Carbon - Smart Diet Coach

Carbon - Smart Diet Coach

By Reform LLC

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  • Release Date: 2020-04-21
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Carbon Diet Coach is your solution for results that LAST. Whether your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, improve your metabolism, or simply maintain your weight, Carbon Diet Coach removes the guesswork. Carbon Diet Coach is a science-based nutrition app designed by renowned nutrition coaches Dr. Layne Norton (Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences), Holly Baxter (MS Dietetics), and Registered Dietitian Keith Kraker (BS Dietetics). It does everything a normal nutrition coach would but at a fraction of the cost. Simply select your goal, answer a few short questions, and it does the rest! You will get a customized nutrition plan based on YOUR goals and metabolism. What's more, Carbon will adjust the plan as you progress to optimize your results. If you hit a plateau or stall, Carbon will make adjustments to keep you progressing towards your goal, just like any good coach would. Our coaching system uses the latest techniques in nutrition science to make sure you get the best results possible. All you need to do is follow these simple steps: ∙ Log your food using the built-in food tracker ∙ Log your body weight ∙ Check-in each week Do that and Carbon does the rest! Carbon Diet Coach can do things other nutrition coaching apps can’t do. For example, your nutrition plan can be tailored to your diet preference: ∙ Balanced ∙ Low Carb ∙ Low Fat ∙ Ketogenic ∙ Plant-Based Each setting is completely customizable so that you receive a plan that is sustainable for YOU! Another feature that makes Carbon unique is the diet planner. Want high and low-calorie days rather than eating the same foods every day? Use the diet planner to set up your week and stay on track. Overate on one day and not sure what to do with your nutrition plan for the rest of the week? Adjust the diet planner to account for what you overate and Carbon does the rest! Other coaching features include: ∙ Adjustable check-in days ∙ Check-in explanations so you're never left wondering why the app did or didn’t make a change ∙ Check-in history so you can look back and see why the app made various adjustments ∙ Charts showing your weight, body fat, lean body mass, calorie intake, protein intake, carbohydrate intake, fat intake, and metabolic rate ∙ Early check-in feature for those who can’t always check in on their specified day ∙ Goal tracker so you can see the progress you’ve made and how close you are to your goal ∙ Recommendations after you reach a goal so you can plan for what's next and KEEP your results Already know what you are doing with nutrition and don’t need Carbon to coach you? No problem, you can enter your nutrition targets and simply use the food tracker. Beyond the amazing coaching features of this app is a food tracker that's excellent in its own right. Its features include: ∙ A huge food database ∙ Barcode scanner ∙ Quick add macros ∙ Copy meals ∙ Favorite foods ∙ Create custom foods ∙ Create custom recipes No matter what your goal is, Carbon Diet Coach is your solution. Simple. Scientific. Sustainable. App Subscriptions: ∙ Monthly ∙ 6 Months ∙ Yearly The subscription period will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. To turn this function off, simply go to your iTunes account and turn off auto-renew. Renewal payments will differ depending on subscription and pricing at the time of renewal. Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Food database powered by FatSecret: Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy:


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Fantastic Nutrition Coaching Platform

I’m a 47 yo male who’s never been able to successfully diet down to what I call beach lean (ie six pack). I would typically restrict calories way too much, become frustrated/exhausted, and blame it on poor genetics. With the help of Carbon, I’m down to about 12% bf and am on my way to 10%. I am striving to maintain as much LBM as possible, so I’ve been maintaining heavy resistance training while on the cut. The App has been spot on after the first few weeks. As Layne always emphasizes, trust the process and be patient. Log your food, weigh in, and you will see results. Also, I also highly recommend you buy a food scale until you really understand portion sizes. I read some of the negative reviews, and they are all without merit. It is coaching. It is effective. If these users experienced sub-par results, they probably are not accurate in their food logs or have unreasonable expectations. TRUST THE PROCESS, BE CONSISTENT, AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL WITH CARBON!
By Junjiae

Not inclusive enough

Doesn’t allow for any exercise tracking. Cannot upload snacks, only breakfast, lunch or dinner. No nutritional guidance. Asked for a refund and received it. I’m returning to My Fitness Pal.
By not stupid just not a techie

It’s worth the money

They really out did themselves with this one. Thanks layne you really nailed this!!
By Jeff Lackas

Wanted to try something new

I follow Layne Norton on Instagram and he has a lot of bravado about his knowledge and also his program. I generally don’t like his aggressive attitude online, but I love his science based approach and respect his in-depth understanding of the weight research as it is above and beyond what many other weight management coaches understand on a physiological level. I wanted to try his program because I thought it might be somehow different than other calorie restricted tracking apps. I thought it might take into account my overall hunger level, give me feedback on what foods I was tracking and make suggestions and even take into consideration my exercise as I feel that on days when I burn a lot of calories I feel extremely hungry the next day and have always wondered if I could do something different than just keep the exact same calorie intake after days where I exercise and do non-exercise (ie weight train and do heavy yard work). This app did none of that and I was really disappointed. I can count calories on my own without paying for the app. Maybe it is better suited for people who want to gain muscle or put on weight ? I didn’t feel that is was any more helpful than “MyFitnessPal” or other calorie tracking apps and cancelled my subscription.
By meli1213141516

Game changer!

First read the book “Fat Loss Forever” . Buy a new digital scale from Amazon for $17. Buy quality/good tasting protein powder( there’s value options out there- dymatize. Buy the app for a month to try it. Put in your info. Follow the app and be honest. Then order it for the year(you’ll want to after 2 weeks). Trust the process and the app! Follow the coaches on social media, YouTube etc(the only reason I go to these sites). September 7th 220lbs. October 19th 213.5(bought the app in May but it took me 4 months to learn a lot)I workout 3-5 times a week using “Bigger, Leaner, Stronger” book that has a great workout plan. I’m 49 6’ 3” and work in the oilfield. If you want to feel better, look better and get stronger there isn’t a better recipe than what’s listed above. If you’ve read this far you’ve been on the up and down workout/ diet-plan with others before. This group of coaches and the app are going to give you endless help and knowledge to change your health and happiness, because you’ll be seeing results eating food you love and workouts you enjoy!

It was good until recently

I keep having to log in manually even though I have the thumb log in memorized.
By lilywhatlilywho

Helpful if You Can’t Afford a Dietitian

To start, I think this is a very useful app for those who do not have a background in nutrition. The app determines your calories for you based off your weight, lean body mass, goals, and the data it collects from compliance and weekly check-ins. This is great for people who would be lost at coming up with this information on their own and adjusting as they go. My background is in dietetics so I have a deep understanding of how tracking works, nutrient requirements, what affects scale weight, and how/when to adjust calories. I wanted to test out Carbon to ease my mental load a bit and to see if it could be a less biased coach than I am for myself. Overall Carbon works well and I enjoyed using its tracker. My issue was that because there are so many factors related to changes on the scale (sore from starting a new workout program, constipation, extra salt the day before, sleep, stress, etc.) the app can only ever be so helpful compared to a real, live human being who can take into account all of these issues. For example, I started a new lifting program the week after I started Carbon, and was sore for about the first 2 weeks of this new program. This caused the number on the scale to go up, which meant my macros/kcals kept getting lowered, even though I knew my weight was only increasing due to water retention. And if I decided to use the knowledge that it was just water retention and eat the original macros/kcals, I’d have to mark non-compliant and then the app wouldn’t get any data (i.e. that week wouldn’t contribute to the data the app was building to personalize its recommendations to me), which is its whole purpose. It was also frustrating to hear that if my kcals are too low because my scale weight was artificially high due to water retention, then I shouldn’t worry about it because it will reflect in the next week’s check-in when I’ve lost more weight than prescribed. That means you have to go through an entire week low on energy and unhappy just to prove to the app that kcals were too low, when a human could’ve told you that on day one. It just seems to have a week-long lag due to its need to collect data and inability to make decisions based off of more nuanced factors. I also noticed from being a part of the Carbon Facebook group that there will be posts often enough of people who are sick, and worried how to stay compliant when they can’t get food down or can’t eat certain types of food. It just highlighted the rigidity that can happen when you’re working with a computed system rather than with a human who can be flexible for life occurrences. So overall, I think this is a great, budget-friendly app for those who can’t afford to see a dietitian and provides good accountability for those who need it, but that it is definitely limited in what it can analyze. This can lead to more rigid thinking, especially for those who are more prone to it.
By Shoester87

Easy - and a great teaching tool!

There are a lot of pros, so I will try and keep them short! Cost - only $10/months - that’s a steal! Setup - a few clicks and data needed from you; and it’s done for you! App use - no frills and very straight forward. You can added up to seven meals a day, and the ranges are at the top for macros. You can add meals seven days out, which makes unexpected or night out dates a lot less stressful Check ins - once a week. And because everything is done for you, it tells you if you were within range or not, and then will recalculate as needed Overall, I would tell everyone about this app who is either starting their journey or a seasoned pro. It’s non judgmental, and provides a safe and effect way to start your health journey. I’ve also learned what it takes to properly fuel my body by trial and error.
By TrackingNewb


I love that Carbon Diet Coach is so user friendly. It’s so simply to hit the targets the way Layne and his team has it set up. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose or gain and make sure they are eating the right amounts of food. I have so much energy than I ever had while on a diet. Oh and for me, tracking is a slight addiction.
By thatsmrmike2u

The best…PERIOD!

I was a long time user of one of those other apps and I switched to Carbon over 6 months ago. It’s a move I don’t regret at all!!! The value for the money is unreal and the results speak for themselves. A good nutrition coach will cost you hundreds a month, and the fact you get a constantly updated app based on the Biolayne team expertise for under $10 a month is mind blowing! My nutrition is dialed in based on my goals and I know maintaining my weight will be a breeze using Carbon. Similar apps may claim to do the same thing, but Carbon Diet Coach is in a class by itself! Keep up the great work Team Carbon!!! 💪🏽💯
By mr.hicksta

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