Blinq - Digital Business Card

Blinq - Digital Business Card

By Blinq Technologies Pty Ltd

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Finally! A digital business card app that has it all. Share your professional identity with anyone, wherever you go with Blinq. Creating your virtual business card takes under two minutes and recipients don’t need the Blinq app installed to receive your details or share their details with you. QUICK TO CREATE - Download the app and create your digital business card in under two minutes. SHARE WHAT YOU WANT HOW YOU WANT - Add up to 20x different fields to your vCard including; social media accounts, unique product or project links, payment apps and many more. - You can share your card via personalised texts and emails, sharing your card’s URL and scanning your virtual business card’s QR code. - Create multiple cards to share the right details in moments that matter. - Want to add your Blinq digital business card to your Apple Watch or widgets? No problem, we’ve got you covered. - Choose to design your own dynamic email signatures and virtual backgrounds for video conferencing calls. USE BLINQ TO CREATE QR CODES - Your Blinq digital business card will automatically generate a unique QR code which contacts can scan to receive your details. - Download your business card's QR code to add wherever you like; your website, brochures, stickers, name tags, presentations - it’s up to you! GROW YOUR NETWORK WHEREVER YOU GO - When you share your electronic business card, your new contact can send you their details straight away. - You can even add notes to each contact you create with your digital card for extra memorability! BRING BLINQ TO YOUR BUSINESS - You can also get your team onto Blinq with our Blinq Business product: a unified dashboard where you can create and manage mobile business cards for your whole organization. - Add your unique brand ID and create electronic business card templates for fast card creation. - With Blinq Business you can also export contacts to your existing CRM system to quickly follow up with the new clients you meet. NFC CARD COMPATIBLE - You can link your Blinq card with an NFC card (near field communication card) to be prepared for every occasion. You can create and purchase your NFC card via the app. USED WORLDWIDE - Blinq is being used around the world to improve networking opportunities for businesses and individuals. - Take this smart business card with you when you travel and use it to create leads. Make sure you have this powerful networking tool ready to grow your network and your business. Blinq is perfect for conferences, trade shows, professional events and face to face customer interactions. Got a new feature you want to see added or feedback for the Blinq team? We hear you! Email us at The optional Premium monthly subscription costs $3.99 USD/month or $35.99 USD/year. Terms and conditions are available at


Blinq - Digital Business Card ScreenshotBlinq - Digital Business Card ScreenshotBlinq - Digital Business Card ScreenshotBlinq - Digital Business Card ScreenshotBlinq - Digital Business Card ScreenshotBlinq - Digital Business Card ScreenshotBlinq - Digital Business Card Screenshot


So freaking cool!!

I first learned of Blinq at a conference and have enthusiastically been blinqing people since. Their reactions are the same as mine! Love it! Thank you!
By Stress Burner Yoga

Love this app!

Absolutely love this app. Easy to use, customize and share! When I share my digital card with others, 9 times out of 10 they end up downloading the app to make themselves a cool digital card. Love how you can reiterate a quick note about how/when you met or any other info you want to remember.
By Rosana Hill-Thomas

Owner big John

By owner big john

The best app for e-business card sharing

My colleague turned me onto the Blinq app, and it is by far my most favorite app of the year. I used to hand out business cards, and now I can provide all the relevant information including a photo and when we met in a contact that can be directly imported through a QR code to another’s smart phone. Love Blinq!!!
By MmeBaer


Blinq is great! I am a Master Barber and this is so easy! Using Blinq eliminates the need for keeping up with annoying paper business cards. Also I’m able to put more prevalent information on my Blinq card. With regular paper business cards I can only put a small amount of information. Blinq is working well for me and I recommend everyone with a business get Blinq today!
By resia77

Awesome Business Tool.

This app is absolutely fantastic for my business. But, what difference what race owns it? Blacks just can’t get past hard work pays off for everyone.
By Brian Crump

Love it here

I I love this app
By maxsterling89

Good stuff. I joined the millennial generation

Love it
By Benapad


Just learned this last night at Dedication and excited about this. I love it and will be sharing with my team. Thanks!!
By Trusting T

Not impressed

So far, I am not impressed I’ve paid for the premium service but When I share my car with customers, Blinq has a forced pop up that asks them if THEY want to buy business cards from them. I DO NOT appreciate that it spams my customers after I’ve already paid the company Also, it is not very intuitive with add my information to my customers contacts. I pop up comes bit with a button to “save to contacts” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m testing this with a few more friends and I will be deleting this app if it keeps doing this
By morningland2083

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Blinq - Digital Business Card

Blinq - Digital Business Card

By Blinq Technologies Pty Ltd

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