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  • Release Date: 2018-11-15
  • Current Version: 1.0.29
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Mattel163 Limited
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.5
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Play the world’s number one card game like never before. UNO!™ has all-new rules, tournaments, adventures and so much more! At home or on the move, jump into games instantly. Whether an UNO!™ veteran or completely new, take on challenges and reap the rewards. UNO!™ is the ultimate competitive family-friendly card game. - Play classic UNO!™ or use tons of popular house rules! - Connect anytime, anywhere with friends from around the world! - Two heads are better than one in 2v2 mode. Use teamwork to win together. - Compete in tournaments. Win rewards. Climb the leaderboards! - Go on an adventure in the UNO!™ Universe. FEATURES The Classic Game at Your Fingertips Play the game you know and love in UNO!™ Classic Mode. Or let us recommend the game mode that suits you with Quick Start. Play instantly anytime! Buddy Up Work together with your friends in 2v2 Mode. It’s a totally unique way to play with teamwork and more strategy. You win when either you or your partner plays the last card! Rule Your Room Get your friends together in the Fun Room and set up a game with your favorite house rules! Play the new “Discard All” card to completely remove one color from your hand. Or use the popular “7-0” house rule to swap hands with someone else. Turn up the pressure with the “Stacking” rule and watch your friends pile cards onto one hapless player! Go big or go home. Go WILD. This no-holds-barred mode is the ultimate UNO!™ challenge. House rules on, two deck play and winnings up to 80 times what you put in! But beware, in this wild scenario, you win big or go home empty handed! Are you up for the challenge? Tournaments Climb the ladder and prove your skill in regular tournaments. Keep winning to take the fast route to victory and win prizes. Journey the UNO!™ Universe Discover new places, meet new characters, and collect unique rewards. The UNO!™ Universe is an exciting adventure around the world. Follow the story as each chapter unfolds. Connect, Chat, Yell UNO!™ Easily connect with friends, send voice messages to the other players during a match, or yell UNO into your device when you’re about to win. Make a strategy with your partner in 2v2 mode or cheer on your friends as a spectator! Break Boundaries to Reality Bring UNO!™ into the real world with the augmented reality mode. Play virtual cards onto a real table almost like they were physically there! Now you can have the truly classic UNO!™ experience even without a deck of cards.


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Ok game

Game works pretty well besides being spammed by ads and pop ups
By dave10294828193

Good but could be better

The game is really well put together. Game play has a few issues though. first, you need micro transactions if you are going to play a lot. You play for gold and even on x2 you will lose it all if you are playing solo or with random partners. Second, there should be away to avoid players. I have had multiple games with the same horrible player. That problem leads you back to the first problem. Third, in wild mode, if you have a 4 card wild card, you can not opt to keep it instead of throwing it if someone throws a draw 2. Fourth, if a player gets caught illegally throwing a color change card, the color they chose remains the active color. Players use this exploit to avoid losing. Fifth, people can join the game and not actively participate which forces the game to play a random card for that player. Sixth, since the game has a 3 minute time limit, players will get ahead and run down the timer to win. Seventh, there should be a no time limit game mode for players to avoid the sixth problem. Eight, there is no player review. This would help people avoid players that throw games. As a game that requires micro transactions to play if you run out of gold, there should be a way to avoid players that will cost you the gold you purchased.
By Ethan_67

DO NOT UPDATE - crooked

The app forced us to update and would not work if we didn’t. But once you do there’s ads after every game LITERALLY! Annoying! Also if you and another player end the game with the same card, it’s not a tie. I was docked >200 coins and placed third when I ended the game tied second (we both had a number 1 card). Happens plenty times. Crooks! I’ll find another game Update: they have a new double discard card that is utterly ridiculous. Persons will be able to discard their entire hand without you even playing one card. This has happened for 90% of the game where I haven’t played not one card while someone plays a discard all and empties their whole hand. Ridiculous I’ll find another game
By Isthisnicknametaken1235567

Just trying to make money.

Stupid game the app gives you coins. Computer takes control of the game so you lose them and wants you to buy some. I will not give in. Plus the ads are a mandatory to watch after every game. Very annoying play something else. Should be lucky I even rated 1 star. Always playing bots
By tanshdb

Timer is a problem

When the game is about to end and the timer is close to timing out people purposely take up time so they can get the win and that is some bull!
By NHL dhdhxb


App is horrible and deceptive. Just look at the reviews on the App Store, many others agree.Also noticed that you guys only take the time to respond to the “easy” reviews. All the ones that call out the app’s foolery are ignored. The game is very unbalanced and your developers that have created the algorithms know exact what they’re doing. It’s sickening. Cards dealt are completely imbalanced. Then more coins are lost than what was spent on the round. I’ve lost over 1,000 coins in a round that only cost 200. It takes multiple rounds of luck to finally win a decent amount of coins, just for it to be taken away in one round. This company should be ashamed of itself. It’s impossible to keep enough coins to play without spending real money. Why make the app free if you have to eventually spend real money to play. At least offer a classic free coin option on the app if you’re going to be that deceptive. And if you also turn blind eye to this comment that again exposes the untrustworthy practices, then it just adds to the repulsive nature of this company. Do everyone a favor and Remove this app from the App Store. No one should have to waste their time or money on this.
By Breyana5779374


Great game
By eagles817

Dont spend a $3.99

Scam every cent spent!!! I cant believe some of the stupidest people OR A RIGGED SCAM to loose your $👍 How stupid can one be here?? Well play it and u will see your $$ go fast FACT!
By AhVermin

Worst Game EVER!

Although I have a pretty good internet connection it keeps loading and can’t let me into the game. An when I’m in the game LUCKILY, it says “reconnect” and clicks me out of the game. I’m like what? I’m pretty sure my internet connection is good. Another thing is I’m kind of having a feeling that this game is fabrication because there are days when you’d win like upto 1000+ in consecutive matches and there are days when you can even lose to Zero. I’m getting upset to this game. STUPID👎🏼
By Amarald

New update

I don’t like the new update! To many coins get taken away before this update I always had coins and would be able to play all day now I can’t cause if u lose sometimes up to 1,000 or more coins get taken away! And at times u only win 80 coins! I feel like the game is rigged now cause u will win like 10 games in a row and then lose like10 games in a row before this new update it wasn’t like that! Also an idea put a button to catch people who don’t hit uno cause sometimes win u got to click on their little picture the thing to give the presents/throw eggs at the pops up
By Robin0328


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