Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-15
  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 716.36 MB
  • Developer: MY COM
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.5
From 377 Ratings


Evolution shall go on: the cult sci-fi hit now has the long-awaited sequel! The history that reveals the Universe of Utopia from a new point of view awaits you. The second episode still boasts the unique atmosphere of the Evolution that won over millions of players. The gameplay also underwent a revolutionary change: Evolution 2 is an explosive mix of top-down third-party shooter, action, strategy and RPG! Get ready for the breathtaking storyline with unexpected twists! The story unfolds on Planet Utopia. It was once a galaxy resort for billionaires. And now it is pure hell full of ruthless looters, monsters and fighting robots. A merciless war of all against all is raging here. You will be immersed in the world of never-ending battles where you will use the mightiest weapons and the psi-force - the power of the main character of the game, Captain Blake. He got his superpowers as a result of a dangerous experiment, and he is prepared to use them to destroy any opponent of your choice. - Original sci-fi setting. Space shooter, post-apocalypse and biopunk on a distant planet. - Unique balance of genres. A mix of strategy, RPG and action top-down shooter with the original battle system. - Tactical gameplay. Level up your character and their partner, select the most effective weapons and use the weaknesses of your enemy to your advantage. - Thrilling PvE campaign. A multitude of missions and epic bosses. The enemy becomes stronger with every battle. - Cooperative mode. Call on the help of faithful allies and complete the missions shoulder to shoulder with other players. - Synchronous online fights. Battle in full online multiplayer. Fight your way to the top of the rankings and earn unique bonuses for victories. - Arsenal of the future. Fantastic weapons with unique features and level-up system! You will get to have fun not only with good old firearms, but also with energy, acid and bionic guns. - Grow the base: open new rooms and learn more about the technology of the future. Evolution has no limits! - Interactive arenas and realistic 3D animation will help you fully immerse yourself in the game! Your base is ready - you can start the battle. It is time to deal with this Utopia, Captain!


Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia Screenshot


Topman1 on HAWK

I started playing the game just to get a free free plane on HAWK and have enjoyed the game so much that it got moved to my first page of apps. That’s where the keepers go. I’ll meet requirements to get my free plane soon. Hopefully I’ll get my plane like they said and it’ll be a win on two levels. A hook up on one awesome game and another awesome game to boot!:)
By Buyn

Great game but needs some fixing

When I saw the animation it was really cool. Right after I completed the tutorial I was on a loading that took forever even with good WiFi. It would be better if it could be fixed and yeah, this is the end of my first review
By Ganakoostwin

Pay to play

I bought one month of unlimited energy to help get the new plane in my.com’s other game, Hawk. And I continued to play a bit after that, but there’s nothing much to do. You *MUST* pay to even have a chance of getting anywhere in the game because the energy restrictions are so severe. I think part of that is just to mask the lack of content. I’m on the last single player mission they have out right now and the devs basically just added extra 0s to the boss’s health and damage to prevent you from beating it. It’s possible, but only if you grind for another 3 months to upgrade all your gear or pay $12 for a better suit. The more you play, the more you realize there’s really only 2 types of missions in the game, and they don’t have anything cool or interesting to show you after the first few hours. Overall disappointing despite how good the graphics look. Visually everything is polished, but there’s no meat beneath the surface. I recommend playing it for a day or two to see what’s there and then jumping ship. You’ll have seen everything there is by that point.
By Spring foot

fun for a second, but not worth your money

initially played the game because it provided the opportunity to get ahead in another game produced by the same group. tbh it drew me in at first... this game is trash tho, way less forgiving and functionally wastes whatever resources you manage to build after a certain point, so i deleted it. dont bother getting started cos youll hit a wall where itll basically charge you $10 to get what you need to pass a level and thats only if you make it to that point without already wasting your money
By rl7


Nice Game !!!
By Samir1987e

Fun game

Game is fun but there are glitches where enemies disappear and you can't target them out of the blue. The developers will reimburse your account for things like that in usually 24 hours if you fill out a ticket. Overall fun for past week.

Good game

This is the best game that I ever played I am not lying
By ryryt34


My.com is the one of greedy game companies who are looking to get your money... please don’t waste your time and money even don’t waste your time by writing them a review cause no one reply unless you are a VIP member... they born to make you feel stupid by earning your cash and keep changing their games privilege and policies like exactly they did for HAWK game! Otter playing this game for a week and it’s impossible to pass some missions unless you buy the gun they were looking for! Just delete it, it’s as easy as 123!
By djdjdjdejdjdksksjsjsjkejejene

They erased my last review

-4 stars dev on top of p2w and miserable bio energy output , bugs ,poor resources, undamageable enemy’s,they try to make them look good by deleting reviews. 2nd update
By FoxtheSly

Massively Pay To Win

Be prepared to lose 100% of the pvp duels that are against opponents who have bought gear and weapons with real money. Paying for a subscription supplies you with unlimited energy and 3x as many grenades for every single encounter. This rating is two stars because the game actually has potential but, alas, greed-driven development prevails.
By nno nicknamee