Peech - Text to Voice Reader

Peech - Text to Voice Reader

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Peech turns any TEXT, PDF, or ARTICLE into an AUDIOBOOK. One App - All Publications! In Audio! Scan a text page or a book. Upload a text file or pdf. Add any web article, twitter thread or listen to our personal AI selections of the world's best publications. Any text turns into sound! Features list: • Listen to articles, Twitter threads, PDFs, text, or physical books as audio. • Increase the speed of consuming any text by 5 times! • Scan any book or text with your iPhone camera. • Peech supports 50+ languages ​​(English, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc) • Turns any article into sound: One app, All Publishers, In Audio! • All stories are categorized into 30+ relevant topics: Parenthood, Venture Capital, Marketing, Healthy Nutrition, Financial Markets, Travel, etc. And so that the credibility of the sources is not in doubt, we collect and provide you only the most eminent sources: WIRED, OBSERVER, Harvard Business Review, Vanity Fair, Medium, The Economist, The Washington Post, The New York Times (nyt), Bloomberg, BBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, MIT Technology Review, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Vox, Nautilus, Aeon, Outside, The Verge, THE NEW YORKER, Market Watch, Farnam Street, Medical News Today, NPR, RollingStone, Vice, The Cut, Quartz, LA Times, VentureBeat and others. If you upgrade to a Peech Premium, you’ll get unlimited access to everything Peech has to offer: Scan and Listen to any files, Editorial collections of articles, Unlimited listening to articles, voicing any added item, offline reading, and listening. Your Peech Premium will automatically renew each month or year (depending on the type of your subscription: annual or monthly), and you will be charged $14.99 (monthly subscription) or $89.99 (annual subscription) through your iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the current monthly or annual cycle. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings up until 24-hours before the end of the current period, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. (iOS Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Manage) Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


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Best ocr scanner and read aloud app but too expensive

Drop the price to $1-$2 a month or one time purchase at $30 and I’ll buy in…but why would I spend $100 every, single, year, FOREVER, for this when I could continue using adobe scan + acrobat to do the same job for FREE????…granted peech is better, but not that much better
By Msmith508

It was supposed to be a free trial and I was charged.

I didn't last not even 1 hour with this app. I signed up to test it and my card was charged.
By draStep1

Excellent App but GREEDY DEVELOPER!!! WAY TOO MUCH $$ to subscribe! Come on!!!

This application is designed extremely well and is very useful... But like too many apps these days, it's too expensive to subscribe to it. I would pay $1.99 a month at most for this and just about any app. After that, there is just too many apps that want a few bucks a week or month. This one wants to hit you up for $5 a week... That's entirely too much unless your rich. They do offer a $4 a week option, but want you to make up your mind and commit to it with only 3 minutes to decide right after starting the app and not even having time to know if you wait it or not. Sheesh! Come on App Makers... Lay off on these crazy amounts you want from us! Greed is ugly and is just really uncool of you to want us to continuously pay such a premium to you. Please just start asking for a reasonable amount guys! I would have given 5 stars if they were asking for a reasonable amount to subscribe... But, they got greedy and us real-world people have to stick you with a bummer of a review... But, this is our only way of being heard and sticking up for us non-millionaires.
By Friendly Neighborhood App Reviewer

Worked great! Altogether though not for $140+ a year

Not for a $140 a year
By Rogin24

Necessary features

As someone who is going back to school, who has struggled with ADD, her entire life. This is an app that I wish I had had all through elementary school, middle school, high school, and college round one. Though this is the best app out there, in terms of fluidity of speech dictation there are a few very, very, very, very, very important things that it does not have. 1: a way to listen to recordings in whatever order you want -as a college student I cannot tell you how annoying it is to get through a chapter of my textbook and then immediately have the app go into the previous recording if I choose not to delete it. Can we get a playlist feature at the very least? This brings me to the second most important necessary feature… 2: folders, and sub folders within the library -if I could go into the library and go into folders that I could label with infinite (at least 7-fold subfolders) and then order my recordings either alphabetically, by date created, by date modified, or custom; in either ascending or descending order… this would also be fantastic. - I could then go to Library/School/This Semester/This class/This week’s reading OR Library/School/This Semester/This class/This Textbook 3: We can’t edit the titles after they are scanned. This makes it increasingly difficult to ascertain what exactly I’m listening to if I can’t organize them in a way that’s helpful, can I at least change the title of them to some thing that I see fit after a scan is complete? In short, a way to play recordings in whatever order the user sees fit, folders and sub folders to save recordings and later play in a specific order that is up to the user, a way to edit the title of a recording after it is scanned so that the user can tell what they are reading. Thank you for your time.
By Tweety789

Pricing isn’t the same

Pricing in the app details is not the same as what the app says. Can’t do monthly option. doesn’t say how long trial is until you subscribe
By SophieO98

Incredible useful and native app!

It is literarily saved my life. 10/10. I listen to for 10 articles per week, and it makes incredible impact to my career. Thank u Andrew, Alex and Bahram for this App!!!
By number9911

I love it but

What’s the difference between the plans? (Ie what’s the difference between a weekly plan costing $4.99 and one costing $7.99? What extra features come with the other plans?)
By jlynnedllol

Great app

Really enjoy this app
By larrydro

Wish there was a female voice option

I love the boys I think it’s awesome and great to understand easily, however, being a female, I wish there was a female voice option. Whenever I am typing something up and converting it to this to be read to someone, I prefer them to hear it in a woman’s voice not a man’s since it’s supposed to be for me.
By Boo7995

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