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Tammy Fit is a new way to set goals, work out and track your progress. Working in tandem with Apple’s Health App, Tammy Fit uses data about your goals, body, and preferences to create a weekly workout schedule tailored to you. With a wide and unique selection of meal and exercise plans customised to your body and goals, you can have your own piece of the Tammy Hembrow lifestyle. The #TammyFit community is here for you – share goal-tracking selfies, receive healthy reminders (hydration is important), and get to know your strengths like never before. With Tammy Fit, you can: • set exercise goals, and create daily and weekly workout schedules • track your steps, calories, water intake, and exercise progress all in one place • take recommended exercise programs to lose, gain or maintain your current weight • choose between gym and home workouts that suit your lifestyle • watch video tutorials, paired with super simple exercise instructions and recommended reps • choose from a wide array of clean meal plans, including vegetarian and vegan – full of the protein and macro nutrients you need to supplement your exercise plan • save selfies to your diary so you can see your own progress, and share them with the #TammyFit community • choose between a weekly, quarterly or yearly subscription. Got feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Connect with us at support@tammyhembrow.org Some T&Cs: • Your iTunes Account will be charged 7 days after you confirm your purchase (post-free trial period) • Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and will cost the same as your initial fee unless you opt for a different plan upon renewal • You can manage your subscription and opt out of auto-renewal in your Account Settings after purchase • Read the full Terms of Service at https://prod.tammyhembrow.org/pages/terms/


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Life changing app❤️

I absolutely love this app. I’m on my second program in it now and this app has helped me to stay motivated and continue to stay focused in the gym. I LOVE that there’s a post pregnancy program too, I wish I would’ve had this app sooner tbh.
By Livvmas


I’ve emailed and messaged about my subscription it auto renewed for another year and I did not want that I was charged can someone contact me in regards of how I can cancel that and get a refund !!!!!!!!!!!!!
By johanaruby

Workouts are extremely basic

Wouldn’t waste your money on this. This app is definitely not worth the money at all. I would not waste a monthly payment for this app. All the workouts could honestly be found with instructions “for free” on many many well-known fitness ig/YouTube pages. All Tammy really posts is her children and her half-clothed self, not much fitness related content anymore. I think this app could be substituted by watching free videos, it is the same thing. Also, the meal plan is very very basic as well.
By xoxoxoc123

Very responsive to customer feedback

The app is really great but one of the things that makes it really stand out is how responsive they are to customer feedback. I’ve made suggestions about how they can make the app better or letting them know about little bugs here and there and I gotta shout out to my girl Crystal over at Tammy’s who’s been handling every request I’ve made. I brought something up and she made sure it was fixed! I gotta say, it’s really nice having a human respond to your inquiries instead of some weird bot following a script.
By strev003


Please update with more full body gym guides! Or a phase 2 at least. I know we are meant to repeat the workouts but how many rounds should we repeat... also how about warm up exercises or glute activation exercises ?
By sle54444


I absolutely LOVE this app! Nothing has ever motivated me to stay consistent with going to the gym like this app. I started feeling results after the 2nd week. I’ve completed one of the programs and have already started another. I’m loving every workout, everyday! I also love the fact that there are meal plans, it’s extremely helpful. There are so many great recipes and they’re so easy to follow! I can’t believe it’s so inexpensive, you’re getting a trainer and nutritionist in one app. This is amazing!
By Randi🥰

Game Changing

I never write reviews because it’s hard to really impress me when it comes to apps. But!!! This app is game changing for me! First let’s start off with the fact that when making my account, there was an option for “Transgender, non binary or other”... this was exciting for me as a trans woman to finally feel included in a fitness app! I love fitness but sometimes over think my workouts, meal plans etc... and this app covers everything from daily routines with videos, food/workout diary, to my vegetarian diet (which a lot of apps are not custom to) with a grocery list!! This is huge for me because I don’t have to be overwhelmed with planning and trying to figure out what’s best for me. It’s all done for me here in the app. And to only pay $75 per year?? I was paying $80 per session with my trainer and I felt that I didn’t get what I needed from it. This app is worth so much more to me. Thank you for putting so much detail, equality and for making this part of life so simple. Happy girl with happy results!
By SkylarSlayer


I’ve been following Tammy for years and used her original program that was just a pdf and the transition to the app made the workouts so much easier! It truly has changed my lifestyle and I’m so happy with my results. I love all the different workouts and meal plan options! I love that you can actually see Tammy demonstrating the set on the screen and each step of how to do it below. Within the past year I have lost almost 40 pounds and my gym habits are so much better. The app motivates me to go and want to complete my programs! I love tracking my progress with photos and seeing all the workouts I’ve completed throughout a program. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and they tell me how much of a difference they can see in me! I can’t express how much I love this app and how much Tammy motivates me to be a healthier and happier person. So much love to Tammy and all of her team! Xoxo
By Cjay c

Absolutely love this app!! Great for beginners.

I recommend this app to anyone who doesn’t know where to start with fitness. Tammy put together amazing and understandable programs for fitness and food and it’s all done correctly. I’m personally not comfortable enough for a personal trainer nor do I have the money and the app is inexpensive. The best part that I love is I do the at home workout due to my schedule and I work in a high stress environment (warehouse, preload shift) so going to the gym is a horrible motivation for me. But her at home workouts are great because then I can come home from work and work out right in my room instead of going out again and wasting time & money. Most of the time I’m drained when I get home so having that little energy left to get it done and rest feels great. Can’t wait to start seeing results I already feel great ♥️.
By CelesteAdele

Great Workouts, App Needs Fixing

I bought this app mostly for the workouts but really loved that I could track my macros and fitness in a “diary” style setup. Initially I loved it, and I do still love the fitness portion of it. But there is much to be desired from the layout, logging, and buggy side of things. 1- Every time you want to log multiple food items you have to keep scrolling past the recommended workout of the day and recommended meal plan, and any previous meals you’ve logged just to hit the “add item” button. Most of my time logging my food is spent scrolling past things I don’t need. I like to vary ingredients in my oatmeal and yogurt (sometimes 3-5 ingredients) and logging it takes so long because I’m reset after each ingredient. 2- You can’t delete or edit food once you’ve logged it. You can uncheck it, but you can’t delete it. This wouldn’t bother me if it didn’t cause the app to crash when I go to enter the food again with the correct amounts. 3- For some reason if I have something for breakfast, say, almond milk, and then I have more almond milk at lunch, the app unchecks one of them. So I scroll down and recheck it. When I load the page again the item is unchecked but my macros log is counting it as checked. So after a while I don’t know what food I’ve actually logged and how many calories/macros I have left in my day and because you can’t delete food it’s hit or miss if the app thinks it’s checked or not. Very confusing for logging, I’ve overeaten on quite a few days thinking I had a calorie deficit but come to find out it was the app unchecking my food without me noticing. Then when I caught on and started rechecking it would crash or not be worth the effort trying to fix. I can use other apps for food logging, but it would be awesome to have it all in one app. I did the 7 day trial then signed up for just the month. Tammy is very inspirational and her workouts are great! I would’ve loved to subscribe for the year but I’ll just have to show my support with the one month subscription then call it a day. If the diet/logging side of things is changed I’ll definitely revisit this app in the future.
By Megan Fit


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