Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac

Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac

By Blue Water Bay

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  • Release Date: 2018-11-14
  • Current Version: 6.4.7
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  • Compatibility: iOS 15.0+
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The Flat Earth Sun & Moon Clock shows where the sun and moon are across the face of the earth as shown on the AE map. See where your day & night are, position and phase of the moon as the sun laps it every 28 days. .Track the seasons as the sun travels between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. Subscription is required for sending and receiving messages,making outgoing voice & video calls,new user notification, accessing user profiles,detailed weather service and all future additional features. Yearly subscription is just $10.99 or use 11 or your Referral Points to unlock the subscription for a full year! Clock App features include: • Friend Finder:Find flat earth app users all across the earth plane. Show your exact, approximate, or hide your location at any time. Worldwide blue dot counter. Country selector, tap the flag and select anywhere across the earth plane to view. With subscription, you can access the Friend Finder (FF) messaging which will allow you to read incoming messages and send instant messages or a group message to everyone within your selected radius. Meet & network with like minded people near you. Make new life long friendships and possibly more! • Video & Phone Calls: All users will be able to receive incoming calls but only subscribers will be able to initiate calls. • Messaging: 1 to 1 messaging and group video chat rooms included with subscription. • Featured Video of the Day: New videos will be featured on the clock face that will help you learn more about the sky clock. Push notifications are available if desired. Video archive button for all past videos. • Zodiac Star Wheel: Shows you what Zodiac the Sun & Moon are in all year long. • Books: Access to flat earth books for all ages, new and old. • Homeschool Links: Excellent content for homeschool lesson plans for the critical thinking family. Memberships to family-oriented social media and access to a private homeschool community. • Time-lapse: Hourly & daily time-lapse speeds. Watch the phases and orientation of the moon along with the sun's position as it travels between the tropics. Watch how the day and night change during the seasons and how they become equal during the two equinoxes. • Customizable Backgrounds: Images of Antarctica, high altitude balloon shots, vast ocean scenery and many others. Just hit the settings icon in the bottom right corner and select any background you like.Switch to different backgrounds or add your own. • World Compass: Shows you how true circumnavigation is done on a flat earth. • Analog Sun & Moon Clock with Day & Night: Shows the sun & moon positions along with moon phases and day and night. Watch as the sun makes its daily journey around the face of the earth. • Local Weather: Your local daily temperature along with sunrise and sunset times. (Detailed ad free weather and forecast with maps requires the yearly subscription) • World Weather Patterns Live on a AE Map: Observe the actual winds at varying altitudes. The ocean currents world wide or the magnet flux lines. Compare all of them to the “Globe” model. • Sunrise and Sunset & Moon Phase Percentage: Daylight savings sun mode. No clock hands option.12-12 and 24 hour clock face options. Different language playlists. Web resource page with amazing content. • Shopping: A list of flat earther creations & flat earth items. • New App User Notification: Turn on notification that lets you know when a new user downloads the app! (Yearly subscription required) Additional Features: - Access to videos in various languages - Flat earth images and gifs - Current world time in any location across the earth plane - Countdown timer to your next big event - Referral button–Tell your friends! - Referral leaderboard–See who is winning the race! Terms & Condition & Privacy Policy found here: https://www.theflatearthpodcast.com/privacy-policy/ Compatibility of the application: Application Requires iOS 14.0 or later Application Requires iPhone 6 or later


Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac ScreenshotFlat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac ScreenshotFlat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac ScreenshotFlat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac ScreenshotFlat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac ScreenshotFlat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac ScreenshotFlat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac ScreenshotFlat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac ScreenshotFlat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac ScreenshotFlat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Screenshot


The Pseudo intellectuals will not like this app.

It’s a Good resource. Makes life easier.. 🤙🏻
By stompingsocialism

The app itself is awesome, the friend finder not so much

I love the app and had it for a while, watched lots of the videos. I decided to spend the $10.99 for the friend finder to meet up with other FEs. However, nobody wants to meet up, nobody does meet ups. So what’s the point then for the friend finder?! Are people that lazy?? Can I get a refund?
By Oviedo, FL

Do not download!

Purchase this app for $2.99 and I getting ads pop up all the time? Doesn’t makes any sense. Deleted!
By rotrier

Got locked out of app after they took my money.

Buyer beware! They’ve essentially stolen my money & refuse to refund it or give me a replacement complimentary subscription.. After paying for a year’s subscription, after a few months, for some reason, there was an email/password error, tho I hadn’t changed either. Multiple emails back/forth trying to resolve the issue without success. I then requested a refund or a complimentary subscription to replace the one I’d lost. They ignored my requests multiple times. Now I’m getting zero response from them.
By SkyChickenz


The fist thing I did when I purchased the app was have a look around. The typos in the tool tips makes me doubt that smart or literate people made this app.
By Idea-Machine


Garbage app that correctly maps nothing, except the time.
By nickname987654

Unlock & pay

I am unable to unlock and pay for subscription…. Is there a customer service person to help me ? I have tried for months to get this app to work. I have apple 13 … what can I do to find step by step trouble shooting if I can not get it to work.
By Ljanej24

Well worth ya time

This is, by any aspect, the best fact finding source that I’ve ever seen. All this time, we’ve been lied to about our world and NOT just about the flat plane we live on. Even if someone DOES NOT have common sense, the facts and perceptions on here are far too mind blowing and very obvious that you can’t help but still see the absolute truth. Thanks to all the helpers and Dave Weiss.❤️luv you guys.!
By wsbs beast

Eddie Clancy

Great app to understand the Truth about Flat Earth. Videos banned by YouTube or hidden in the Algorithms are available here. App for $ 2.99 for life is available with any questions you might have answered clearly! Also the App has a Friend Finder which lets you connect with Fellow Flat Earthers. I have been to many Meetups and met wonderful people who know it’s Flat or are realizing it is not a Globe!
By Edisaved

Big Fan

A great learning and educational tool that really fills your quiver with the truth about the reality of the world we live in. I always pick up something new each time I watch a video.
By Mr. Grino

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