Redecor - Home Design Makeover

Redecor - Home Design Makeover

Redecor - Home Design Makeover

By Reworks

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2020-04-10
  • Current Version: 1.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 53.18 MB
  • Developer: Reworks
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.8
From 145,668 Ratings


Start a new creative hobby! Play with home decor styles, express your creativity and improve your design skills. Have fun while gaining inspiration from a vibrant creative community and apply your new ideas in your real life. If you like home decor, you will love Redecor! Features: * Daily Design Challenges let you style photo-realistic spaces with various design styles * Express yourself with an incredible variety of high-end choices * Relax and learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on the designs and be part of inspiring community Make your selection from over a thousand of high-quality choices. Customise your decoration and express your style, from the most classical to the trendiest! Redecor offers unique 3D design possibilities that let you show your style in full. Terms and Privacy:


Redecor - Home Design Makeover ScreenshotRedecor - Home Design Makeover ScreenshotRedecor - Home Design Makeover ScreenshotRedecor - Home Design Makeover ScreenshotRedecor - Home Design Makeover Screenshot


Needs Improvement

At first I really liked the game but as it goes on all of the things get too expensive. So I have to wait a lot before spending on renovations. And also it doesn’t give you many choices for the thing your changing.
By gardnen dog

I love it

I really like this game and I keep getting my reviews deleted :(
By ☁️🧸🍼✨

Fun, but can be frustrating

I like playing on this app. I honestly don’t worry about if I win or not. Design is a matter of taste. Sometimes I win firsts - which is fun because you win decorating items, but other times I place 9th or 10th. It’s no big deal. The way the voting is set-up also makes it difficult to predict which designs will do better. With only one other design to go up against each time you either win or lose. Sometimes when I’m voting I’ll get two designs that I don’t care for at all. I usually skip these. Then I’ll get two designs that are both really good in the next frame, but I can only vote for one. That’s a little frustrating. The other thing I find frustrating is that when I use stars to open up design element options I don’t get to pick the options. I don’t mind spending money on apps because I know it’s a business. But, I don’t like wasting money. I would buy stars to open options if I could pick the options. As it is now, I’m not going to spend $10 to be able to use a purple swirl rug. I will never use a purple swirl rug. If you are a player who doesn’t mind spending money in this app, the monthly season passes are a better option than buying stars. You may not like everything you get access to, but you get access to a lot. Plus, you get stars, gold coins and cash.
By Peaceful Living Wellness


This is the type of game that deserves a review. First of all let me say that this game can be played without ever having to purchase money. You do not need to purchase ANY coins or currency to have fun in this game. There are so many materials and designs to work with that every challenge seems to be so fun for someone who has a very imaginative mind. I’ve always loved interior design and this game is just the fix. Also, NO ADS! It’s amazing. Truly love the game.
By FantasticWhale

Awesome game! But...

So for starters, I love the game and I check up on it almost every day. A lot of people complained about voting, and I ABSOLUTELY agree, voting gets unfair sometimes so it makes the game not as fun as it could be. And in challenges, it’s very unlikely to get wins. I normally place last place even with a pretty cool design. And while people have different opinions, it’s still kinda hard not to start getting bored a little bit with the game because it seems like you will just place a bad spot or whatever. However I like the idea of getting cash when you vote. Speaking of CASH I have run out several times and having to either wait to get some, or vote to get a SMALL amount of cash. I don’t really pay for games so I don’t get the season pass. And while I get some pretty cool things that are free FROM the season pass, it still is kind of disappointing. Also, I read a review about results taking too long. I agree with that too. It’s also unfortunate that new challenges take so long to come in. One last thing: I do not like that some things are locked and you can’t get more options like; The Wicker collection and The Metals collection, where I really want the gold metal but can not have it unless I use some super special tokens that I hardly ever have even a small amount of, and you only get like four tokens per challenge. So I want more options of items. But other than those things here is two great things about the game; I have barely seen any ads, if none! And the game can be really entertaining and enjoyable. So I would recommend this game a lot more than I do now if the Redecor team could fix those few things that I listed.


*warning* you will become addicted! I’ve been playing this for about a month and am having so much fun. I have zero talent for decorating, but here I feel like a professional. The need to spend real money for more decorating options is strong. You only get more things when you come in 1st in challenges. They offer a “season pass” each month but it costs $4.99 to participate. As you earn more experience points you are awarded a new item. Advancing to next level takes more and more points. There are ZERO ads in this game! Regardless of the negatives, I am still loving it!
By denjen218

Love it but can’t sign in anymore

I have installed it recently and I really enjoyed it but unfortunately at middle of submitting one of the challenges I have lost my connection and now I can’t sign into the game anymore and it gives me error
By Lnaz828


how does one report cheated phising account i seen a level user with a high scoring profile, yet they were still showing level 1 with votes directed to them, i'm actually in one now with them still redirecting votes towards it.
By boomerayng

Expensive Fun

This app is so much fun! However, it costs real money to unlock materials that allow for a good design and if you are competitive, you’ll find your money doesn’t get you much or last long.
By AppRev#2

Fun but frustrating

I decided to try this game after seeing the ads. Love it!! Its very fun. I even purchased the season pass. My frustration comes in that you have to have so many stars to unlock new decor and you only open 3 pieces for a ton of stars. It would be more fun if you were able to earn more stars or the unlock options took less stars. Maybe like 75 instead of 150. Fix that and its a 5 star game.
By Snarky707


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