Bicycle Route Navigator

Bicycle Route Navigator

By Adventure Cycling Association

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The Bicycle Route Navigator app features nearly 47,000 miles of awe-inspiring, well-established bicycle routes and 100+ maps to choose from. You can purchase the route sections you need from within the app. No subscriptions or complex file conversions are necessary — just download the app, purchase a route section, and start riding with confidence. PLAN YOUR PERFECT BICYCLE ADVENTURE If you are craving a long distance 4,200-mile cross-country bicycle route like the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail or a shorter 256-mile off-road adventure along a portion of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, this is the app for you. Travel confidently with at-your-fingertips cycling-specific info like elevation profiles, distance, riding conditions, location of bike shops, sources for food and water, and listings of overnight accommodations including camping facilities, small hotels, and cyclists-only lodging. REAL-TIME WIND AND WEATHER The app includes wind and weather data along the routes and severe weather warnings that include thunderstorm, flood, and fire information. PLAN YOUR OWN UNIQUE AND AUTHENTIC ADVENTURE Detailed route descriptions and service layers reveal all the beauty you’ll encounter along the way. You can plan each day to include various excursions and scenic stops such as waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, or local art museums. GPS NAVIGATION Follow the highlighted path on the map to your destination. The map moves as you ride so you always know where you are and where you're going. TAP TO CALL One tap to call ahead for a campsite, check lodging availability or connect with a nearby bike shop. Use embedded OpenStreetMap search for even more services. NO CELL COVERAGE? NO PROBLEM Download the basemap to your device so it’s available offline without a cell signal. BEST LONG AND SHORT-DISTANCE BICYCLE ROUTES AVAILABLE Adventure Cycling develops the best cross-country, loop, coastal, and inland cycling routes available. This app serves as an excellent companion to our paper maps. The Adventure Cycling Route Network features rural and low-traffic established bicycling routes through some of the most scenic and historically significant terrain in North America. Adventure Cycling’s Routes & Mapping department is constantly working on research and development of new routes as well as the maintenance of the 47,000 miles of existing routes.


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The ACA is amazing

I haven’t really used this specific app but I have ridden the Trans America bike trail and I absolutely nothing bad to say about the adventure cycling association. Huge thank you to everyone involved with it.
By Paul AW

Love it

Very helpful app. Finished the east coast in Bar Harbor Maine last year. Headed to SanDiego on the southern tier now.
By Bobby Bible


One star because every 30 seconds the app it asks for a review. Well here you go. One star.
By RQFunk

How annoying!

In four minutes testing this app, I got six pop ups to rate this software. It would seem to show they don’t have a clue in their approach towards their customers. It may be decent or even very good software - but I’m not sticking with this to find out. I’ll try it in six months, one more time.
By Me-Pav

Map zoom and alternate routes

When using the navigation the zoom level is too tight. Unlike other navigation maps one cannot zoom out. That is, while one is moving. If stationary i can zoom out but as soon as I move the zoom snaps to an almost useless level. The map does not offer alternate routes to a point that may be off route. Requiring back and forth with other navigation apps. The display of the map is far too pale. Non route connecting roads are practically impossible to see when navigating. It would be useful to see them as a guide back to the route in cases where a make detour of a few streets. Mote information could be added to the info panels. Perhaps gathered from recent users. I would have loved to see up to date info for campgrounds and towns. Like a rating of campsites or details of amenities. Options for stores within local range.
By David A Rogers

SF to LA

Just completed San Francisco to LA in five days. This app was a godsend and life savior
By Con love surf

Should do the job

I have the Adventure cycling maps. I enjoy the hands on mapping process. Although the app so far is a good function. Lots of cool features. I literally just uploaded the app and no solid info, all in all pretty cool.
By laughart

Bugging me

Just got the app and exploring it. Not even on for two minutes and this wouldn’t let me go without putting in a rating.
By Nick Melnick


Awesome app
By Saddlesurfer


App keeps asking for feedback
By rjinodyson1

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Bicycle Route Navigator

Bicycle Route Navigator

By Adventure Cycling Association

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