense of groove and improve his own timing on his instrument in his course “The Art and Science of Groove”. Now with the Gap Click app, everyone can practice his method easily with a simple-to-use app! Unlike standard metronomes which simply state the time, Gap Click helps you improve your sense of time. Gap Click focuses on improving your ability to keep tempo, become more aware and comfortable with off beat clicks and by that, become bullet proof and accurate with all notes of the subdivision. GAP CLICK By scrolling through the numbers of bars and patterns you can quickly configure a “gap” of time in which the metronome drops out. When the “one” comes back around, will your playing still be in time? How long of a gap can you play through and still maintain solid tempo? MOVING CLICK Next you can experiment with all kinds of off-beat patterns in the Gap Bar which moves the click from the downbeat position to a different location. Can you still play your instrument and maintain the downbeat internally even when you hear the click sound on an off-beat? Both the “click” and the “gap” portion supports a variety of different syncopated patterns allowing you the ability to practice in binary or ternary rhythms - with more or less safety net depending on your settings. Features • Ability to choose from a variety of different syncopated patterns and # of measures for both the standard "click" as well as the "gap" • Use the nostalgic click wheel to find the right tempo or tap to set your desired tempo • Standard quarter-note time signatures: 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 7/4 Personalize • See visual feedback for each note or rest that is played • Accent beat 1 of each measure or turn accents off • Flash the screen when switching from the "click" to the "gap" • Find your favorite sound from a variety of click samples hand-picked by Benny Buy Once, Use Forever • There are no In-App Purchases - a one time purchase includes all current and future features. ABOUT BENNY GREB Benny Greb is one of the most respected drummers in the world today. Not only has he headlined nearly every major drum festival and toured with his clinics and drum camps worldwide, but he is also recognized as a composer and bandleader in his own band Moving Parts, which won him the renowned “ECHO Jazz” award - the German equivalent to The Grammys in jazz. Benny Greb published two of the most successful and critically acclaimed educational products, “The Language of Drumming” and “The Art and Science of Groove” and he has helped create many signature products available to drummers today. Find him online at as well as on social media.


Gap Click by Benny Greb ScreenshotGap Click by Benny Greb ScreenshotGap Click by Benny Greb ScreenshotGap Click by Benny Greb ScreenshotGap Click by Benny Greb ScreenshotGap Click by Benny Greb ScreenshotGap Click by Benny Greb ScreenshotGap Click by Benny Greb ScreenshotGap Click by Benny Greb Screenshot


Great Click

Just got this and haven’t used the more advanced features, but being able to drop the clock out is an incredibly valuable feature. No other clock i now does this and it’s SO good for my timing, ear, and sensitivity. A really good tool for real improvement.
By BarrettMeditation

Great App, Needs a few things

Great app and clean UI. It just need more subdivisions (5s, 7s etc). More complex time signatures would be nice too.
By ilikeskate

Best app ever

I’ve had this app for only 2 full days and I’m already seeing improvements in my timing. 😮. If you think you have good timing, this will really put you in your place. This is now my new favorite app. Metronomes don’t help much with timing for me so when I saw this I was skeptical I thought I have good enough timing then I saw it was sooo cheap so I bought it. The next thing I know, I’m realizing that my timing is not as good as I thought. I’m already way better. Thank you Benny Greb
By that one dudes brother drums

Incredible tool

This thing just kicked my ass! Do you think you have good timing? Nope, you’re wrong. And this will prove it to you! I’ve never had so much fun being destroyed in my practice session. And there is almost limitless potential in the creative ways you can utilize this in your practice. This is by far the best money I’ve ever spent on a practice tool, worth so much more than what they are charging. Buy it! But I warn you, this thing will destroy you and send you back to square one, practicing on the fundamentals. It will make you a better musician, I guarantee it!
By Mazemusic

Sieze the time!

Wonderful app indeed. Any chance of including feature on iWatch?
By zack_fliegen

Been waiting for this one!

This is a great app!!! I first learned about the gap click practice method from Antonio Sanchez and after hearing a lot of other musicians talking about it (including Benny Greb) I started working on my time with the “Double Time” Metronome and the “Time Trainer App”. When this one came out though I had to check it out. It’s really good and it has some features that the other’s don’t, including being able to place the click on different subdivisions (such as the “e” or “a” beat). I also really love the different time signatures you can put in, which is what was missing in the other met apps. As far as improvements, I will say I would like the option to put those e’s and a’s on the 1st bar selection - in fact probably mirror the options in both selection wheels. Other than that, the layout is very simple and beautiful. I’m enjoying it overall so far.
By phaminator


Best mobile rhythm app I’ve found yet!
By Noah B. Freeman

Useful, Simple, Cheap...

...what more could you ask for? I have so many metronome apps and this one is truly unique.
By RedeyeSPR

It’s from Benny. Come on now.

Anything from Benny that has to do with groove is way worth it, and at 2.99. It will be the best investment
By Zarek Munoz

Very useful tool

So I just read that Benny Greb released this app and I was very intrigued. I love his drumming and sense of timing/groove. I mainly use the Soundbrenner metronome app but this is different than that. After installing and checking out the features I have found this to be an exceptional metronome app tool for timing development. First, there isn’t any other mobile metronome apps which can do this. Second, I was able to understand and navigate the app within a minute. The UI is very clean and simple to understand. The many options for subdivision are great with both duple and triple partials. The idea of alternating with gap measure subdivisions along with the click is genius. Third, very easy to change the tempo either you using the arrows or scrolling the circle around (like the classic iPod). The tap tempo is also a useful feature. I know this just released so I cannot count this as a negative but the meters which can be selected are ONLY in simple meter. 3/4 up to 7/4. Would be nice (and I’m sure in future developments) to have compound meters such as 3/8 up to 12/8 to allow for beat groupings. Notably 5/8 or 7/8. (3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 can kind of be felt with the 4/4 in triplets). Otherwise this is awesome and look forward to using this app while practicing. I’ll be sure to add more to this come future developments! Congrats.
By MatthewEBauer


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Gap Click by Benny Greb

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