Flighty – Live Flight Tracker

Flighty – Live Flight Tracker

By Global Flight, Airport, & Airline Status Tracker LLC

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"Truly phenomenal" NYTimes • Apple iPhone Editor's Choice • Made for passengers first LIMITED TIME: Pro is free on your 1st flight. No trial or credit card required. ▶ INDUSTRY-FIRST FEATURES - 25-hour where's my plane - pilot-grade FAA integration (direct data feed) - delay forecast - taxi times - ground radar - proximity radar ▶ FULLY AUTOMATED - calendar sync - TripIt sync - email forwarding ▶ PILOT-GRADE DATA - live-streaming - actual flight plans - commercial data – same source used by your pilot - FAA advisories, warnings, and delays - your tail number with birthday and type - pilot flight timetable - proximity radar - see flights around you - ground radar - radar even while taxiing ▶ PREDICT DELAYS - Alerts for late or canceled inbound aircraft - Alerts for airport weather or traffic - Delay forecast ▶ ASSISTANTS - Morning-Of Assistant - wake up informed - Check In Assistant - your reservation number and check in link at the right time - Connection Assistant - make tight connections a breeze ▶ WORLDWIDE + LIVE + UNLIMITED - every airline - every flight - 24/7/365 live global coverage ▶ FRIEND'S FLIGHTS - Picking someone up? Excited for a friend to visit? Meeting a colleague? - Track friend's flight with the same great alerts and data. - Share your live flight status with one tap. Friend's get a simple, free, live updating URL. ▶ WHATS FREE? - no ads - unlimited flights - live data - weather - historical flight lookup limited to past 365 days (due to costs) - lock screen widgets (limited refresh for costs) - actual flight route - aircraft model and image - personal flight log and map - iCloud backup & sync ▶ WHATS PRO? - industry's fastest push alerts - 25-hour where's my plane - live inbound plane tracking - live lock screen widgets - pilot-grade FAA delay alerts - delay predictions - arrival forecast - TripIt sync - calendar sync - email forwarding - tail number - taxi times - and more Pro is included on your first flight. No trial required. flightyapp.com/privacy flightyapp.com/terms


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Just Awesome!!

This is an excellent amazing program, it informs me of all the important information I need when my family and friends are traveling. My daughter travels a lot so I’m gonna send it to her. She’s gonna love it.
By CegMozer in the Know

Best Flight Tracker Out There!

I have been using flight just over a year now. The app is great with notifying you about your upcoming flights. It keeps a record of the flights you have been on and how far you have flown as well as how many hours you have flown. Flighty has told me about any delays, cancelations, and plane changes even BEFORE the airline has! If you someone who has trust issues with the airlines (like myself) this app is where you can turn. Overall, Flighty is BY FAR THE BEST FLIGHT TRACKER I have ever used. PS: Get Pro I find it super worth it, especially if you travel often)
By ZZpower21

Incorrect info given on multiple occasions

Great app design but the app gave misleading notifications about a flight cancellation, gave me incorrect flight delay info and did not recognize an established flight. Unfortunately I can no longer rely on it.
By bersch11

Nothing updates like the airports boards.

This app still doesn’t read the actual status with the flights like the airports. Won’t use it anymore
By Dormak23

Constantly pushed purchases.

Wish it would at least be less pushy, but has created an aversion to upgrading with its annoying upgrade requests.
By cmaaan


Great app! Once Watch support is added it’ll be perfect!
By Michael73072

Over the Top

Flighty is an exceptional flight tracking app that has somewhat transformed the way I travel. The app is incredibly easy to use, and its intuitive interface allows me to keep track of the flight details with just a few taps. The app provides real-time updates on flight delays, gate changes, and cancellations, which is quite helpful. Flighty's predictive technology is incredibly accurate, and it has saved experiencing unpleasantness several times. The app sends alerts whenever there is a potential delay, allowing me to plan accordingly. Another great feature of Flighty is its ability to provide information on the airports I am traveling to and from. The app provides detailed information on the airport's layout, amenities, and food options, making it easier for me to plan my time at the airport. Overall, I would highly recommend Flighty to anyone who travels frequently. The app is reliable, easy to use, and has features you need to make your travel experience as good as possible.
By neplace

Beautiful app, constantly nags for premium

This is a beautiful app for tracking your flight. Unfortunately, it CONSTANTLY nags you to upgrade to their premium experience on opening the app 9 times out of 10. Delete.
By TheFreyMaster

Stay ahead of fellow passengers

Flighty’s fast data updates and push alerts got home home 14 hours before I was supposed to. For a Delta SFO-DTW-DCA red eye flight I got a Flighty notification that my flight was delayed 10 hours. I got the Flighty notification and immediately went to speak to the gate agent to get rebooked. A fellow passenger was right behind me because he also got the Flighty notification. We both were able to get rebooked on a different overnight flight immediately. 70 seconds after we got the Flighty notification everyone else got the official Delta notification and a gigantic line formed. Flighty’s incredible speed saved me from spending a night at the airport or waiting in line for an hour to see if I could change my flight.
By JulioCesarSalad

Best Flight Tracker

I see why so many professional aircrew members use this app - super accurate, fast and precise. Not a toy.
By TCF1868

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Flighty – Live Flight Tracker

Flighty – Live Flight Tracker

By Global Flight, Airport, & Airline Status Tracker LLC

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