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CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN AVATAR Personalize your avatar with millions of items. From trending clothing, hairstyles, and makeup to branded collabs from companies like Disney and Nike, express yourself in any way you can imagine. PLAY TOGETHER IN ZEPETO WORLDS Explore a limitless variety of maps, from a virtual classroom to an imaginary world. Hang out where you want, and bring the party online. Invite friends or make new ones. Play mini-games together or have a photoshoot. STAY IN TOUCH WITH FRIENDS Send DMS, chat, share stories, news, and inspiration in the Feed. You can find and join Crews too. Your ZEPETO squad awaits. CREATE YOUR OWN ITEMS AND WORLDS You can even design your own unique apparel and maps. ZEPETO gives you all the tools you need -- the only limit is your imagination. Unleash your creativity with ZEPETO.


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I love this game... But

I love this game it's absolutely amazing but when evenr I got to play a game or something I can see and it turns black all the time is this normal?
By 123nicnamenicknickname456

Needs an update..

Needs another update, sometimes it just freezes now.. and how come I can’t buy new Collections? Like the yankee MLB collection? It doesn’t show in my store :(
By Jewel_lala

Love this

I love this game
By bgtfyffg


I shouldn’t have to pay for blue eyes. I have natural blue eyes yet I have to pay?? Listen I don’t have brown eyes, therefore I don’t want them.
By weird games4 life


There is something wrong with zepeto I can’t purchase my zems or coins, I deleted the game and tried again but it still doesn’t work, what am I suppose to do?
By Min Seong Jin

Best app ever

So firstly I will like to say this app is fun and the new update is good because I don't have to make a new character all the time
By &8&29$

Login issue

I still have the issue please fix it
By SuperErzaScarlet


>:( 😐😐🔪🔪I don’t like it because it’s not letting me post anything please make it work ZEPETO please I really want to post it for you not letting me it’s to glitchy now and I hate it here I’m giving you a bad review because it really doesn’t work No matter how many times I try to post it doesn’t work 😐
By ❌❌😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

Angry 😤 /ok

The ZEPETO is the worst however made this game is not good you login weird it kicks you out but it’s an ok game but there is thing that need to be worked on
By gucci bell889


This is amazing
By hgjevemskdldkdbe


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