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// Condé Nast Traveler: “Say goodbye to jet lag” // Travel + Leisure: “Game-changer for frequent fliers” // The Wall Street Journal: "Indispensable app for business travelers" // CNBC: "Innovative new travel app that saves time and money" // Winner of National Sleep Foundation’s 2019 SleepTech® Award Generic jet lag advice is, well… generic. It won’t reduce your jet lag and can actually make it worse. Each traveler and trip is different and requires a personalized approach that takes your sleep pattern, chronotype, flight plan, and a range of personal preferences into account. Timeshifter® is developed by world-renowned scientists based on the latest sleep and circadian neuroscience. With Timeshifter, you can create your own personalized jet lag plans and arrive at your best. Timeshifter not only provides advice to alleviate the disruptive symptoms of jet lag such as insomnia and sleepiness, but addresses the underlying circadian disruption by rapidly resynchronizing the circadian clock to the new time zone. – The first jet lag plan is free. After your free plan, purchase individual jet lag plans as-you-go or subscribe for unlimited plans. Timeshifter is a paid service. – All the features you need: // Practicality Filter™ adjusts advice to the "real world" // Quick Turnaround® advice for short business trips // You can start adapting even before your departure // Notifications offer advice - even without opening the app – Timeshifter is a highly empowering experience, and it requires no special equipment. Just bring a sleep mask and your favorite sunglasses. Join the community of Timeshifters around the world who demand a better travel experience. Whether you’re traveling for business, going on vacation, or competing in a sports event abroad, the Timeshifter jet lag app can help optimize your performance, enjoyment, and health when traveling. Terms of use: www.timeshifter.com/terms/terms-of-use Privacy policy: www.timeshifter.com/terms/privacy-policy


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Excellent tool, even for seasoned traveler

I’ve flown dozens of times per year for 10 years, and I have my travel tools & habits for everything, including jet lag. Timeshifter makes a bigger difference than anything I’ve done before. If I follow the advice, I can be at equilibrium in a day or two with a 9 hour time difference. Highly recommend!
By fiehcyd

No jet lag for me :)

In the past, traveling internationally always left me with almost debilitating jet lag that would last for a week, sometimes longer. As I prepared myself for an upcoming flight which would require 20+ hours of travel one way and a 9 hour time difference, I searched for the antidote to jet lag. Enter Timeshifter! Cautiously optimistic, I input my flight info. The app generated an easy to follow plan detailing when to go to sleep, when to wake up, when to nap, when to drink caffeine and when to avoid it. I also opted in for the melatonin usage, although the app indicates that melatonin isn’t required to avoid jet lag. I followed the plan to a T round trip and I am thrilled to report, I did not experience symptoms of jet lag. What? I’m still blown away. 10/10 would recommend if you are looking to avoid jet lag.
By Definitely Not Brittany

Simple and It works!

I like to make the most of my trips and like to be gentle, and rspect my body! I learned bout this app in a Harvard article and decided to try it. For this trip I was going from a 5 hour to a then 6 hour difference and then returning to my original time zone; EST, U.S. Followed the plan closely; I'd say I completed over 90% of the schedule, but did not follow completely and I experienced insignificant symptons of jetlag. I will use this over and over again!
By Lord_Nellius

Ready for adventure

Used the Timeshifter App to prepare for trip from USA to Uganda. 13 hr flight and 8 hr time change. Followed all the directions in the App including waking at 4 AM and getting a lot of light and small amounts of caffeine. Sleeping on the plane shortly after takeoff at 3 pm. IT WORKED! I had minimal to no noticeable jet lag. Actually felt energized and ready to start my adventures. I had traveled to Thailand a few years ago without Timeshifter and was noticeably jet lagged for 4 days. Highly recommend using Timeshifter.
By cfcbythesea

Well worth getting if you travel (infrequently or otherwise!)

I travel fairly regularly often across multiple times zones and have struggled with how to combat jet lag. I read about this app on the Points Guy website and thought I would give it a go on a recent short trip that would cross 10 time zones. Guess what? It worked! I’ve never felt as fresh or as productive on this type of trip. The recovery on my return was fantastic also. I particularly appreciate the regular notifications and easy to understand icons. My suggestions would be to include options for flight delays and for people who are shift workers to adjust the recommendations accordingly
By Trauma Philly

I’m a believer!

I had the worst Jetlag on a trip to Europe a couple years ago and it was hard to enjoy the trip activities and upon planning my trip to Greece this year came across the recommendation of Timeshifter, so I was pretty skeptical because of how bad my Jetlag was previously. I signed up and followed the instructions and was pleasantly surprised and had insignificant Jetlag and was able to fully enjoy my trip! I’m using it again next month for a trip to South Africa and confident it will work again.
By lauraa156

Great concept!

Love the app as it does help to get thinking about the time zone difference before flying and trying to do something about jetlag 'after' you arrive. Avoiding jetlag starts days 'before' you even fly and this app reminds me of that so I can take actions at an appropriate pre-departure time. When I land and hit the ground I am in better shape if I have followed the guidance.
By Duckles1

Time shifter is great!

I traveled to Africa from the US & Timeshifter was very helpful! Dorf 1947
By Dorf1947

Great tool!

I recently traveled to and from Eastern India from San Diego. (Yes I did.) This is the second time I have used the Ap. I do my best to follow the suggestions, which is what is encouraged. Jet lag has been minimal and I am so grateful to not feel lousy when arriving so far from home. I highly recommend when you are changing multiple time zones. Personal response has been excellent!!!! 👍👍
By Cookielee21

It works!

We had a friend who used it and recommended it, so we gave Timeshifter a shot. We followed the guidelines (easy to understand) and didn’t miss a beat on our vacation (9hr. time difference). This tool is as important as a piece of luggage.
By Tim MoMoney

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