Christian Hypnobirthing

Christian Hypnobirthing

By Gather Pty Ltd

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"With God all things are possible" (and that includes an amazing birth!) - Matthew 19:26 Using Christian Hypnobirthing, thousands of women around the world have experienced easier, more relaxed births - some even completely pain-free without any medicated pain relief! This is because the scripture-based audio tracks help condition your mind and body to trust in God, and come into a relaxed, faith-filled state. Being in this state helps the body produce oxytocin (the hormone responsible for an efficient labour) and endorphins (your body's natural pain relief). The relaxation techniques used in Christian Hypnobirthing can be applied no matter what kind of birth you're having, whether that's an unmedicated physiological birth, a cesarean, or anything in between... If you believe that God is with you throughout your pregnancy, and that birth is a positive and wonderful opportunity to connect with Him and your baby, then that will have a massive impact on your birth experience. CHRISTIAN HYPNOBIRTHING CAN: - help you feel more connected to God and your baby during pregnancy and birth - increase comfort naturally during birth - decrease stress and fear - provide comfort and relaxation throughout pregnancy CAN HYPNOBIRTHING BE CHRISTIAN? Yes! There are a lot of misconceptions around what hypnobirthing is (some people worry that it’s a form of mind control or ‘not right with God’ etc - which could not be further from the truth). Simply put, hypnobirthing brings you into a deeply relaxed state, where you’re able to absorb positive affirmations and beliefs about birth while remaining alert and completely in control. In fact, as a Christian, you’ve probably already experienced being in this relaxed state many times, during prayer or worship activities, etc. Listening to Christian Hypnobirthing helps to bring you into this calm, faith-filled state, which can help make birth a more relaxing and joyful experience. THE APP FEATURES: Over an hour of audio tracks including: - Breathing and Visualisation exercises - Encouraging Scriptures for birth - Positive Affirmations - Prayers for strength - Postpartum encouragement A ‘Positive Birth’ section with links to birth videos, and more. Blog and Birth Stories A 50% discount code for our Printable Birth Affirmation Cards. Download Christian Hypnobirthing and benefit from both the relaxing and calming effects of hypnobirthing, combined with the huge strength, love and support that come from our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Please note Christian Hypnobirthing is designed to help support you in a more comfortable birth, but it is in no way a substitute for the advice or presence of a qualified obstetrician, midwife or other medical caregiver. Please always consult your doctor before making any changes to your pregnancy, birth or lifestyle choices. Read more about our terms and conditions here: Terms of service: Privacy policy:


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Music too loud

How does this app have such high ratings?? $20 for the tracks, doesn’t include any classes - and all the tracks are inaudible because the music is layered too loudly over the speaking. You can’t hear the message without turning the volume up extra loud to hear beyond the music. Wish I could get a refund or just the audio.
By Mlangworthy


I wish I had known about this app much sooner but I’ll soak it all up now while I can! I can’t say enough good things about how the audios have helped me! Any time I feel overwhelmed or need a moment I find a quiet place get some essential oils out & just breathe! Over half the time I end up falling asleep! I highly suggest the “Christian Hypnobirthing” to any expecting mama pre/post baby!
By PNW baby

Incredible resource and huge blessing!

Wow! What a gracious gift that have available at your fingertips! The Lord is faithful, and this was truly a blessing he provided. From start to finish it is a well rounded birthing tool. From the music, exercises, encouragement, affirmations, scriptures, and more, I am incredibly encouraged, comforted, and excited for my natural birth! Thank you for providing such a thoughtful and spirit-filled resource! I am recommending to all!
By Erica Lomax

My Zen

This will be my fourth baby. For this pregnancy and birth my family and I have chosen a very different path from the previous three. In preparing, a friend of mine recommended the Christian Hypnobirthing app. It has been such a blessing and helped with all my fears and anxiety. It is my calm, my peace, my zen. I use it daily and can’t wait to use it during my birth experience.
By ernj7


I used this app for my first birth and it was such a game changer. It gave me so much peace and confidence with something unknown.. in results i had the most amazing home birth! I am now on my second pregnancy and immediately started listening to the tracks during my first trimester. I am now also enrolled in the birth course and LOVING it so much! Every woman should experience this app and course prior to birth! Especially if you’re looking to go the natural route. Mindset is everything!!
By Jp128338399

Very encouraging!

I’ve been listening to the Christian Hypnobirthing app since I was 29 weeks pregnant and have found it to be the most encouraging app for labor thus far! I’m currently 40 weeks and plan to use the tracks during labor to guide and encourage me.
By Ikachoochoo

Love this app!!!!

I am so grateful, and thank Jesus immensely, for your amazing Christian hypnobirthing app. Thank you for producing something so powerful and encouraging for birthing mamas around the world to use. I meditated on the positive affirmation track for 4months leading up to my due date, and made sure 2weeks before, I meditated on all the other tracks, picking a different one each day. I had a very traumatic hospital birth experience with my first daughter in 2019, which left me in postpartum depression for 8months after. I strongly felt the Lord leading me onto a different path this time round with my second. I’m so glad I surrendered to His plan for me and our baby girl, leading me to a home birth and giving me all the tools I needed to get through it, leading me to your expertise. This birth experience was quick & beautiful, empowering & healing, and I really couldn’t have done it without your help. So thank you so, so much!!
By Jenna R S

Loving this app!

Mindset is huge when giving birth and I love the faith filled scriptures and positive mindset it fills me with! It’s such a good tool to take some time to refocus and relax whenever you get the chance. I’m so excited I have this for my second birth to help me get in the right mindset!
By harrismelanie

Second baby birth prep

I am preparing for my second boy and I wanted to be more focused on what God has given as far as the ability of birthing my baby. I wanted to be able to prepare mentally and have something I could listen to as the surges got stronger. So far the mental preparation has been exactly what I wanted. The soft music, the spiritual and God focused affirmations, the breathing practices. This is a perfect app for any new or experienced mama wanting to be reminded and guided through her beautiful birth experience.

Able to relax!!

I haven’t given birth yet, but listening to these tracks has truly calmed my nerves and taught me techniques on how to relax my mind and my body. I listen to them regularly and am currently 36 weeks. Looking forward to putting it into practice in a few weeks!
By trackmenow

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Christian Hypnobirthing

Christian Hypnobirthing

By Gather Pty Ltd

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