Talli Baby Tracker Newborn Log

Talli Baby Tracker Newborn Log

By BabyLogger, LLC

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2019-04-04
  • Current Version: 1.1.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 46.00 MB
  • Developer: BabyLogger, LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.1+
Score: 4.79
From 867 Ratings


Talli Baby Tracker is the most flexible and convenient infant feeding, diaper, and sleep tracking app. Keep track of everything parents want to know and pediatricians ask about for infants and newborns. And Talli Baby Tracker is the only tracking app you can customize for your family's exact needs. Track meds, bath time, tummy time, Vitamin D drops – even baby's mood or meds for mom. Share with family & caregivers Easily add a partner/spouse, grandparents, nannies and other caregivers, even pediatricians and lactation or sleep consultants to keep everyone on the same page. Everyone added to your app account can login to the app from their own phones and see/manage everything in real time. Customize to your family's exact needs Talli Baby Tracker is the only tracking app that is 100% configurable. Use it for your infant / newborn, and continue using it as your baby grows! * Track only the things you need. Not feeding solid food yet? Change that button to track bath time! Or Vitamin D drops. * Not breastfeeding or pumping anymore? Change those buttons to track medications or phototherapy. * Special medical needs? (Feeding tube, breathing treatments, etc.) Talli Baby can be configured to track exactly what you need. * Track solid food introduction, potty training, even daily chores as your child grows into a toddler and even a big kid! * If there's something you want to track, and you don't see an icon for it, let us know and we'll add one! Track Feedings * Start and stop nursing / breastfeeding timers by side and by full nursing session * Start and stop pumping timers by side or both sides at once * Track amount pumped by side and by full pumping session * Log bottle feedings with specific contents (formula, breastmilk, etc.) * Default settings for bottles so if you typically feed the same contents and amount, the app will prepopulate those for new bottle feedings. * Solid food tracker * Add notes to any feeding event to capture formula brand, preferences, allergic reactions, etc. Track Diaper Changes * Track wet diapers, dirty diapers, and mixed diapers * Stay ahead of potential concerns like dehydration, constipation, and other digestive issues * Share info on bowel and urination habits with doctors and other caregivers * Add a photo to any event Sleep Schedule * Track when your baby goes to sleep and when they wake * See sleep cycles and wake windows to shape a healthy sleep schedule * Understand the patterns of your baby's sleep to help everyone get the sleep they need * Set up reminders for when it's time to put baby down for a nap or bedtime * See feeding, diaper and sleep trends to identify correlations between feedings and sleep Data Sharing * Invite as many family members, caregivers, and providers as you want to access your baby's info * Export your data to a csv file anytime * Data is always up-to-date in everyone's view no matter who logged it or from what device * Email or text any data view to yourself or a loved one or provider * Quickly identify patterns, trends, habits and anomalies or differences from the norm Milestones & Journal * Capture photos and milestones like first smile, first laugh, first steps, * Keep health info and doctor's appointment info * Enter notes in our daily Journal anytime * Export your data to a csv file anytime Log hands-free! * If you have an Amazon Echo device, log by voice with our free Alexa integration * Available under "Talli Baby" in the Skills store One-touch Device Available Talli Baby Tracker is the only tracking app with a one-touch hardware device available to use with the app. * Log any event with a single button press * Fast and easy for sleep deprived parents at middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes * Simple and intuitive for nannies, grandparents, and other caregivers * The device uses Wi-Fi to send data to the app even when your phone is not nearby Terms of Use: https://talli.me/terms-conditions


Talli Baby Tracker Newborn Log ScreenshotTalli Baby Tracker Newborn Log ScreenshotTalli Baby Tracker Newborn Log ScreenshotTalli Baby Tracker Newborn Log ScreenshotTalli Baby Tracker Newborn Log ScreenshotTalli Baby Tracker Newborn Log ScreenshotTalli Baby Tracker Newborn Log ScreenshotTalli Baby Tracker Newborn Log ScreenshotTalli Baby Tracker Newborn Log ScreenshotTalli Baby Tracker Newborn Log Screenshot


Update made it harder to track

So now I have to go into what I want to track and click edit? You just added an extra step that isn’t necessary. Please go back to the previous version. I would take not having to tap edit than larger text.
By Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the functionality, dislike the regular service outings

*Update: Talli’s dev team is wonderful. My feedback below was already a feature I just didn’t know existed. They reached out and let me know how to turn on the “Time Since” function 🥳 just wonderful. Thanks guys. Having this app (and remote) for our first has been so helpful. There is so much happening in a day it’s easy to forget when something last happened or how long they have been awake, etc. For that alone I would give 5 stars. Something that is a real bummer is that there seem to pretty regular outages, it unclear if they are doing updates or something but man, if they are I hope they get this and start scheduling those for the night time. A feature request would be to have a wake window timer (triggered by the sleep timer) showing how long they’ve been awake and a how long since eating timer. I use my watch timers and stop watches to help me have a quick visual to guide my day. Ya know, don’t jump in the shower because they have been asleep for 30 minutes and are about to wake up - type information.
By IdahoAndrea

Great! Needs widgets

App is perfect for functionality. Tracks, custom-ish fields to suit needs, literally does everything I need it to from a core app perspective. Worth the premium sub as well! Add IOS widgets! It’s really hard to one hand getting to the app, when I could have it on home screen or the widget dashboard. Simple swipes and buttons. I know it would sort of compete with the physical product, but I’d absolutely keep premium if it was a paywalled featured
By I’m a Crook

Great app for our first few days with baby

My wife and I have been using it to track every diaper change, feeding, sleep, and weight measurement while in the hospital. This works really nicely, with changes reflected immediately across both of our iPhones and our iPad. Developers, I have two requests, with either one of them being a real game changer for so many of your users: could you either (a) add an Apple Watch app and widget for our watch faces, so we are one tap on our watch away from entering an event? Or (b) support adding a button to the lock screen on iOS 16, so I’m one tap away from entering an event on there? In both these cases, I can use your app more quickly without having to exit out of whatever is already open on my phone or iPad. Thanks!
By KarlBecker

Broken for better part of a day now

The app has simply refused to load data for most of today. This makes it entirely unusable because the app seemingly has no ability to work offline.
By Moch1

Constantly down

The app is constantly down. It’s not a network issue, it’s the app. It’s so annoying not being able to log baby’s food or diapers because this is so unreliable
By roguedjinni

Amazing app for new parents!

Amazing, user-friendly app that allowed my husband and I to track feedings and diapers during those first few months.
By MadisonToons

Terrible setup and poor connectivity

I own a ton of smart devices so not new to the process, most use Bluetooth to connect to the router and done, this uses a ghost Wi-Fi network with spotty connection, then once it is setup if it’s not within eyesight of the router it only catches every other click, but the best part is it tells you that it transmitted it successfully, so you think you logging baby data then when you check the app at end of day you realize you were tricked. For the price point for it to have such a weak connection is dumb. I just unpaired and repaired it and am trying it in a different location, if that fixes my issues I will amend this review
By djdjxuwnrj

Great for Grandma

Use this app for keeping track of feeding and naps for my 7 month old grand baby. It just makes it so easy to enter stuff in the app.
By March7181970

Absolutely get the tracker

This app is awesome but combined with the tracker it’s a game changer. When we left the hospital they gave us a paper to fill in some of the things that this app tracks and after getting the app with the tracker a few days later, can say it’s something that is a must have!
By DS 418

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