Christian Hypnobirthing

Christian Hypnobirthing

By Gather Pty Ltd

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"With God all things are possible" (and that includes an amazing birth!) - Matthew 19:26 Using Christian Hypnobirthing, thousands of women around the world have experienced easier, more relaxed births - some even completely pain-free without any medicated pain relief! This is because the scripture-based audio tracks help condition your mind and body to trust in God, and come into a relaxed, faith-filled state. Being in this state helps the body produce oxytocin (the hormone responsible for an efficient labour) and endorphins (your body's natural pain relief). The relaxation techniques used in Christian Hypnobirthing can be applied no matter what kind of birth you're having, whether that's an unmedicated physiological birth, a cesarean, or anything in between... If you believe that God is with you throughout your pregnancy, and that birth is a positive and wonderful opportunity to connect with Him and your baby, then that will have a massive impact on your birth experience. CHRISTIAN HYPNOBIRTHING CAN: - help you feel more connected to God and your baby during pregnancy and birth - increase comfort naturally during birth - decrease stress and fear - provide comfort and relaxation throughout pregnancy CAN HYPNOBIRTHING BE CHRISTIAN? Yes! There are a lot of misconceptions around what hypnobirthing is (some people worry that it’s a form of mind control or ‘not right with God’ etc - which could not be further from the truth). Simply put, hypnobirthing brings you into a deeply relaxed state, where you’re able to absorb positive affirmations and beliefs about birth while remaining alert and completely in control. In fact, as a Christian, you’ve probably already experienced being in this relaxed state many times, during prayer or worship activities, etc. Listening to Christian Hypnobirthing helps to bring you into this calm, faith-filled state, which can help make birth a more relaxing and joyful experience. THE APP FEATURES: Over an hour of audio tracks including: - Breathing and Visualisation exercises - Encouraging Scriptures for birth - Positive Affirmations - Prayers for strength - Postpartum encouragement A ‘Positive Birth’ section with links to birth videos, and more. Blog and Birth Stories A 50% discount code for our Printable Birth Affirmation Cards. Download Christian Hypnobirthing and benefit from both the relaxing and calming effects of hypnobirthing, combined with the huge strength, love and support that come from our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Please note Christian Hypnobirthing is designed to help support you in a more comfortable birth, but it is in no way a substitute for the advice or presence of a qualified obstetrician, midwife or other medical caregiver. Please always consult your doctor before making any changes to your pregnancy, birth or lifestyle choices. Read more about our terms and conditions here: Terms of service: Privacy policy:


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So helpful in third trimester

I was having some anxious thoughts creep in around week 33 of my pregnancy and waking in the night. This app has been so calming and I’m so thankful for the new thoughts it has put into my head! The way the positive affirmations are worded has been such a healthy shift in mindset for me to prepare for labor and delivery. So grateful to find a Christian app that makes this possible and easy to access, just open the app and push play
By wherefunisat

Game changer

I found this app during my first pregnancy. I am still using it three pregnancies later and I truly believe it’s been a game changer. You’re going through so much change every step of the way. First trimester to labor to delivery and postpartum. The encouraging words and scripture was everything I needed to believe in myself. I make sure to tell any and everyone about This app. I’m a true believer that the whole journey is a mental game. We take birthing courses prepare the nursery and buy all the things but sometimes we forget to train the brain. Pay the app fee and get your mind right I promise you won’t regret it mama! You’re loved!
By Alltheglorytohim

Amazing app!

I actually listened to this app a few days before I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. He came so fast I couldn’t listen to the app during my labor, but the encouraging words and scripture I had listened to were stuck in my head and that really helped me progress at the end to a point where I didn’t even need an epidural. 100% natural birth. This is a great blessing to all Christian women who need spiritual encouragement during their labor and a reminder that the whole process of having a child is God’s miraculous creation ❤️ God bless the creators of this app and I am so thankful for its existence!
By Cris9810


I am thankful for this app, so relaxing and helps me to focus on God and His plan for our babies birth, trusting in HIM for a safe and healthy, supernatural delivery!!!
By jlozy

Must Have

I want to thank you for helping me have the birth of my dreams. Your prayer guidance, positive affirmations, and visualizations helped me through pregnancy and labor. When we got to the hospital, the nurse didn’t believe I was in labor because I was so calm (especially for a first time mom) - she was SO surprised to find that I was already at 6 cm. Afterwards, she asked me how long I’d been practicing my breathing and coping strategies. I am so grateful for this app. I could not have done an unmedicated birth without your tracks. Thank you.
By GracieLouKincaid

Best Resource!

So grateful I heard about the Christian Hypnobirthing App early in my pregnancy. Having experienced loss previous to this pregnancy, my mind was burdened by fear and worry. The positive affirmations and the scriptures especially, grounded me and blessed me at times I needed it most.
By Sarah Frazer

So beautiful

Very beautiful and so we’ll done. I sent $5 to my two pregnant friends so they would try it out for a month. My only wish is that there were more pregnancy tracks and a postpartum app or mom app with more tracks to listen to after baby and during motherhood. It is so beautiful and encouraging and puts me in a kind, peaceful mood. I love this so much. Listening to it during birth was a huge support. I highly recommend!!!
By LeannaBanana88

Christian Hypnobirthing

Not only has it helped during pregnancy with any stress or unexpected bumps along the way, but I’m looking forward to it helping throughout labor. Planning a homebirth with our first baby and know it’s more a mental battle than a physical one so looking forward to using the encouraging soundtracks and affirmation cards!
By ChelsReill

Unauthorized charges

I canceled my subscription and they kept charging my account. I reached out to them multiple times without a response. They continued to charge my account. I finally had to report them for fraud to my bank and get a new card just to get out of their scam. I would give zero stars if I could
By Karina Garrett

Awesome App!

This app is a great way to prepare for labor and get in the right mindset. Love that it speaks truth over you and encourages you to believe in how God has made us!
By UTI Carrie

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Christian Hypnobirthing

Christian Hypnobirthing

By Gather Pty Ltd

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