Recipe Keeper

Recipe Keeper

By Tudorspan Limited

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-12-01
  • Current Version: 3.31.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 16.84 MB
  • Developer: Tudorspan Limited
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.11+


Recipe Keeper is the easy to use, all-in-one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner available across all of your devices. ADD RECIPES QUICKLY AND EASILY Enter your recipes with as much or as little information as you like. Copy and paste recipes from your existing documents or apps. Categorize your recipes by course and category. Add photos, rate your recipes and flag your favorites. IMPORT RECIPES FROM WEBSITES Search for recipes on the web and add them straight to your collection. Hundreds of popular recipe websites supported. Customize imported recipes to suit your needs. SCAN FROM COOKBOOKS, MAGAZINES AND HANDWRITTEN RECIPES Scan recipes using your phone's camera or from your existing photos and PDF files. OCR technology automatically converts images to text. Keep all your favorite family recipes safe forever. FIND ANY RECIPE INSTANTLY Quickly lookup your recipes by name, ingredient or directions or simply browse your recipes by course, category and rating. Got leftovers in the fridge? Search for a recipe to use them up. Cook more of your favorite meals and rediscover those long-forgotten recipes to make mealtimes interesting again. SHARE RECIPES WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY Share your recipes by email and to your favorite social networks. Create a shared family recipe collection. Add recipes from other Recipe Keeper users with a single tap. CREATE BEAUTIFUL COOKBOOKS Create cookbooks from your recipes for printing or sharing as a PDF with cover page, table of contents, custom layouts and more. UNEXPECTED GUESTS? Adjust a recipe serving size up or down and let Recipe Keeper automatically recalculate your ingredients for you. PLAN AHEAD AND STAY IN CONTROL Integrated weekly and monthly meal planner allows you to plan your meals in advance. Add all your meals to your shopping list in one step. Recipe Keeper can even create a random meal plan for you based on your hints and suggestions. Get rid of that "what should I cook tonight?" feeling. MAKE SHOPPING SIMPLER Fully featured shopping list that automatically groups your items by aisle. Save money by only buying what you need. No more trips back to the store for that one thing you forgot. AVAILABLE ACROSS ALL OF YOUR DEVICES Share your recipes, shopping lists and meal planner across all your Macs, iPhones, iPads, PCs and other mobile and tablet devices (separate purchase required for other platforms). "ALEXA, ASK RECIPE KEEPER FOR COOKIE RECIPES." Search your recipes, cook hands-free with step-by-step instructions and add items to your shopping list using the Recipe Keeper skill for Amazon Alexa, (English language only). TRANSFER YOUR EXISTING RECIPES Transfer your recipes from other apps such as Living Cookbook, MasterCook, MacGourmet, BigOven, Cook'n, My Cookbook, My Recipe Book, Paprika Recipe Manager, Pepperplate, OrganizEat, Recipe Box and many more. AND MORE! • Choose from 25 different color schemes, light & dark modes • Format recipes using bold and italics • Customizable recipe collections, courses and categories • Add nutrition information and search for recipes by nutritional amounts • Check off ingredients while cooking, highlight the current direction • Adjustable text size when viewing recipes - great for reading recipes across the kitchen • Convert recipes between US/Imperial and Metric units • Link related recipes together • Add links to online videos • Pin your favorite recipes to the home screen for quick access • Works offline - take your recipes with you wherever you go • Bulk update multiple recipes at once • Screen lock disabled while viewing recipes - no more messy fingers on screen trying to wake your device • Available in 15 languages GREAT SUPPORT We love hearing from you! If you need any help, have a question, or want to suggest a new feature, please email us at Cook more. Eat healthier. Shop smarter. Try Recipe Keeper free today!


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Works well

I had Mac Gourmet and it is no longer supported. I imported my recipes from Mac Gourmet. That worked good and it synced with all my devices. Web import also worked good.
By Unit170

love this app

one downfall is id like for there to be a shared profile or some form of linking , that my friends and family would be able to send each other recipes or have it in a group file.
By 88mMax

Love, love, love this app

This app is brilliant. My most used feature is saving recipes I find on the web into this app.
By Caluavon

Very Good.

My favorite recipe keeper. I absolutely love using this app. I never knew I loved looking up and saving recipes so much. This app makes it very easy and enjoyable to do.
By j3369

Love it!

Finally, all my recipies in one place, yet on multiple devices!!! This is an amazing app. Very easy to use! I love that I can transfer a recipe directly from a web site. The shopping list is very beneficial as well. I highly recommend.
By Eli3leg

Fantastic app

I use this all the time. I research recipes and add to the catagories that i need. I have it on my laptop and my phone.
By Bobisamartin

Exactly What I Was Looking For!

I have been struggling with a place to keep the recipes I have located via friends, online and in cookbooks. No longer do I have to struggle with the Notes and trying to find just the right recipe saving the picture etc. etc. With this app I can add recipes manually, via a website, photo or PDF and for one fee vs a subscription what else could you ask for. I can add my own notes, a picture of how my meal turned out as well as adjust for servings. As I recently went vegan and I can edit the ingredients as I go to ensure that when I access them in the future I do not have to remember to change out Chix for Tofu or Tempeh. The developers did a GREAT job, with this app, it has not crashed at all, I have been using this app consistently for 2 weeks or so and I am very very pleased. OH!! and one more thing. There is a GROCERY LIST, The grocery list is awesome, wanna make something and you know you do not have all the ingredients in your kitchen, simply add the ingredient to your grocery list, its very simple while looking at the ingredient list for the recipe touch the ingredient you do not have, it will turn grey, this means it was added to your list, and when you purchase the ingredient just check the box in the grocery list and when you need it again it is right there on the bottom waiting to be added back to the list, or you can click the check items and remove it from the grocery entirely. This app is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I hardly ever write reviews but, I depend on them fiercely before I make any purchase. I hope this review helps. If you are foodie or just have a slew of recipes that you intend to make “one day” then this is the app you are looking for. Paired with Super Cook I doubt I will be purchasing any cookbooks for quite awhile.
By Mplsgrl ™

Super User-Friendly and Unbelievably Powerful

If I were talented enough to design the perfect recipe software, I would design something exactly like Recipe Keeper. It's intuitive, easy to navigate, and unbelievably able to download recipes from websites and perfectly categorize the information. Recipe Keeper is certainly a "KEEPER!"
By Mustang 09T


Absolutely the best recipe storing app. I love that I can import from a website, and you can print the recipe also! Definitely worth the one time payment to store as many recipes as I want. Better than Pinterest for recipe storage!
By Kmassicotte

Love Recipe Keeper

Below is what Recipe Keeper had in the review and I 100% agree I love the ability to find recipes and importing them on my computer and then sync with my iPhone and iPad. While shopping I can use the grocery list or find a recipe to make and while cooking I can use my iPad for the ingredients and directions. Well worth the price for both the computer version and iDevice.
By fireaxe79

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