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  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2018-03-01
  • Current Version: 2.8.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 117.08 MB
  • Developer: SNOW Corporation
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 3
From 13,458 Ratings


Imagine a cute character of yourself. It would be cuter than your imagination. Make the emojis of your character and use it in chatrooms. Take a picture of you or bring one from your Gallery. Then ZEPETO will be the one to make a character of you, cuter than your favorite animation character. You can edit your character's face or dress it up with different costumes so that you can express it in your own way. If you ask if you can only make emojis from it, you've got it wrong. Watch out for our next update.


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it’s a very good and fun game but..

I’ve been a player since the game was first released it was fun and is still fun, however, I’m having a problem with money. The “scratch” things don’t give me money at all (except for the bonus which is usually only 5 coins) it is a scam and i demand another way to get money since you have to wait a whole 24 hours for the mystery box and the quests. Ever since the scratch feature replaced the mini games my money just kept dropping, now the highest i can keep stable for a day is 100, 200 at max. I really suggest you add a new way to make money. Also adding dimples as a new feature would be cute!
By Ibraheem Abbas

One problem

Hihi! It’s zombocom.vs on IG and honestly? I love this app a lot! Very creative, lots of options, and basically no limits besides body type. It’s not really an issue for me, so let’s get to why I’m not giving this 5 stars. Holy mother of god, buggy as hell. Can the app PLEASE not crash on me every time I try to save or load a picture/video? Please? Update your app so people can actually use it, please. I’m trying to get content for an edit and every single time I try to save something it crashes. Really makes me just want to use something else.
By Rebmailate


Please don’t download
By 😒😖😛😢😘😕😩🤯🧐😨

New Stuff😋

I think you guys should add a nail salon option and should be able to get tattoos and piercings, maybe add more clothes shoes and accessories as well, other wise I’m in love with this game🥰
By hdbeheuvdhdsjdnxu

It kicks u off

IT KICKS U OFF. Ok this game is very cute and I love this app so much. But once I go do a picture of my zepeto it kicks you right off
By Lucifer._2005

Good but...

As an LGBT+ involved man, I’d love to be able to try on a crop top or dress without it immediately adding a female chest along with it. I’m impressed to actually find my hairstyle though! I’ve tried numerous game character creators and never had my hairstyle, I’ve always had to settle for second best. I’m really happy with the level of customization and aesthetics, the only improvements really would be able to change body type and fix the female clothing-male clothing things. (I think women should be able to wear masculine clothes and keep their chests too.)
By DustyDaze


It crashes every time I want to take a group picture with my friends :/
By timecurve23

Plz add fox ears and Coker choice fad for the hair

This is really cute and has been great for wen I’m bored.When I saw that there is no fade I was sad,I’m a gacha so I have a fade in my and she is a fox so I suggest fox ears and fade hair
By zoey rose gacha

Can’t get onto Zepeto Worlds!

Overall the app is really amazing, and it’s so cool to make a 3D avatar of myself. I really like the premise of the app but as many other people have been saying, it’s extremely buggy and laggy. Every time I pick out an outfit or want to buy something the loading screen will constantly lag. It takes forever to update my avatar!😥 However the worse thing is I can’t get onto Zepeto Worlds whatsoever. Each time I go on not only does it take forever to load (we’re looking at like 5-10 minutes here, which should honestly not be so long in a game like this) but as soon as it finishes, the app just crashes. It bothers me a lot that I can’t access an integral part of the app and that I’m wasting my time trying. I hope this can be addressed because I really was hoping to hang out with my friends on a world! ❗️PLEASE FIX ASAP❗️
By HamsterLoverL

This game is creepy

I was playing and it was making noise sometimes I could hear breathing it was like someone was watching me do not download!!!!!!!!!
By Cverch1


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