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  • Release Date: 2019-03-14
  • Current Version: 3.2.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+
Score: 3.77
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RadarOmega is a first of its kind weather data platform, providing high resolution level 2 and level 3 NEXRAD radar data on a robust cross platform mapping interface. Our primary mission is to bridge the gap between expert radar data users to the general public and improve overall community severe weather readiness. Most weather applications, especially "FREE" ones, provide over simplified data that is slow to update and very distorted. Our goal is to educate the general public on how these apps can be dangerous in life threatening situations and the overall use-fullness of having a high quality radar application for everyday life. Below we highlight what we provide in our base application that DOES NOT require any subscription, this is what you get with the ONE TIME buy of RadarOmega: -Singe Site Radar Coverage exists for the following countries/territories: United States Canada Australia Germany Guam South Korea Puerto Rico Radar Data Overview -Level 2 NEXRAD Data -30 Frame Animation -Level 3 NEXRAD Data -30 Frame Animation -Data Viewer Tool to inspect Radar GATE VALUES -Customize Reflectivity and Velocity Colormaps -Filter radar gate values, no need for a declutter feature as you are in control -Canadian Radar Towers -Hi-Res Reflectivity -Hi-Res Velocity -Hi-Res Differential Reflectivity -Hi-Res Correlation Coefficient -German Radar Towers -Hi-Res Reflectivity -Hi-Res Velocity -Australia Radar Towers -Hi-Res Reflectivity -Hi-Res Velocity Other Data Overlays -Lightning Detection -24 Hour Storm Reports -SPC Outlooks - Watches - Mesoscale Discussions -NHC Outlooks - Tropical Weather Outlooks, Active TS/Hurricane Tracking -Real-Time NWS Storm Based Warnings -Real-Time Environment Canada Warnings -METARS Data Layer -NEXRAD Hail History -Spotter Network Locations (soon more robust for SN users) -Map Type Customization -Detailed City & Road Network Overlay on top of radar data -Save Custom Locations with Custom Location Dashboard Drawing Tool Share GIF and Videos of Radar Animations If you want MORE data, we do offer subscription services. More information on what we offer in our subscriptions can be found on our website and also inside the RadarOmega app. Here are a few bullet points for our subscription services. Desktop Access is only available to RadarOmega Subscribers. Alpha -Model Data -Satellite Data -MRMS Data -250 Frame Animations for Radar/MRMS/Satellite -Dual View Display for RADAR -3D Mesoscale IR Display -3D Reflectivity Display -Desktop Access with Quad Panel Beta -Satellite Data -MRMS Data -150 Frame Animations for Radar/MRMS/Satellite -Dual View Display for RADAR -Desktop Access with Dual Panel -3D Mesoscale IR Display -3D Reflectivity Display Gamma -75 Frame Animations for Radar -Dual View Display for RADAR -Desktop Access with Dual Panel -3D Mesoscale IR Display -3D Reflectivity Display Subscriptions are maintained through the Apple App Store. We will work with our customers however refunds must be done through the App Store. Please be sure to reach out to our support team if you have any problems, questions or concerns. For Support- You can create a ticket and we will resolve as soon as possible: https://radaromegawx.supportbee.io/portal/sign_in See our Terms of Service below: https://www.radaromega.com/terms.php


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A great app

To me this is the best app I have ever used, but I do have a question how good is Allison house with omega
By David Mabry

Very Laggy

This app is super laggy. I make a movement and it has to think before it very shakily moves. I just upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro so the fact this app is so laggy makes no sense. All my other apps except this one work perfectly. Idk if it’s just a bug but it really could use some work on it.
By Riley Fudge

No roads

Will reinstall app when roads are available.
By FarmerFerris

Great App, Awful Customer Service

This is among the best radar apps for iOS and Mac. I've been very happy with the program and only had a few minor issues. What really disappointed me the most was the lack of support. I have attempted to contact their support team three times in the past few months and have never received a reply. And yes, I have checked my spam folder. They say they try their best to respond in a matter of hours, but for me that has not been the case. I purchased the enhanced data subscription to be able to use the program on my Mac and iPhone, but I can't get the program to upgrade to the latest version on my iMac. Therefore, I am not recommending this program and I would highly consider purchasing another app!
By @HeartsUnified

Written by a Storm Chaser

This review, being written by a storm chaser with over 30 years of field and operational experience, I must say, this is needed in your toolkit. In my toolkit, I have a plethora of apps designed to assist me in maintaining a safe, but viewable vantage point with respect to storms and contribute to my safety. I have been a RadarScope user for over a decade, so my comfort level with the features and menu usage is at a high and at first, I found that RadarOmega was not in my comfort zone, so I routinely found myself bouncing back and forth, but as I have taken the time to explore the features and navigate the features incorporated into the menu system, I’m gaining a comfort level. I have seen complaints about loading speeds in previous reviews. It is prudent to bear in mind that this app is a very informationally-intensive application and dependent upon your data speeds through your cell provider coupled with your location, it may struggle on occasion and that is understandable. Please realize that there are limitations, such as data bottlenecking, packet loss in antenna handoff as you travel, signal drops, and all of this can impact overall performance. It’s similar to saying “Netflix should never lag or buffer”, which is completely unrealistic. As the app’s code achieves further optimization and streamline, it will only get better!!! If you are a RadarScope user and reading this, contemplating picking it up, by all means, do. There are uses for this and features in here that RadarScope lacks, so it definitely has it’s uses. Where I found a tremendous amount of use is with Hurricanes Laura, Sally, Delta, and Zeta in 2020 and I found RadarOmega was an extremely strong and leading candidate in those scenarios. I now find myself with a pretty balanced use between the aforementioned and RadarOmega these days, but my leading reason may not be what you would expect. That reason is ‘innovation’. The RadarOmega team is very, very ‘forward-thinking’, and is setting very strong examples as to how to build upon a concept. They solicit information from us that can lead this product to the next level. On top of that, some of the ideas are a combination of useful as well as fun, in a continually-growing data-rich environment, which is an interesting formula. From new feature implementation to function enhancements to incorporation of new datasets, I anticipate RadarOmega taking the lead spot in the selection process for those seeking a high-level-of-function weather radar application. The recent implementation of the CyclonePORT is a prime example. For those who may not be aware, this is an external instrumentation system that reports live data from either a fixed or mobile location (I utilize the mobile variant on my intercept vehicle). It is a fledgling product currently, but with the dedication and drive the RadarOmega demonstrates, will turn out to be great if the track record displayed by the team continues to hold true, which I strongly-anticipate it will. This product even supports video feeds from a camera, which I myself added this past evening. Backed by wonderful team of forward-thinking developers is a dedicated team of users, of which I am pleased to be a member, that stand at the ready to assist with any questions the users may have. I’m still learning the finer details of the application myself, so I may not yet be as useful at the moment, but that will change as time progresses. In closing, I have owned the RadarOmega application for over a year. Due to the need for high-level granular information, I am a subscriber to RadarOmega’s in-house add-on feed package and have AllisonHouse as a data supplier as well. The performance with these ads-ons adds value, functionality, and enhanced usability. So, I know what you’re thinking.... “So, what you’re am saying is that you need a bunch of expensive add-ons to make the product usable, right?” No!! This product functions great with the standard NWS feeds. I use the add-ons to provide extremely high-detail data and other information for which most others have very little or no use. That being said, no need to be concerned! In summary, RadarOmega is a great product that is only getting better with each day that progresses. You absolutely cannot go wrong by picking this up, so why the wait? Inclement and dangerous weather can strike in any season, at any time of day or night. Why not have a powerful app that can help keep you ahead of the storm? Thanks for reading!
By pbacorey


Meh, Not worth $9 in my opinion. Loads slow, fastest radar speed is still too slow. Radar imagery is lacking. How do I request a refund as I’ll never use this.
By Jeff hutt

Very good

Very professional
By Liyinghenhao

Quality app with great features

This app is the best and most in-depth app of its type that I’ve found. I appreciate the customizability and the added data beyond radar (LSRs, METARs, etc). I also appreciate having additional weather alerts available. I do think that the app is kinda cluttered, but that’s probably a symptom of the customizability and I’d rather have the customizability. I wish the app included more real-time weather reports than just METAR data. The rest of the NOAA MADIS suite would be nice. I also wish more weather alerts were visible, like wind advisories and dust storm alerts. I also wish that I could turn off the radar display to only see alerts, LSRs, or METAR data to share that on social media without the radar overlay. A 24 hour clock option versus am/pm for local time and mPING integration would also be small but welcome improvements. Overall, this is a fantastic app and is well worth the price! I look forward to more innovations from the developers!
By Mark Ingalls

Great Customer Support!

I’m no storm chaser, but the weather has always intrigued me. I’ve used the app for just short of a year. I wanted something more informative than what you can see from the regular Weather Channel app radar. I want to learn how to use the tools to locate rotation in storms before tornado season starts, being on the edge of Dixie alley. I had an issue about my account info (or what I thought was my account info), so when I messaged customer support, I expected it to be a few hours before a response. ONE MINUTE. And within 40 minutes, the issue was figured out and resolved. I highly recommend the app!
By Peacepunch

Nice app

I just installed this and I really like it but unfortunately it’s laggy for me hopefully I can get a better phone sometime because I have an iPhone 6.
By ChaseAdam4545


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