Jour: Daily Self-Care Journal

Jour: Daily Self-Care Journal

Jour: Daily Self-Care Journal

By Forward Human Inc.

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"This is my go-to app in the morning and at the end of my day. It's more than a journal it is close to a personal therapist" — Meet Jour, the most loved journaling app. 17k reviews. 4.9 stars. HEAR IT FROM OUR COMMUNITY "I've found this app to be incredibly therapeutic and recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand themselves" "I decided to try this app, reluctantly, because I’m not a big believer in self help. But after using it I’m impressed...Such a helpful app" START FEELING BETTER NOW If you want to build a healthier and more mindful lifestyle, are facing a difficult or stressful time, want to address any negativity or anxiety in your life, or just want to feel focused and in control: Jour is here to help. And there's no need to fear the blank page! With interactive guides tailored to improve confidence, gratitude, and focus or address anxiety, loneliness, and goal-setting, Jour makes the benefits of a journaling practice easy and accessible. Plus everything you enter in Jour is protected for your eyes only, always. All entries are automatically encrypted and each user can set their own encryption key, for maximum security. We do not sell user data or run ads. RECOMMENDED BY EXPERTS Journaling is like yoga for the mind. It's a healthy, mindful practice, recommended by therapists, psychologists, and leading professionals (like Oprah Winfrey and Tim Ferriss) to improve mood, health, and productivity. Through it's guided structure, Jour makes practices used by therapists and CBT experts accessible and interactive. Plus, studies have found that journaling can improve physical and mental health and make you 42% more likely to achieve your goals. CREATE A PERSONALIZED PRACTICE Discover quick, daily questions tailored to you, your day, and your mood. Get ready for sleep before bed or for your day ahead in the morning. Or focus on a specific area for growth with a themed, immersive guide. In Jour's library of interactive guides, you can find step-by-step approaches to: - Build a mindful lifestyle where you feel present, aware, and in control - Find peace of mind and calmness before bed to sleep better - Practice focus and gratitude to wake up and start your day well in the morning - Learn positive mental habits to address stress, anxiety, and sadness - Gain perspective and connect with happiness to combat feelings of loneliness - Master the rewarding, joyful practice of gratitude - Improve personal confidence and feel more empowered in your life - Set goals, track progress, and feel focused and productive as you work to achieve them Plus, you can easily track your personal progress and wellbeing over time, with your in-app profile or by easily adding the Mindful Minutes you spend with Jour to your Apple HealthKit and CareKit. JOUR PREMIUM Jour offers an optional, auto-renewing yearly subscription for $59.99 ($5/month billed annually). Jour also offers a free, 7-day trial of the subscription. You will automatically be charged $59.99 after the trial. You can cancel any time, including during your trial. This price is in US Dollars (USD). Pricing in other currencies and countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. The subscription automatically renews unless turned off in your iTunes Account at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Read more about our terms and conditions here: - Terms of service: []( - Privacy policy: [](


Jour: Daily Self-Care Journal ScreenshotJour: Daily Self-Care Journal ScreenshotJour: Daily Self-Care Journal ScreenshotJour: Daily Self-Care Journal ScreenshotJour: Daily Self-Care Journal ScreenshotJour: Daily Self-Care Journal ScreenshotJour: Daily Self-Care Journal ScreenshotJour: Daily Self-Care Journal ScreenshotJour: Daily Self-Care Journal Screenshot



For me this is a very good app because it has helped me to look at what I am going through. I also feel like this app has helped me to go through what I am struggling with and it has helped me to think of plans I can do to help me get through these problems.
By KylleM


It’s ok but everything is premium so it’s basically just a diary it doesn’t rlly do anything to benefit me .
By Zee Naa

I canceled my free trial and Jour keeps trying to bill me. Every 3 days for 3 weeks 😡

I like the app but didn’t want to keep it for now. I canceled my free trial in the right window of time and they keep billing me-the annual price! Every 3 days for the last 3 weeks 😡
By Leahwolfephotog

It’s pretty good

It lets me jot all my thoughts down and tells me how I was doing the day before. I don’t like how you have to buy premium though. Btw I found this app from a TikTok ad.
By elizabeth66384763

Glad others are getting help, but don't count on it being useful for you

I'm actively depressed about something my partnet directly told me about their feelings about our relationship, and said so in the journal entry. The AI "teased" an answer that started "Don't assume you know how they feel: ask" (the rest required a paid subscription) and then told me to try reading a book and come back tomorrow. Not helpful.
By Diannelamerc

Silly app for silly people

Don’t waste your time. If you want to journal then just journal. This app tries to use some pseudo psychology to guilt you into using their app. Only silly people will use this app.
By Discrete Genius

Buy paid version

Seriously like 6 times in 5 minutes I was taken to a screen to buy the $59.99 version???
By Variety3


I really like it help me when I am going through a hard time
By Sess✌🏻

Love This

This app is amazing i just downloaded it today and it’s already helping me get through my struggles I really suggest downloading this. Have a good day!
By ndjdjcuenc

Looks amazing, but I simply can’t afford it.

I just opened the app for the first time, and was asked about a dozen questions. After that, I was told it’d be $60/year to use the app, with there was no mention of a free light version. As a disabled vet living in one of the most expensive cities in the world on just $900/month, I cringed. The app is very beautiful, with tasteful and energizing gradients, spelling and grammar indicating that a lot of care goes into it, and the questions aren’t “woo” (a lotta spacy baloney) so I got the impression I might like this app a great deal and it’d be helpful for me, but I’m simply not in a place in my life right now where I can shell out $60 (and if I could, I’d get some winter boots as I’m tired of cold, wet feet). Suggestion: Offer a plan for people in financial distress, as we’re likely to need exactly what you’re offering. (We might need it even more than many folks who can easily pay for it.) An example: Amazon offers Prime at just $6/month for people on public assistance. This is a massive help. (Though admittedly, Amazon can easily afford to do this.) If you’re interested in helping out people trying to live through crises, you might consider something along these lines. Meanwhile, I’m adding it to my list of “One day ...” items, many of which I’ve been able to tackle recently thanks to stimulus checks, but I’m afraid it’ll be behind items like “replace busted old refrigerator so food stops spoiling” “get ugly messed-up front tooth repaired,” and “get a new blanket to replace shredded one.” (NB: I am NOT one of those people who moans endlessly and annoyingly about the cost of digital services. As a software quality engineer, I appreciate more than most the incredible amount of work that goes into them. Jour’s subscription looks, from what I can tell, to be entirely fair and maybe even a bargain. I’m simply not in a position right now to avail myself of it, hence my writing this review.) Whatever happens, best of luck to you, Jour folks; I’ll be rooting for your success!
By BinkyMelnik


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Jour: Daily Self-Care Journal

Jour: Daily Self-Care Journal

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