Planta: Keep your plants alive

Planta: Keep your plants alive

Planta: Keep your plants alive

By Strömming AB

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2018-11-07
  • Current Version: 1.8.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 49.70 MB
  • Developer: Strömming AB
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.77
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Are your plants dying? Learn how to keep them alive with Planta. Get all the help you need to get impressive, thriving plants. This is Planta: • Care Reminders Do you always forget to water your plants? Add them to the app and get notified when it’s time to water, fertilize, mist, clean (yes, it’s a thing) and repot • Step by step guides Do you love plants but lack a green thumb? If so, you can use the easy, step by step care-instructions on how to care for your green friends • Plant recommendations - based on your skill Let Planta know how skilled and committed you are to plant care to get recommendations based on you. And yes, you will be able to grow more than a cactus • Plant identification Maybe you are not sure which plant you have? You can just take a picture of it and we will instantly let you know. With Plantas plant scanner you can scan all your house plants to find out the plants name and how to care for them. Note! Only for premium-members. • Discover plants for every corner of your home Would you like to put a plant in a bathroom without windows? Some plants prefer shade and some are sun-lovers. Get to know which plants are suitable in your home based on the different light conditions of your rooms • All the info - just to be sure Perhaps you are good at caring for plants, but you just want to make sure you are doing everything right. Find out everything you need to know about what your green companions prefer • Plant Journal Follow both your and your plants progress! Are your thumb getting any greener? Add photos and short texts about your plants to see how they grow, remember when they flowered or just keep track of them. Keeping a plant journal is a perfect way to see if your plant likes how you treat them Subscribe to Planta Premium for features such as Recommendations, Plant Identification, Plant care, Plant journal and Guides: 1 month: $7.99 3 months: $17.99 1 year: $35.99 The total cost of the purchase will be charged your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period with the same amount unless cancelled. You can at anytime cancel or change your subscription in your iTunes account settings. Read more in Privacy Policy and Terms of Use


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Good App

It’s a good app, only if you purchase the pro. Otherwise it’s like setting a reminder alarm to water your plants.
By esca.jenn

Excellent help to get a green thumb

I’ve tried growing plants in our apartment for years with little success. Planta has really helped me manage them and not only keep them alive but let them grow well!
By Saving reset


As a new plant mom, this app is a life saver! I am able to care for my new babies correctly!
By PwrStr

I had hopes

Really disappointed. It hasn’t been able to identify a single plant. I’ve had to comment on “manual review” with the name of the plant. And these aren’t exotic plants. I even asked them to identify my monstera and they couldn’t. Mind you, the apps photo to identify is A MONSTERA. I’m no plant expert but I can easily identify the common plants that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I’ll stick to my google sheets that I have for my plants. Please refund my annual subscription. I thought with these high reviews it would be worth my time and money.
By Geneva aveneG

Identifier terrible

Love the design and the organization of this app! Decided to spend the $ to upgrade to premium-immediately tried to take picture and identify 10 plants (most very common) and Planta could not identify any of them! My other plant app does this for free! Very disappointed....
By cschacon430

Wish I could name my plants in the app.

Great app. Loving it so far.
By AmberLeaCoen

Much Improved

I’m glad to see Planta has much improved and is taking location into account with water schedules. One thing I think should be added for outdoor zones is a rain button. If I get a good storm, it’s a huge pain going through every single plant and adding an extra watering task when the whole zone could just have a button to hit when it rains. It would be cool if local weather could be taken into general consideration regarding temps and humidity (I know predictive rain is impossible since it’s too sporadic at the ground level).
By Tdhawk88

Faulty Watering Schedule

I have the paid app and was enjoying it up until the last month and a half or so where it has been telling me to water plants more often then they should be watered. Sometimes it will have me water a plant a week later, when I know from the previous version it would wait a couple of weeks before notifying me. I have another plant that should be watered once a week, but Planta is telling me to water it ~3 days. And I shouldn’t be getting notifications to simultaneously water my plans AND liquid fertilize it. Sometimes it notifies me on the same day and sometimes they’re a day or two apart. I have a handful of plants that I’ve overwatered due to this. I know there’s an option to snooze the activity for 2 days, but I have a crap ton of plants and I’m sorry, but snoozing for 2 days on I plant I just fully watered the day before is not going to cut it. Why isn’t it aware that I had just watered it? It’d be one thing if it told me to add dry fertilizer pellets, but it’s mentioning liquid fertilizer and describes a thorough watering. There is no longer an option to add a photo to an established plant. I’m not about to delete my current plants and re add them to change the stock photo, but I’m not liking the stock photos one bit. Oftentimes when I get a new plant I don’t change the picture right away because I haven’t found the proper location or light for it and would like to take the photo once it’s acclimated a bit. Not sure why you got rid of that. Things that would be nice to see in future versions: •An option to over time sync the watering schedule of similar or same genus plants (ex. Calatheas) •An option to group plants for watering/misting/fertilizing (I have 4 of the same kind of Aloe which I presently have listed as “AloeX4” on my list, so I don’t have redundancies). It would be nice to see a cleaner option for that •A feature that asks if the pot the plant is in is plastic or terra-cotta, as the watering requirements would be different for both •More detailed fertilizing directions that list specific ratios or brands (I’m currently using Schultz for the green plants and Cactus Juice for my succulents and cacti) •Detailed re-potting instructions like soil types and addendum ratios •Take into consideration supplemental lighting and grow lights •This is a bit EXTRA, but I’ll add it. Information on water quality (some plants need distilled water while others are fine with tap water), so maybe ranges of mineral levels that are appropriate and levels to avoid (too chlorinated) when we use test strips. PLEASE FIX THE WATERING SCHEDULE and PHOTOS thank you
By Tosca_Verdi


Didn’t know I was paying money to kill my plants.
By Fashion 101!

Great app, easy to us, helps keep me organized

I used to water plants randomly and all at the same time. It worked for some because plants are resilient but for others I was definitely overwater and causing them to die. This app really helps me stay organized and document everything I do so that my babies can live their best lives
By BrownBearSwag


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Planta: Keep your plants alive

Planta: Keep your plants alive

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