Nest Payroll

Nest Payroll

Nest Payroll

By Felicity Inc

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  • Release Date: 2019-08-03
  • Current Version: 1.16
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Do you pay your nanny (or nanny share), caregiver, aide, housekeeper or babysitter (or any household employee) over $2,300/year? Then Nest Payroll was made for you! Nest Payroll simplifies a complex tax and payroll process into the easiest and most affordable full-service solution. Modern. Fast. Convenient. 100% Peace of mind. - Sign up and create your first professional pay stub in 5 minutes. - We do the taxing work behind the scenes. Nest Payroll: - Establishes your federal and state tax IDs. - Submits New Hire reports on your behalf. - Prepares and files your quarterly payroll taxes, and notifies you before payments are due. - Payroll taxes are debited directly from your bank account by the tax authorities for the exact amount reported. -All paperwork from tax authorities mailed to us so we stay on top of changes for you. - Each January, we prepare W-2s for you to give to your employees, file your W-3, and provide a signature-ready Schedule H for your personal tax return. - You might qualify for a significant tax credit if you have hired a nanny or caregiver for a dependent so you can work. - Support in case of an audit. - Best in class security. - Pay employees anytime without deadlines or cutoffs, as often as you need. - Pay employees quickly via Venmo or your preferred banking app, right from the paystub. - Employees receive detailed pay stubs automatically via email. - Track sick time and paid time off. - Reimburse your employee's health insurance premiums, reducing taxes for both of you. - Weekly paycheck reminders keep things timely. - Add additional household employees at no extra cost. - In app notifications when documents (W-2s, quarterly filings, etc.) are ready, and tasks (new hire report filings, tax filings, etc.) have been completed. - Reports, documents and payroll history at your fingertips right in the app. - Payroll Calculator to estimate taxes and take home pay. It simplifies budgeting your care costs & makes hourly wage discussions easier & more transparent - Professional concierge service: Text, call or email if you have a question, right from the app. Simple and affordable pricing. - No contract required. - Add additional employees at no extra cost. - Already using another household payroll service? Text or call us--We make switching easy for you. Household Employer Tax Responsibilities: Your home is your employee's workplace. As a household employer, you're required to comply with employment laws and taxes. This means you have to file new hire reports, file and pay federal and state employment taxes, and provide W2 statements at the end of the year. And this is all in addition to your weekly payroll calculations! With Nest Payroll, we handle the taxing work for you. At some point in the future, your employee may not be able to work and could file for unemployment (and/or disability benefits in some states). By paying right you're helping to shield yourself from lawsuits, penalties and fines. Employees get critical benefits: hard-earned Social Security and Medicare credits and unemployment benefits. Work history enables the basics of financial inclusion like obtaining a loan or renting an apartment. Treating your household employees as the professionals they are is best for your family. Keywords payroll,nanny,pay,caregiver,babysitter,housekeeper,household,home,nanny share,tax,w2,senior,paycheck Support URL


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So happy with NestPayroll!

Next payroll revolutionized my nanny taxes. Made my life so much easier and more organized. Thank you! thank you!
By Beanward

So easy

I have been using Nest Payroll for a few months. It’s a lovely interface, super easy to use, and I don’t need to remember anymore to adjust a pay stub before a deadline like with the other, really pricey, service I used to use (I always missed the deadline so the hours would be wrong). Great customer service too, I text them and they reply back within a couple hours. I like the messages they send in the app when it’s tax time. I really don’t need to pay too much attention, but I know they are doing the tax work. Thanks for making it easy!
By SkiSlopeMama

Love it!

With COVID I had to hire a nanny for the first time, and one week into Nest Payroll I love it. I feel good that we are paying taxes and above board; the pay statement gets emailed right to the nanny and I can Venmo her in real time. This is 100% worth the cost.
By EmKay 274

This app is a time saver!

To begin, this review was not solicited by the app makers. This is my honest review. When I became a mom on New Year’s Eve 2018, I was not prepared for the many challenges that lied ahead with my newborn. With no family nearby to help, I found a young person from my church to nanny for me. I heard that I would have to pay nanny taxes and figured that it would be something relatively simple to do. It wasn’t until my nanny needed a W-2 to do her 2019 taxes that I started looking into how to do this “nanny tax” thing and discovered that this process was anything but simple. I should have known better since we are talking about the government. Anyways, I quickly realized that even though I had kept meticulous records of the hours that she worked and how much I paid her, the amount of paperwork that was needed and the interpretation of said paperwork would demand time from me that I didn’t have. So I started the search for a payroll company to help me. I came across many options that wanted to charge me fees like I was running a business that was generating actual revenues. I’m just a mom working full-time and paying someone out of my personal salary, I can’t afford the high fees that they were seeking. Somehow, I came across NestPayroll in the App Store and I’m glad I did. At the time they were not supporting the state of Florida yet. But I took a gamble and emailed them to find out when they will be up and running in Florida. To my delight and relief, they were getting ready to launch in my state that week. I had email contact with them multiple times that week and they were willing to answer all my questions and help me get set up. I now do payroll for my two nannies without any complications and can send them professional looking paystubs. I am so grateful that I came across this app.
By FancyMommy

Great app great service great price

When you compare what Nest does behind the scenes (not just telling you what you have to do), the relative price, and the service behind the app... nothing better in the market for household employee payroll and compliance. Seriously.
By Urbanfarmhouse

Great service

Have been using for months, very easy to get setup, they handle all the work, and easy to use!
By lewisd6

Finally convenient household employee payroll

I’ve been paying my nanny with Nest payroll for months and it’s been great. I add up hours on Friday when it’s still fresh in mind, and the nanny gets paid immediately. I do it on my phone on my schedule, not on the computer when the pay service is ready. Convenience matters!
By Milele


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Nest Payroll

Nest Payroll

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