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Recipe Keeper

By Tudorspan Limited

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-12-01
  • Current Version: 3.28.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 15.47 MB
  • Developer: Tudorspan Limited
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.11+


Recipe Keeper is the easy to use, all-in-one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner available across all of your devices. ADD RECIPES QUICKLY AND EASILY Enter your recipes with as much or as little information as you like. Copy and paste recipes from your existing documents or apps. Categorize your recipes by course and category. Add photos, rate your recipes and flag your favorites. IMPORT RECIPES FROM WEBSITES Search for recipes on the web and add them straight to your collection. Hundreds of popular recipe websites supported. Customize imported recipes to suit your needs. SCAN FROM COOKBOOKS, MAGAZINES AND HANDWRITTEN RECIPES Scan recipes using your phone's camera or from your existing photos and PDF files. OCR technology automatically converts images to text. Keep all your favorite family recipes safe forever. FIND ANY RECIPE INSTANTLY Quickly lookup your recipes by name, ingredient or directions or simply browse your recipes by course, category and rating. Got leftovers in the fridge? Search for a recipe to use them up. Cook more of your favorite meals and rediscover those long-forgotten recipes to make mealtimes interesting again. SHARE RECIPES WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY Share your recipes by email and to your favorite social networks. Create a shared family recipe collection. Add recipes from other Recipe Keeper users with a single tap. UNEXPECTED GUESTS? Adjust a recipe serving size up or down and let Recipe Keeper automatically recalculate your ingredients for you. PLAN AHEAD AND STAY IN CONTROL Integrated weekly and monthly meal planner allows you to plan your meals in advance. Add all your meals to your shopping list in one step. Recipe Keeper can even create a random meal plan for you based on your hints and suggestions. Get rid of that "what should I cook tonight?" feeling. MAKE SHOPPING SIMPLER Fully featured shopping list that automatically groups your items by aisle. Create separate shopping lists for each store. Quickly add your regular items to your list with the favorites button. Save money by only buying what you need. No more trips back to the store for that one thing you forgot. AVAILABLE ACROSS ALL OF YOUR DEVICES Share your recipes, shopping lists and meal planner across all your Macs, iPhones, iPads, PCs and other mobile and tablet devices (separate purchase required for other platforms). "ALEXA, ASK RECIPE KEEPER FOR COOKIE RECIPES." Search your recipes, cook hands-free with step-by-step instructions and add items to your shopping list using the Recipe Keeper skill for Amazon Alexa, (English language only). TRANSFER YOUR EXISTING RECIPES Transfer your recipes from other apps such as Living Cookbook, MasterCook, MacGourmet, BigOven, Cook'n, My Cookbook, My Recipe Book, Paprika Recipe Manager, Pepperplate, OrganizEat, Recipe Box and many more. AND MORE! • Choose from 25 different color schemes, light & dark modes • Format recipes using bold and italics • Customizable recipe collections, courses and categories • Add nutrition information and search for recipes by nutritional amounts • Check off ingredients while cooking, highlight the current direction • Adjustable text size when viewing recipes - great for reading recipes across the kitchen • Convert recipes between US/Imperial and Metric units • Link related recipes together • Add links to online videos • Pin your favorite recipes to the home screen for quick access • Works offline - take your recipes with you wherever you go • Bulk update multiple recipes at once • Screen lock disabled while viewing recipes - no more messy fingers on screen trying to wake your device • Available in 15 languages GREAT SUPPORT We love hearing from you! If you need any help, have a question, or want to suggest a new feature, please email us at Cook more. Eat healthier. Shop smarter. Try Recipe Keeper free today!


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Degree character

Is it possible to get the little character that signifies degrees? As in heat oven to 350 degrees.
By driving a stick

Exactly what you need

I struggled for years with organizing my recipes. I used some on-line formats and some personally designed ones. They all fell short. I have been using Recipe Keeper for a few years now and have 240 recipes stored there. I can access them no matter where I am, even in the grocery store from my phone. It is a very well designed application and they are improving it all the time. I've recommended it to many of my friends.
By El Vino del Dragon

Fantastic App

I used to use Pepperplate, but after years of no support I went in search of a replacement. There are so many out there, but my #1 priority was an awesome import feature, as I use it all the time. Recipe Keeper fits the bill and then some. I love how many websites I can import recipes from with very little need to edit on my part. Yes you pay to sync across different platforms, but it's still way less than you pay for other apps. Lastly there is the service. It's a Sunday at 10 a.m. and my versions aren't syncing. I sent an email to support and had a reply that fixed the issue in 10 minutes. I highly recommend Recipe Keeper!
By EaEmmons

Love it - so easy to import recipes

This is my new go to recipe app after using Evernote for years and struggling to capture recipe pages with it . Now I can easily grap recipes from numerous webistes just by copying the URL and the app does the rest. It even saves a link to the original web page which is great if you want to refer back to it for other people's comments, etc. The America's Test Kitchen (and related) websites are a little trickier to import since you need an account (which I have). Even when I'm logged in via a browser, sometimes the when you copy over the URL Recipe Keeper can't capture it (due to security on the web page. The work around is to log into the stie within the Recipe Keeper browser window and that seems to do the trick. If you are on an iPhone and see a recipe, you can "send" it to Recipe Keeper and it automatically decodes and imports it. This is awesome when browsing things like Instragram. Syncs between my devices easily as well. Highly recommend
By KenLSnyder

They will force you to pay twice if you actually want to sync recipes from MAC to iPhone

Found out after purchasing the MAC version of the Recipe Keeper app for $9.99 that if you actually want to be able to sync your recipes to your iPhone they will force you to pay another $7.99 for that app. Their logic is that you can sync between multiple Macs, but not between platforms. Buyer beware, this is a very deceptive practice to get more money from users for their IOS version, after they have already committed to the $9.99 for the MAC version.
By mdmtnbkr

Needs work for entering by hand

Works great to download recipes from the internet. Entering recipes by hand is a little harder. No Delineations for amount(3), size(cups) and ingredient. Find it especially difficult when adding fractions.
By Thelizardofwaz

Simple and perfect

Recipe Keeper is simple and affordable compared to the other options out there, and it does EXACTLY what I need with lots of flexibility. I can save whatever recipes I want - the website recipe scraper works perfectly every time but you can also manually enter them. I can schedule my meals, and make shopping lists (both manually and automatically). The team is also really helpful and responsive. My recipe database got corrupted when my computer crashed, and they were able to repair it for me! It is a little annoying that you have to pay again to use it on your phone, but I really only need the shopping list feature on my phone. I discovered that it's easy to just "Share" the list with myself via text message which does the trick!
By merlerker

Great app and on all my devices.

This wonderful app can import recipes from food blogs, so I don't have read through sappy stories just to get to the actual recipe. My standard use case. Find a recipe on my Mac to import. It show up on my iPhone for when I am shopping. They when I'm preparing it, I use the iPad I keep in the kitchen. Took me a while to get my own recipes in it, but now that I have them I can share them with my kids, who are all grown and have left the nest, but still ask me from time to time for some of my recipes.
By thomasgazillion

Really good app that needs a simple improvement

After testing out Recipe keeper basic, I bought the full version for desktop because it was a huge improvment over my previous database. The app has clever features like being able to point at recipes online and buidling a card for you. My two biggest complaints, multiple purchases if you want on desktop and mobile. Read other comments and this comes up a LOT. I'd rather pay one higher prices for access on all platforms, and I don't want a subscription app. Charge me more you are worth it. The other problem and what keeps me from buying on iOS is that you have to use the apps syncing service, not icloud data sync. Sorry, just not interested in this. If the app used iCloud sync, I'd buy on mobile right away. Lesson learned, buy the version for the device you will bring to the kitchen.
By Adam Wilder

MasterCook Convert

I recently moved from a PC to a Mac to discover that MasterCook (with my hundreds of recipes) didn't have a Mac version. Luckily I found Recipe Keeper. Love the price, and the customer service is amazing. I needed help converting my recipes and Richard was there to help, responding quickly and, after trial and error, coming up with a workable solution. Editing recipes and putting them in categories is a snap. Thanks!!!
By Jilliangran


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