Creatorpi - for Pokémon

Creatorpi - for Pokémon

Creatorpi - for Pokémon

By Celadon Software Ltd.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2019-01-04
  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 69.98 MB
  • Developer: Celadon Software Ltd.
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.1+
Score: 4.5
From 2,829 Ratings


Now you can design and share any monster with your friends! Work together and build the best team designs. This is the ultimate teambuilder companion app for Pokémon! Get information about any move, item, species or ability! Create all kinds of designs and work with your friends, Creatorpi allows you to share ideas until you have refined and created the ultimate battling team! When you're ready simply return to your game and build what you've just designed!


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Okay soooo....

Soooooo I’ve had this since , oh god like the first ds Pokémon game, like I can’t even remember , but this app use to be free to use I was creating Pokémon left and right.... and then y’all updated it and now we have to pay basically 1$ per Pokémon we create I just feel like that’s crazy . I understand y’all are running a business but there should be a light version or something where you can creat Pokémon for free up load for free but at the cost of only being able to make them level 1 or something something that offsets having to pay 1$ for literally every Pokémon , I mean that totals to roughly 900$ from every person who uses this app if they want to fill and shinify every mon in the dex and that’s just crazy. I miss when this app was free to use free to up load and free to creat..... it’s no a bad app it’s just greedy now like maybe if it was like 2$ for 6 Pokémon I’d be better off with it but the pricing just is unfortunate I already paid a different company 60$ for the game . Now I gotta pay for cheat codes too lol? I miss using power saves way back when on the ds man
By Pixxidakillaclown

Great but needs a update

This app does everything that it should with sun and moon, but are you going to update it for sword and shield Pokémon? I know you have made support for the games, allowing trades to Pokémon Home, but there are no sword and shield Pokémon.
By quinnquack

great app, but could use a change

love the app !! it’s great and fast. however, i would like there to be customization on what ball your pokemon comes in (beast, love, level etc.)! great work guys!!
By kobooby

Works Perfectly!

I have used this to create many Pokémon with my friends and it works perfectly every time and it’s always delivered through GTS within a few seconds to me. I love this!
By Herohollandsteve

Doesn’t work for home

The said that it works for home but it doesn’t it’s been three days and I still haven’t gotten my lunala which is unfair because I lost my coins and I didn’t get my lunala but I rate this three stars because it worked on my bro’s 3ds
By Willet2007

Good But There is Some Problems

First you can’t trade to sword and shield unless you use Pokémon bank than transfer to Pokémon home THAN transfer to Pokémon let’s go or sword and shield Also you can’t put in the Nintendo Switch friend code because you have to do SW-____-____-____ (“_” means a number) So yeah you should be able to trade that way than put in the trade code and then you can trade,Also you should be able to trade Pokémon To Pokémon Home (for the switch version, you would just put in the Pokémon into the home boxes you could get banned but you will find a way)you would use GTS and you have to trade a random Pokémon of your choice though this app than you trade that then you would get the Pokémon you would not get the item though but people won’t be disappointed about that! Please add this I Love this app and I would love to use Cheated Pokémon to complete my Pokédex!
By NOM2923;$)8$$)$;37$($

Love it but 1 thing

This is an awesome app but 1 thing Im not all that into coin payment I know there is tasks but they’re kind of nagging to do I have a suggestion like put mini games to earn like 5 or 6 coins please.idk if this would be good or not because I’m not a developer:/ but I just can’t afford it and I love Pokémon 😓.
By smashkid0

It really worked...

First free Pokémon app I have ever seen that actually works. I do not need any Sun and Moon shinies, so I asked my friend if he wanted any and got him a Mawile. We were both shocked. I can understand why coins are difficult to get, as people sell their shinies on sites such as eBay for $5 each or more. Doing that breaks the rules, too. I am very excited about the Swoosh app. Really hoping unlimited coins are cheaper, cause I would definitely consider buying them. Especially if the app works just as good as this one, or even better. (It looked very pretty/organized in the short video on your FaceBook page, nice work!) Only reason I am giving 4 stars is because the 1000 coin challenge skipped over missions 2 and 3. It also occasionally crashes upon tapping some of the options. No big deal, it’s still a great app. Update: Thanks to your new free coin system, I am no longer upset with the 1000 coin challenge skipping missions 2 and 3. The new system is great! Managed to get 1100 coins. Currently working on getting my friend 11 new Pokémon now. Very exciting! I got 69 coins for downloading the Bible, haha.
By Hannah Kay Marler

Very well executed

This app is very well made and they give out descant amount of coins for per-mission.
By pst84

Great app! And it works

What a great app. Everything worked how it’s designed. I love having my shiny Pokémon. I’m just worried if I should create shiny legendary Pokémon such as Groudon. I hasn’t tried it yet. Mewtwo works well and I’ve sent it over to Pokémon Sword. I can’t wait for the sword and shield version to be available
By Cervantes86


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Creatorpi - for Pokémon

Creatorpi - for Pokémon

Celadon Software Ltd.



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