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  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2018-10-16
  • Current Version: 1.11.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.16 GB
  • Developer: TruGolf
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.0+
Score: 2.75
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*Supported iOS devices: iPad Pro Gen. 1 or newer or iPhone 8 or newer. E6 CONNECT may not run well on older or weaker devices such as the iPad Air or Mini devices.* E6 CONNECT is the highest-quality and most lifelike and customizable golf simulator ever created. The game offers full tee-to-green simulation, world-class golf courses, a full suite of Pitching, Chipping, and Putting Ranges, Swing Analysis, Mini Games, and more! ***** E6 CONNECT Requires a Golf Simulator or Launch Monitor to use ***** E6 CONNECT Features: -Local Multiplayer -Several Modes of Play -NEW! Events - Online Tournaments -Player Profiles & Statistic Tracking -Shot Replays -Peer-to-Peer Connectivity -Adjustable Stimp Rating -Atmosphere Settings -Adjustable Green and Fairways -Flexible Putting Options and Gimmes -3D Recreations of 100+ World-Class Courses -18+ Driving, Pitching, Chipping, and Putting Ranges


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TruGolf mini user

I use e6 connect w my TruGolf mini trainer. At first I was impressed with the low-cost home sim/ trainer. The hardware all seems good quality for the price. App was fairly easy to setup and connect. My issue is with the consistency… yardage and statistics are all over the map the more I use this. I’m a single digit handicap with a repeatable golf swing. The numbers I’m getting here are significantly different than what I’m seeing on trackman and on the course. Worse than that is having each shot sometimes measure so drastically different. If you’re playing the sim, it’s really frustrating. And if you’re practicing, it’s going to be difficult to know that you’re on the right track. Two identical swings should not be 30 mph swing speed difference… happening frequently during sim play. Or hitting it 50 yards left when you’re holding off for a little fade. Party mode and boost don’t seem to be helping in sim mode… at least not enough to make it enjoyable.
By HaskeFore4

App keeps crashing

If I’m connected to my flightscope mevo plus without Wi-Fi your app crashes and will not open until I disconnect and connect to Wi-Fi. PLEASE FIX
By Daknhopesmom

Video resolution on iOS needs updated

I have a Garmin R10 and a current generation iPad and enjoy playing courses on E6Connect however the video resolution could use an update. Maybe an option on newer iOS devices that would allow the app to run at higher resolution and older iOS devices to run at the current resolution.
By Sweb79

Works great with my mevo plus and my iPhone 12.

I’ve had zero problems. Love the sound effects and the graphics.
By Glonno96

Here’s how to get Meevo+ to stay connected

Actual review is below but I’m sure you’re here for this first: 1) turn off meevo plus 2) connect iPad to internet with actual Wi-Fi 3) launch e6 app and sign in 4) check the keep signed in under security in e6 app 5) fully kill e6 app 6) make sure Fs golf or other simulator apps are killed and stay killed. Do not launch fs golf when trying to use e6 7) turn meevo on and connect your device to your meevo’s m2-Xxx…. Wi-Fi a 8) launch e6 golf in offline mode 9) go to the simulator settings of e6 and confirm it’s detected and adjust the settings (distance to ball, indoor / short indoor, etc) 10) launch your play or practice session and tee off 11) hit ‘em well amd enjoy If you’re like me you’re coming to the reviews after you tried lots of trial and error because your meevo plus foresight won’t stay connected to this on your iOS device. Keep getting the device not detected error little pop up on the left? The app is pretty cool and has a decent enough user interface and the courses and practice are fun. But the terrible 2.8 stars is deserved because there is no documentation out there on the very specific sequence you have to do to get this app to work properly with meevo +. They need a lot of bug coding fixes to allow more flexibility in the sequence you connect and load the meevo and e6 and the Wi-Fi etc. Two more actual review points: yardage in low light is off. I have three floodlights in my yard setup illuminating me and the net and mat well but then target alignment preview still shows everything so dark I can barely see the black line in the night. And my 6 iron goes 205+ on Fs golf app and only 165 in low light on this one. And because it’s basically impossible to use this with family golf open it’s burdensome to launch FS golf first and get the more detailed angle and slope settings and such all sorted then you can’t touch the monitor. And when you go back to load e6 properly the alignment will still be off center. You then have to move your ball a little more left for e6 vs for Fs golf. Also, the stay signed in feature seems to reset a lot you have to go back online and then recheck the option it’s a pain. It only stays signed in if you start the app in offline mode.
By Captin insano x


I wish they would add a few features like being able to play a round offline and then add it to your account after the fact when you connect to WiFi. I also wish they would add some form of stat tracking like fairways, greens hit, etc. Gameplay is ok, can only be as good as the device you play on. Provides more accurate numbers for me than FS golf.
By Trevor023


Don’t know about other launch monitors but with SkyTrak, they need to rename it E6 Disconnect!! This software is so annoying with disconnects, random hits on it’s own and not reading shots at all. I know it’s not my Wi-Fi because I never have these problems with WGT or Skytraks own software. For the amount of money they charge, this software is a JOKE!!! Wish the “Golf Club 2019” was available for iPad!!
By Ken687

Pretty fun but the in game voice is annoying.

Wish there was a way to disable the voice that announces the yardage before each shot. It is a robotic, monotone voice that is annoying. I wouldn't mind it if it was in real life where there are minutes in between each shot, but when you are hearing it every 15-30 seconds, it will take a toll on your sanity. Muting the app is not an option because I like the swing and background nature sounds and effects.
By mikeyval

Terrible - it’s a ripoff

The app is useless, the UX of the product is horrible, and I am working on getting a refund.
By Bethesda's cowboys

Terrible App

This app is trash, WHY is it so difficult for someone to login and use their product key? This app is missing some of the most fundamental user experience elements. I can’t believe this is the experience for the price.
By Mlss01

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