Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia

Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-05-15
  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 748.98 MB
  • Developer: MY COM
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.5
From 612 Ratings


Evolution shall go on: the cult sci-fi hit now has the long-awaited sequel! The history that reveals the Universe of Utopia from a new point of view awaits you. The second episode still boasts the unique atmosphere of the Evolution that won over millions of players. The gameplay also underwent a revolutionary change: Evolution 2 is an explosive mix of top-down third-party shooter, action, strategy and RPG! Get ready for the breathtaking storyline with unexpected twists! The story unfolds on Planet Utopia. It was once a galaxy resort for billionaires. And now it is pure hell full of ruthless looters, monsters and fighting robots. A merciless war of all against all is raging here. You will be immersed in the world of never-ending battles where you will use the mightiest weapons and the psi-force - the power of the main character of the game, Captain Blake. He got his superpowers as a result of a dangerous experiment, and he is prepared to use them to destroy any opponent of your choice. - Original sci-fi setting. Space shooter, post-apocalypse and biopunk on a distant planet. - Unique balance of genres. A mix of strategy, RPG and action top-down shooter with the original battle system. - Tactical gameplay. Level up your character and their partner, select the most effective weapons and use the weaknesses of your enemy to your advantage. - Thrilling PvE campaign. A multitude of missions and epic bosses. The enemy becomes stronger with every battle. - Cooperative mode. Call on the help of faithful allies and complete the missions shoulder to shoulder with other players. - Synchronous online fights. Battle in full online multiplayer. Fight your way to the top of the rankings and earn unique bonuses for victories. - Arsenal of the future. Fantastic weapons with unique features and level-up system! You will get to have fun not only with good old firearms, but also with energy, acid and bionic guns. - Grow the base: open new rooms and learn more about the technology of the future. Evolution has no limits! - Interactive arenas and realistic 3D animation will help you fully immerse yourself in the game! Your base is ready - you can start the battle. It is time to deal with this Utopia, Captain!


Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia ScreenshotEvolution 2: Battle for Utopia Screenshot


Terrible controls

The new update completely ruined the gameplay. The controls are so bad you’re guaranteed to die. No wonder they gave 100 medpacks. Won’t help though. You’ll die before the medpack refreshes. I was a premium player too. I’m not spending a dime until they revert the control system before the update.
By DF326Z


Great update... You’ve absolutely ruined a previously fun game. Whoever came up with the new control scheme needs to understand that we only have two thumbs. You’ve absolutely broken this game. One of the saddest parts because the store updates and other things were good, I will no longer play this game along with the others that have said they are doing the same. The absolute worst part is, you all knew it was bad and was going to be bad, that’s why you mailed 100 medkits and 100 grenades. Because that’s all you can do to win now. Absolutely pathetic for a company to push this update and take a step back and think of how badly this will affect your player base. Good job yet again...
By SkiSlayer66

Over prized

Too expensive to upgrade weapons. Too many to collect puzzles.
By mkangh

Apparently the developers don’t know what they are doing

With every update it gets worse. Now it’s time to just give up
By xyflys

Poor update to a great game!

After the update as of 9/19/19, I deleted the game that I enjoyed since it was launched. The control system was crippled and very difficult to use. The wait time to purchase in game items take too long. I lose to battles to otherwise easily to beat is frustrating. I’m done and I’m not coming back.
By wiisport

Game controls

Why did u guys change the controls on it should left it how it was it’s harder is cause u want to make it harder so we buy more stuffs on it I have it a four now put a three cause of the controls pls put it back
By Hawaii,Maui

Stupid update, getting worse

All the stuff’s success rate was already stupid enough. Anything lower than 50% u just can’t do it? If there is a chance u should be able to do it! Otherwise it should be 0%! Also when u get stronger the enemy gets stronger too! What’s up with that? So what’s the point there are higher stars levels enemies? Now all the changes just totally screwed up the game. The control... omg... Has anyone test it b4 u guys put it out? Updates suppose to make things better not worse.
By WeiC1230

Turn back previous control system!

This upgrade is awful! Not possible to play anymore. Control system is to complicated and buggy. This definitely need to be rolled back.
By StategyMaker

Crappy controls

After your update I tried. I really tried. I keep going back trying get used to the in game controls. It’s not happening. I can’t play this anymore. You lost a player that really enjoyed this game.
By ....kl

Worst update. September 19. 2019

I will quit.
By Pwner00