Recipe Keeper

Recipe Keeper

Recipe Keeper

By Tudorspan Limited

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-12-01
  • Current Version: 3.27.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 15.36 MB
  • Developer: Tudorspan Limited
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.11+


Recipe Keeper is the easy to use, all in one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner that's available across all of your devices. Quickly and easily enter all your favorite recipes and organize them exactly the way you want. Create the ultimate personal cookbook with recipes from your own cookbooks, magazines and recipe websites. Recipes can be entered with as little or as much information as needed and can be grouped by courses and categories that you define making Recipe Keeper work the way you do. Import recipes automatically from many popular recipe websites then tailor the recipes for your own needs. Scan recipes from books, magazines, printed documents, handwritten recipes and PDF files. Add ingredients to your shopping list straight from a recipe with one click. View your shopping list on your phone while in the store. Plan your meals for the week with the built in meal planner then add your meals straight to your shopping list. Share your recipes, shopping lists and meal planner across all of your iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs and other mobile and tablet devices (separate purchase required for other platforms). Attach photos to your recipes, add your own notes, rate your recipes and flag your favorites. Quickly search for your recipes by ingredients, directions or rating. Share your recipes on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and by email. Print your recipes, shopping lists and meal planner. With Recipe Keeper you finally have one place to keep all of your recipes organized just the way you want! App Features: • Add your own recipes, quickly and easily • Import recipes automatically from your favorite websites • Scan recipes from your printed and handwritten recipes and PDF files. • Organize your recipes, your way, by course and by category • Add ingredients to your shopping lists with one click • Weekly and monthly meal planner • Share your recipes, shopping lists and meal planner across all your devices • Share your recipes on social networks and by email • Print your recipes, shopping lists and meal planner


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Great customer service

Had a problem syncing to my apps. Customer service responded quickly and helped me fix the problem. I really like having all my recipes in one place online and handy on all my devices.
By Polyhymnia

Not Happy

I love this App. However, in order to sync across devices (e.g., Macbook Pro and Iphone), you must purchase the App seperately for each device. Make sure you read the fine print.
By Artie42

High functioning app but lacks intergration

Pros: Can create my own categories like InstaPot, comfort food, etc. Can create my own collections categories for meals for special occasions or reciepes from other people. Easy to create recipies Clean appearance. Present on all apple devices to include Mac. Overall easy to use. No subscription fee. Cons: Can’t export shopping list to the reminders app, where the rest of my shopping already exist. No calendar view in selecting a date in Meal Planning. I have to know that the 6th is Monday. Can’t export meal planning event to the Calendars app where all my other calendar already exist.
By Tundrahound


This program has stopped responding since I updated it. It won’t open. Older version worked fine. New one simply says “Not responding.” restarts don’t help. I loved this. I should have known better than to update as soon as it came out. I usually wait until I’m sure they didn’t mess up.
By pjh139

Good app, but a rip-off

I have a MacBook and a android phone, its really not acceptable that I have to buy the pro version on each device. Almost every other app or service will let you log into your account from any device with no extra fee. The fact that it doesnt even let you access the login page without paying is a scam. I like the app, but ya'll are greedy. I understand other apps have monthly fees or are more expensive, but at least they're transparent about it and its not a total surprise when you go to access your account from another device.
By Freymarie17

I love this app!

After years of keeping a notebook full typed-up recipes and handwritten notes on scraps of paper, I switched to Recipekeeper. It's so easy to use, so convenient, and so much more organized than any other method. I love that you can add recipes directly from other websites, too. And you can keep your files on multiple devices. I add new recipes on my office computer, but use my iPad in the kitchen. I couldn't be happier with it! Great app!
By bzhenry

thinking about buying but...

I agree with the negative reviews about paying for each platform. Even though it is kind of illusively stated, it is not explictly stated. Why not just state on each and every platform that the cost is $5.99 for iPad platform and $5.99 for Mac platform and $5.99 for Windows platform. Some people do not get that these are different platforms. In fact, I thought I would have to buy for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. I now think I only have to buy for IOS which would would cover both iphone and ipad. If you would just make it clear, you will take care of the negative reviews - just a suggestion. On another critique, I also would prefer a list and not cards. It must be something about the way our brains work. Anyway all in all, I do think this is a very good app and I probably will purchase it one both my Mac and my iphone, and hope that that will include my iPad. Thank You.
By Reviewer2254

A Real Winner!

This ia a great recipe organizer ! I get a lot of recipes from online sources and I always se a need to edit them. This app collects those recipes with such ease and makes edits just as simple. Organizing the collection is easy to customize also. Worth every penny, I hope they stick around to keep this updated because I can’t find anthing better out there.
By HerbSpicer

Great App With Some UI Issues

I really like this app, but I have had to work around it a lot to use it. It's great that it can interpret so many web sites' recipes and parse out into a single, easy-to-read format. It's also quite nice that the batch size change feature changes the ingredient measurements appropriately. I find it easy to use individual recipes on my iPhone or kitchen iMac. It's when you get to organizing your recipes that the app falls on its face. The categorizations are not in any way customizable and don't really align with things I want to categorize. I found it much easier to use the app by leaving the Course and Category fields blank. I haven't started any Collections yet so I can't speak to the value of the function yet. The system sorts and groups recipes automatically in a single hierarchical structure within the main pane without letting me choose how I want to view all or some of the recipes. There is no grid or list view of the recipes. You have to look at a snaking pile of cards that only allow sorting by name or rating. There should be a list that allows the user to sort, group and filter from any column and edit categorizations directly in the list. The quick search bar in the left-side pane doesn't seem to work at all. You can type part of the name of a recipe and see it listed as matches occur to the text in the field, but when you select a single recipe name, it just puts the full value of the recipe name into the search bar without actually navigating the main panel to the recipe: nuthin' happens. The only way I've found to search successfully is by going to Advanced Search, which works OK but isn't too pretty to look at. Again, a list view of search results would be a great alternative to the card view that is currently supplied. Again, the biggest issues I have with this app have to do with managing the group of recipes. I need to review the list to see if there are duplicate recipes. I need to adjust category values on the fly so I can see the list sort better. And I need rapid ways to filter the list that actually work. I will continue to use the app and recommend it to other cooking enthusiasts, but I also look forward to some much-needed improvement in the viewing and management of multiple recipes.
By Enrique Robideaux

Wonderful Program

This program syncs with my IPad, IPhone, & Mac Pro. It is so easy to use. It easily copies recipes from the internet, separates ingredients from directions and even copies the picture of the food. You can print out a recipe or shopping list of ingredients. There is a place for nutrients & notes. You can add categories and it is easy to search for a recipe by food, air fryer, Weight Watcher's, or any category you choose.
By lisa013143


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