HowUdish: Eat Like a Pro

HowUdish: Eat Like a Pro

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Find nearby restaurants with meals you love with HowUdish, the healthy meal app that helps you find dishes suited to your tastes & nutritional lifestyle. Follow some of the most talented athletes on HowUdish to learn about the kinds of meals they eat to stay in shape. Build a network of friends who share their favorite restaurants that match your nutritional lifestyles. With the app, you can chat and share the places you love to eat while discovering new favorites and find a meal that matches your lifestyle. Simply tell HowUdish what kind of meals you’re looking for and the app finds nearby restaurants with options for you. Even if you're not going out, HowUdish lets you order food from nearby restaurants and source recipes for the dishes that interest you. Premium Subscription > Unlimited swiping > Change dishing location > Undo swipe left on dishes & matches > Learn how to eat like a competitive athlete > Choose one athlete to follow: Jordan Burroughs - Dish like a wrestling champion. Avoids red meat, sugar, and dairy, while maintaining high protein and energy levels. Elena Delle Donne - Dish like a professional basketball player. Follows a Keto and Gluten-Free dish style, limiting inflammatory foods, cilantro, peas, and carbohydrates. Daniela Hantuchova - Dish like a champion tennis player. Follows a largely balanced lifestyle, avoiding fried foods, sugar, and certain dressings. Brandon Marshall - Dish like a professional football player. Dishes adhere to an alkaline diet. Avoids meats, refined sugars, dairy, and generally acidic foods. Cat Zingano - Dish like a top MMA fighter. Avoids gluten, soy, refined sugars grains, dairy, and other inflammatory foods. Dani Speegle - Dish like a competitive fitness athlete. Avoids oils, and refined sugar. Focuses on quality high protein meals. Jennie Finch - Dish like a professional softball player. Follows a low carb and balanced lifestyle, avoiding simple carbs and focusing on quality lean protein. Queen Harrison - Dish like a professional track and field athlete. Follows a balanced lifestyle that avoids pork and dairy. Bobby Portis - Dish like a professional basketball player. Avoids fried foods, desserts, and focuses on foods high in carbs/protein, and low in fat. HowUdish Features > Chat with other Dishers to help you stay on track > Share recipes, dish and restaurant reviews & healthy eating tips > Match with like-minded dishers > Meet new people and chat about food & restaurants > Share your tastes & favorite restaurants > Find nearby trending dishes > Subscribe to see dish choices from top athletes > Browse trending dishes & view profiles > Select the types of dish styles you’re interested in > Choose from low carb dish styles, low calorie, vegetarian meal plans, gluten free, vegan & more > Discover restaurants nearby that serve meals fit for your tastes > Discover new places to eat tasty meals for any lifestyle > Swipe & save on dishes at nearby restaurants > Save & access recipes of your favorite dishes > Test your luck! Swipe right on a dish you like > Know if nearby restaurants have deals on your dish > Redeem your savings at restaurants > Swipe right on a dish to save it > Order through popular delivery platforms > See what recipe matches your tastes - check ingredients & more > Get detailed nutrition info > Get notifications for your meal schedule > Notifications show you nearby dishes fit for your lifestyle > Rate and report dishes and restaurants > Tell friends that enjoy the same foods as you about great places to eat Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your account settings on the App Store after purchase. Athletes who sponsor dishes receive compensation for their sponsorship. Visit


HowUdish: Eat Like a Pro ScreenshotHowUdish: Eat Like a Pro ScreenshotHowUdish: Eat Like a Pro ScreenshotHowUdish: Eat Like a Pro ScreenshotHowUdish: Eat Like a Pro ScreenshotHowUdish: Eat Like a Pro ScreenshotHowUdish: Eat Like a Pro ScreenshotHowUdish: Eat Like a Pro ScreenshotHowUdish: Eat Like a Pro ScreenshotHowUdish: Eat Like a Pro Screenshot


Interesting new concept

This is a really interesting new concept. As a nutritionist, I can see this being really helpful for clients trying to stick to a plan when eating out. My only concern was that many of the dishes were over 10 miles away, but I’m assuming that will change as the app gains popularity.
By Brandyfc

Solid app

Overall I really like this app. It’s great to see good meals that cater to my tastes. It does a pretty good job connecting people & providing tips and recipes and nutritional info. If you’re a foodie, this can be a cool app to have, but it does have positives and negatives. Pros: You can pick what kind of eating plan you’re currently on (up to 3) & it will show you meals that fit There’s a cheat mode function that you can turn on when not dieting. You can filter by restaurant type The map feature will show you exactly where to go to get the food You can see recipes & make reservations You can see trends & tips from trainers & nutritionists Easy to find saved dishes Cons The dating/find friends part of the app blends in with the food so sometimes you’re swiping people & dishes at the same time Limited swipes (like 5 per day)- doesn’t matter if left or right You can see everything anyone posts- I can see some benefit to this but for me I’d really only want to see stuff from who I follow, trainers & nutritionists, and maybe some people my friends follow You can’t really change the settings on the dating/friend finder part Sometimes dishes repeat during a session When signing up, I linked to my Facebook but it made me sign into the account with every new page on the app
By tylertra

Great App for foodies and everyday diners as well

HowUDish is a lot like a traditional dating app such as Tinder where you swipe left or right if you like or dislike a particular recipe. Very community driven and interactive. Straightforward and easy to understand interface. As with most apps, the better features require a paid account, which is always a put-off of sorts, especially if you haven’t used the app all that much yet. Overall, a fun and informative app whose long-term viability is connected to how engaged the users keep themselves. Also, there seems to be a lot of opportunity to have restaurants boost their particular presence with paid or sponsored exposure.
By KennethLawson

Dietitian Approved!

As a full time Registered Dietitian I teach weight management classes and counsel patients daily on how to make healthier food choices. One of the most difficult aspects of sticking with nutrition changes seems to be dining out. This app is awesome at providing a resource to find healthier restaurants. I really like that it provides a variety of dietary options (low carb, vegetarian, low calorie, low fat). This makes it super simple for users to search for specific dishes based on their dietary needs. There were many choices available to pick from in my area. The app is still new and it will be expanding more. If you purchase the premium edition you have access to healthy recipes too, which is a great resource for someone who is trying to get healthy. Overall I think it’s a great app and I will be sharing it with my patients!
By FloridaRD

Eat out and stay on track

This app is a great way to be able to eat out and stay on track with your diet goals. Loved that you can search for restaurants that serve meals that fit your style of eating. Lots of options for diet patterns: low calorie, low carb, vegetarian etc. it will have more value as more restaurants and menu items are added. There were not many choices in my area. Not sure how accurate menu nutrition info is but hopefully that will come along. Could be a great app to use when visiting a new city
By Rdeezyyyyy

Very helpful app!

Overall, I think the app is great for those who eat out frequently and are trying to focus on specific aspects of their nutrition. The app allows you to select a few dietary restrictions and filter results based on your preferences. Additionally, with a premium membership, you can follow professional athletes and how they eat. I would like to see a few additional dietary modifications to choose from, such as the top 8 common allergens. This would make it easier for those with food allergies to be able to enjoy a safe meal away from home. It is helpful that you can find an estimate of the nutrition information from a certain meal right through the app. However, I did come across a flan that the app ranked as “low calorie” because according to the average recipe, it should have less than 500 calories. A quick visit to the restaurant’s website showed me there were more than 900 calories in that flan! However, if you come across something like this, the app allows you to report it so they can look into and correct the information. There also seems to be a feature that will allow members to select whether they are interested in friendships or relationships. The app will occasionally show you another member’s profile and you can swipe and contact them if interested in eating together. Part of me thinks this is kind of brilliant but the other part of me finds this to be a little too much like Tinder. Then again, I am not looking for anyone to dine with. The community seems to be very engaged and active, with sharing recipes, dining experiences, and health goals. I can see that people would want to connect on an app like this.
By arachal

If you like food, you’ll love this app

HowUDish is the perfect app for people who are really into food. Whether you’re on a strict diet, follow a vegan lifestyle, or have health-related restrictions...this app has it all. It helps you stay healthy while you eat out, find other people to share a meal or recipe, and even order in. I’m so impressed with how many features the developers included. So many people could use this valuable tool to make cooking at home tastier, and eating out more fun. HowUDish combines the best features of a restaurant review site with an involved community and a cooking app that offers recipes for your favorite dishes. It’s got a lot to offer for a free app One of the hardest things for me when dieting is the loss of my social life. I hate saying no to every invitation because I know I don’t have the willpower to go out without indulging. HowUDish lets you plan ahead, choose a meal that’s appropriate before you get to a restaurant, and you get to go out with your friends! When you set it up, you just choose from low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat, balanced, high-protein, high-fiber, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian.I chose “foodie” which doesn’t limit any dish but still lets you connect with other people and see full menus. You can save money by eating at restaurants with sponsored dishes or build a list of places to eat when you have no inspiration for where to go. What stood out to me upon joining HowUDish The community is so engaging and welcoming. Within the first day of joining, I had ten people welcome me and ask me to share my goals, recipes, and interests. One thing I would like is if everyone used real profile pics, but I know that’s unrealistic. I just think it’s easier to connect with people if I can see their faces, but that just motivates me to meet up with a local group! Stability It worked seamlessly on my phone and never crashed once during usage. In terms of phone storage, it comes in at 90 MB, which is about the same as other social apps like Instagram, Retail Me Not, or Nextdoor. The app gives users the option to enable location services all the time or only when using the app so you can limit battery usage. Upgrade options The app itself is free to use and includes a one-month free trial. You can add Premium features for $0.99/month or $9.99/year. Upgrading lets you change your location, add a cheat day, and is ad-free. There’s also a version that lets you follow pro athletes to see how they eat and stay fit.
By megmcfarlane999

Very Cool Idea

Ever wanted to see how the worlds top athletes eat and treat their body? Now you can. This app is great in that it lets you find restaurants to eat at which fit your ideal diet and it shows you how to eat like your favorite athlete.
By Adam Fiddler

Great potential

I found that this app has a lot of potential. As a RD, I hear from clients that they often struggle with sticking with their diets when they go out to eat, I think having an app that allows people to plan ahead when they are going out to eat, so they can stick with their diet, would be very helpful. However this app has a lot of growing/updates it still needs to do. I found that the nutritional information/pictures for menu items is lacking. Nutritional information/ingredients for dishes can change so much from place to place and I feel like some of the nutritional information on this app can be deceiving. Also I believe that once they can update pictures to actual menu items this will help. We eat with our eyes first, and people often base food choices on what it looks like. Overall the app is easy to use, and I hope with more time and updates I can recommend this app to clients to help them when they go out to eat.
By Buchae16

Good idea, needs improvement

I like that signing up is easy and user friendly with the option to log in under Facebook name instead of email. I like that you can set food preferences as far as meals : low cal, low carb, vegetarian, etc. and that you have the ability to make reservations online! The food graphics could be a little more appealing (poor quality and look outdated). I don’t like that the pictures of food aren’t from the actual restaurant- could set up customers for disappointment. Overall it’s a great idea and being able to share pictures and recipes within the app community is very convenient.
By MMax123


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HowUdish: Eat Like a Pro

HowUdish: Eat Like a Pro

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