The Stranger

The Stranger

By Jonathan Levit Consulting

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USERS OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.: Version 1 is currently intended for use in the United States. If you have questions about performing “The Stranger” outside of the U.S., please contact me directly before choosing to purchase the app. And, stay tuned for The Stranger International Edition.  –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– "It's the ultimate 'this can't be happening' moment. And then it happens. What could be better?" Jim Steinmeyer “For years, I’ve been on the lookout for practical, easy ‘miracle class’ tricks to do when I don’t have a deck. When I first saw The Stranger, I instantly knew...this was the trick I’d been waiting for.” Aaron Fisher "So many times I've purchased a trick, only to be disappointed. When I finally got a copy of The Stranger—I was thrilled. It's even easier, and more practical, then I hoped!” Jonathan Vickburg "I always wanted to do great mentalism, but for me—it never turns out right. The Stranger is the exception. This trick is so direct and amazing, I show it to everyone I meet!” John Hatfield “This brilliantly thought-out routine defies explanation.” Mike Caveney “You did it! This is definitely the best 'Call a Stranger' idea ever! For the working pro to the beginner…it’s perfect for any magician that wants to have a true miracle in their pocket.” Dan Harlan “When I watched Jonathan Levit perform The Stranger, he received the largest explosive reaction I've ever heard reverberate inside the Chicago Magic Lounge” Danny Orleans "This is one of the strongest and most well put together phone apps effects I've ever seen.
It will knock your audiences socks off! This is one that every magician can do!” Tony Clark AUTOMATIC MIND-READING! IMAGINE THIS EFFECT... • A person freely names ANY card. There is no 'Force'. It's a totally FREE Selection. • The participants dial a random phone number. Again, no forces—and anyone can participate. • Everyone listens on speakerphone as a complete stranger answers..and names the card! "THE STRANGER" LOOKS LIKE REAL MIND-READING. AND IT'S EASY TO DO! • No Force/Self-Working Astonishment - Works without any forces, sleights or switches. You don’t even need a deck! • Use Any Random Phone Number - Let your audience dial any random phone number—this is super clean. • No secrets codes, accomplices or memorization - so this miracles is completely automatic! • Fully Customizable - build unique sequences that make use of force cards and/or accomplices—so you can use The Stranger to build ANY routine YOU want. • 15 In-Depth Videos packed with hours of exclusive training on every thrilling aspect of The Stranger. • Access the Stranger Online Community - where you can ask questions, and get answers, 24 hours a day! Automatic Amazement! After only 10 minutes with The Stranger—you’ll be ready to amaze! The single most astonishing magic ‘App’ ever created. Easy-to-do—and looks like real magic. No sleights, codes, forces, hidden accomplices or pre-show work—so you are always ready to make a miracle! Packed with Pro features that let you create custom routines for any situation with ease! Full Access to the Stranger Online Community—so you can ask questions, get answers, and share the power of The Stranger with fellow passionate miracle workers! This app is for entertainment purposes only.


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Best magic of 2019!

I have been doing magic for a long time, and this illusion is one of the most solid pieces of magic I do now. It ALWAYS gets an unbelievable reaction from my audiences. This is easy to perform . . . anywhere with any size crowd. The add-ons and secret community has awesome suggestions and support.
By kgunce

Great tool!

Amazing content and support! I have been receiving the best reactions when I perform this. Not only is the product already awesome but they plan on adding even more features!!!!!
By sinaclednb

What I have been looking for

- Something that is different - a routine that puts the power on the audience - always ready to perform any time any place This ticked so many boxes for me it was an easy buy. Furthermore the creators intimate involvement with the app and the community is unparalleled.
By Magic Daniel

Fandamntastic APP

I have seen Jonathan perform this and it is masterful. Well done. You can do this very soon after purchase and it is strong. I highly recommend this APP.
By eapperson

Best trick of the year!

Best trick of the year! Perfect for closeup and stage. - Johnny Magic
By Entheos11

Unbelievable Magic!

The attention to detail that Jonathan has given to this app is just incredible. The impossible becomes possible, and in different scenarios. Don’t hesitate, just buy it and be as amazed as I am. Worth every cent!
By Frank Deignan

Deceptively Simple, Yet Massively Powerful!

I’m not typically a huge fan of “phone magic” but The Stranger is not that at all. It’s not about using your phone to do magic. It’s about organically using your phone the way everyone knows a phone is supposed to be used — to make calls. It is deceptively simple in concept, but massively powerful in effect and possibilities. What seems like a simple prediction becomes a lesson in the impossible. Think about it. A spectator picks a card. You call a phone number that is created by a random bunch of people. A complete stranger answer the phone and is able to name your spectator’s card. Impossible, right? Well, The Stranger makes the impossible possible. And the more you explore its options, the more you realize how all the modes, options, and settings reveal new presentations ideas and opportunities to fry your friends, family, and audiences, from close-up to parlor and stage. I can’t wait to see what new features are on the horizon. Endless possibilities. Kudos to Jonathan Levit for creating an inspiring piece of magic that is suitable for all ages, audiences, venues, and magicians of all levels.
By magickbox

Ground breaking...

As a hobbyist magician and an app/game creator myself, this is by far one of the best magic applications on the market. It is a real crowd pleaser and an awesome closer to your act. Once you do purchase the app, the fun does not stop there. The support and community around this product is growing everyday and it keeps getting better. Pick this up to add to your routine. You will not be disappointed.
By Miacim07


This is easily one of the best things to come out in a very long time. It is easy to use and the reactions are epic. This was money well spent. I’ll use this a LOT!!
By Asbays

Don’t buy it!

Don’t buy this app, because I don’t want more people owning this! :) Seriously though, this is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time! Just get it, your audiences won’t be disappointed!
By MagicDC


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The Stranger

The Stranger

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