Waking Up: A Meditation Course

Waking Up: A Meditation Course

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Join Sam Harris—neuroscientist, philosopher, and New York Times best-selling author—on a meditation course for beginners and experienced meditators alike. There are hundreds of meditation apps on the market, and several do a fine job of teaching the basic principles of mindfulness. But most present the practice as though it were an ancient version of an executive stress ball—whereas it’s more like the Hubble Space Telescope. The purpose of meditation isn’t merely to reduce stress or to make you feel better in the moment—it’s to make fundamental discoveries in the laboratory of your own mind. “I’ve been incredibly impressed with this app. Whether you want to sharpen your mind or experience more peace, this can help in dramatic fashion. The power of its progression is hard to overstate.” — Tim Ferriss Tim Ferriss is an early-stage investor in technology companies and the author of five #1 New York Times best-sellers, including The 4-Hour Workweek and Tools of Titans. He hosts the popular podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show. ABOUT SAM HARRIS Sam Harris is the author of five New York Times best sellers, including Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion. His writing and public lectures cover a wide range of topics—neuroscience, meditation, moral philosophy, religion, rationality—but generally focus on how a growing understanding of ourselves and the world is changing our sense of how we should live. Sam received a degree in philosophy from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA. He has practiced meditation for over 30 years and has studied with many Tibetan, Indian, Burmese, and Western meditation teachers, both in the United States and abroad. WAKING UP SUBSCRIPTIONS AND TERMS Waking Up offers two auto-renewing subscriptions: US $14.99 per month US $99.99 per year GUARANTEE: If you complete the Introductory course and don’t find it valuable, we want you to have your money back. Please email us at support@wakingup.com, and we will refund your money. As with all Sam Harris’ digital content, if you would like to use this app but truly cannot afford it, please email us at info@wakingup.com, and we will provide you with a free account. This pricing is for our customers in the United States. Pricing in other countries may vary. Your subscription to Waking Up will automatically renew, unless you disable auto-renew at least 24 hours before the current period ends. You can turn off auto-renew or manage your subscription from your iTunes Store account settings. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account. This app integrates with the Health app, adding Mindful Minutes in the Mindfulness section. You can read more about our terms and conditions here: Terms of Service: https://wakingup.com/terms-of-service/ Privacy Policy: https://wakingup.com/privacy-policy/


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Low experience user review

Sam, this is great. I’ve done maybe a few dozen hours of pure meditation over all. Ranging from 5 minute sessions to upwards of 2 hours at a time. I’ve read probably more than the average amount of material on meditation in general with no specific method at the forefront and the way you explain the experience and how to get there is identical to the lane I found best as I was figuring it out on my own. You’ve both reassured my current understanding of at least the begging stages of meditation and it’s always comforting to hear that we’re not trying to stop our thoughts more so recognize them and experiences them while not losing track of ourselves. I have some thoughts and questions on the breath being the forefront of meditation but ultimately have my doubts that it’s the perfect tool that most practicing meditators use. I think we can do better and I have to assume you take us there in this corse because if I have to spend one more second concentrating on my breath I’m going to phyciclyy implode. Again, thank you. Just a special note: I’ve followed your career and your work over the years, I’ve read your books, and listen to your podcast religiously. I can’t help but consider you a friend in spirit. And I’d like to offer my thanks to you for being a source of reason in the times of my life that I could find none face to face. You’ve helped me tremendously...just in case you needed reminding that you are helping people.
By Skeetertheman

Day 2 already 5 start

I used to meditate regularly until about 6 months ago. At that time I started my sobriety and discovered I couldn’t concentrate long enough to meditate for even 30 seconds (I could meditate for 5-10 minutes before). I didn’t realize I needed to start over and mean this skill a new. Thank you for helping me rediscover meditation.
By taoofnick

A thoughtful approach to becoming more mindful

I found the guided approach offered me a new self awareness, an eye opening or waking up. I have found the practice as changed day to day reaction functions, and human interaction, but only if followed consistently. While moving in between jobs I was fell off track and am hoping to get back on this week.
By nealmetal

good news, bad news, and a word of caution

The good: You've found it -- this is the app/tool/practice that gets you there. It may appear to be yet another self-help app, but I assure you it's not, it's profound. It's the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. (read my personal experience with meditation below or skip ahead to the bad news) My previous attempts at a practice had been paradoxically frustrating. On the one hand, they were mostly peaceful and soothing experiences, somewhat on par with reading a book before bed. On the other, I was frustrated and perplexed. Was I doing it wrong? I wasn't expecting immediate transcendence, but thought if I tried, a glimpse to an inner pathway was at least possible over time. I mean, I had practiced at yoga studios with different teachers, I had read the articles of venerable instructors, and watched more than a few youtube videos with trippy visuals. I even had purchased a stupid pillow designed to help you sit properly for the surely-to-be-coming-any-moment-now experience. I was ready to climb the mountain of enlightenment and discover the deeper meanings. Instead, I found a new way to veg-out that I could smugly describe to my friends as if it were something more than what it was: boring. I was "at peace" with myself for buying into the BS pseudo-spiritual swag bag of crystals, chakras, and enlightenment, that come with every yoga package. After all, if you're going to play the fool, doing it for a deeper life is probably the best reason. Thankfully, I was clued in to the ever earnest Sam Harris podcast by a friend. Sam's wise, interesting, and unbiased thoughts on highly relevant and critical topics are pretty much the gold standard for intellectual podcasts. So, when I learned he had a guided meditation app, I figured it was worth a try. And, yes, it's worth it. Every bit worth it.. Deeply, profoundly worth it. Download it and see why for yourself. Bad News: It's like anything else of value, it's not a quick journey, but a daily, methodical pursuit. However, unlike other meditation practices, you see a path laid before you. You feel a sense of progress. One that's felt in the moment as you practice and, perhaps more importantly, as you conduct your life outside of the practice. For example, I literally hit the golf ball better, I literally find greater satisfaction in my social interactions, I literally find solutions to life's challenges more readily available. It feels like a long game, and it is, but so far it's incredibly worth it. Caution: The one thing I've learned the stands above others as worth mentioning: the practice explores ideas and feelings that can be challenging to your psyche. Some are scary and difficult to accept as truths, but they are growth mechanisms that I now see as fundamental. So enjoy it the experience and make of it what you will, but a certain amount of courage may be required in order to embrace it's value to the fullest. Good luck on your journey.
By jAnthonyt

Thanks Sam

I have been a faithful devotee of The Waking Up app since the git go. Quite often the first thought that appears at the end of the daily meditation is: “Thanks Sam.”
By PugFaceDoc


Sam breaks it down in bite-sized chunks, making it easy to understand and keep going, day by day. i’ve tried so many methods and had so little progress ... until now. worth your time and the cost in equal measures.
By mjblanchette

Great Stuff!

Sam’s approach is unique for me. He brought something different to the table than Headspace, which I started with and also was good.
By Toledo4563

This is the best meditation app period

I feel more chill, more happy, less stressed, and more grateful. More resilient. Bottom line: if you like meditation and mindfulness without religious overtones, this is by far the best meditation app out there. Not that I’ve tried them all. But most guided meditations have weird music or talk about the Buddha way too much. Sam just talks about your experience of the world.
By Darshinator82

Top Notch!

Clean and concise. Very deep!
By meschler717

My favorite app

Thanks, Sam, for taking the time and effort to produce this app. I started with Headspace a few years ago based on your recommendations and it helped change my life. Once your app (finally) released I was so excited to try it and have been incredibly impressed and thankful. It helps so much and I’ve had the opportunity to share it with others and see the impact it’s made on their lives also. I’ve never written an app review before and certainly not one talking about changing lives. If you’re still undecided on trying this out, you have nothing to lose!
By Dumbness2009


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Waking Up: A Meditation Course

Waking Up: A Meditation Course

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