Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat

Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat

Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat

By Social Impact Inc.

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Welcome to Taimi - World's Largest LGBTQ+ Platform! Your Pride is our Pride. Taimi community is the first fully inclusive gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual dating app with more than 8,000,000 real users. Taimi started as a unique gay chat and gay dating app, but now we are more than the app for gay people - we are the community of open-minded and easy-going LGBTQ people who live their lives in all the colors of the rainbow. On Taimi you can chat for free, make calls and videos, create posts & stories, and last, but not least, find true love. Enjoy Taimi best features: ◾ Experience the best online gay dating app: swipe and match with more than 8 million queer folks from all over the world. Taimi is enjoyed by all shades of the rainbow: Lesbian chat and dating; Transgender chat and dating; Bisexual chat and dating - you name it, Taimi has it all! ◾ Real users near you (and a unique filter for potential matches); ◾ See who liked you; ◾ Video and call messages: ◾ Pets, Movies, Music, Memes lovers, Gamers... - a little part of our communities; ◾ See full statistics of your account; ◾ PIN, Face Recognition, Fingerprint. All those features are free to use. If you want to improve your app experience, you can purchase an optional subscription package TAIMI XL. With the Premium Subscription, you will be able to explore the LGBTQ world much easier: ◾ Like as many people as you want before matching; ◾ Swipe up for a Rainbow like and you will get 3 times more matches; ◾ Use extended filters to match with the RIGHT ONE; ◾ Undo your hasty swipes; ◾ See all of your visitors; ◾ Hide your age and location; ◾ Find Them quicker and easier! The cost of the optional subscription for Taimi XL is 4.99 USD for 7 days, 44.99 USD for 3 months, 71.99 USD for 1 year. Try 3-Day Free Trial and enjoy all premium features! We genuinely believe that the app will help to create a safe environment for LGBTQ people to show the brightest sides of their personality, to find true love, and spread awareness about equality, LGBTQ rights, and personal freedom! Our goal is to become the #1 queer Dating & Social Network in the world for lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual communities since we understand that everyone deserves to be loved. Meet someone brutal and edgy or someone very tender and gentle, young or mature, calm or active - we bring together the greatest people. Get connected with the LGBTQ+ community worldwide in Digest. TAIMI feed is a safe space for you to share your interests, hobbies, and artwork. Shine bright and showcase yourself on TAIMI! Interested to learn more? Please, check the following links: Privacy Policy: https://taimi.com/privacypolicy Terms of Service: https://taimi.com/terms Subscription Terms: https://taimi.com/billing Taimi Community Rules: https://taimi.com/community We are continually improving the app, and if you are experiencing any issues, please contact our support team at support@taimi.com. We are always here to help ;) Join us on our social media: Facebook: @taimiapp Twitter: @taimiapp Instagram: @taimiapp


Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat ScreenshotTaimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat Screenshot


Poor Customer Service & Poor Problem Resolution

Somebody copied my pictures from my Taimi profile & created a new one with the same name. They used my photos & my name to catfish others. I was banned on my account because of it. After verifying my identity & speaking with customer service they banned me permanently from the app after assuming that all accounts were ran by me (I only had one account). It was a great app however, they need to have a better process in order to deal with fake accounts & issues of such nature. Download Taimi & pray nobody tries to steal your identity, pictures or profile name.
By Bacooknnfik

Great but banned me for no reason

This app is actually pretty great and I met a ton of new people on it but for no reason I was banned permanently and unable to make a new account. It claimed that a fellow user had reported and just based off that report with zero evidence they banned me. This really frustrates me and I really think they should look into their cases before immediately banning someone.
By aiwnened


They deleted my account for messaging someone to add me on snap! Then they couldn’t get my account back for their mistake!! So dumb!!
By Sassy.syl

BBB gives Taimi an F, beware of the scam

If I could give them a zero, I would. After being a loyal paying customer, they appear to have banned me from the app for no coherent reason. First they gave me one reason, then another person contradicted the first and gave me a completely separate reason. I was never given proof or any opportunity to defend myself. I’ve never, ever been banned from any app and shouldn’t have been from this one. XL is also very, very expensive.
By pinnacleor

Really bad UX

This app probably works for people and I support that. Problem is it’s hard to navigate and it feels like they’re trying to do too many things. Also, they made it really hard and confusing to cancel your subscription (which they charge for automatically after 3 days). All in all, happy if it works for people that’s awesome, but I think it’s overall a very bad app. I also never write reviews but hated the UX that much lol
By leaser23

Why does it keep logging me out and not letting me back in?

I was really happy the first day I used this app. It was the first time I talked to people who were normal. But I don’t understand why it keeps logging me out and asking for a email. And when I put in my email it says it’s wrong. I’ve made 2 profiles already due to this problem and it all happened in a 2 weeks time frame. Now I’m upset because I made some connections and didn’t even bother to think of giving them my number now I wish I had 😡
By c_pinks92


Unless you’re a literal 10 that is posting half naked pics all the time, no one hardly talks to you. And the ones that do reply to you won’t reply until weeks later. It seems to be more of a hookup app than it does a dating app. I’ve had my account for awhile and only 4 people have talked to me. I hate that there’s no decent dating app for lesbians. Ugh.
By cuharhlee

Don’t bother

Don’t bother making an account because they get deleted so easily, no warning nothing just deleted account for one mess up. It’s annoying and a waste of time so don’t download this app try something else.
By foreverme 123456789

Love it

By Talltat79


This was by far the best app I’ve found in relation to LGBT+ dating. I had zero complaints until I was banned for seemingly no reason. I was supposedly banned for advertising/or trying to get money?? I have an OnlyFans account of which I did not advertise on this app. Through email it was pretty obvious they were talking about my having an OF. This is ridiculous? I am permanently banned from the app because I simply *have* an OF??? There needs to be a better system in place to hear out both sides if someone reports another user. Ensure that the banned user even *DID* anything wrong.
By greynedox


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Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat

Taimi: LGBTQ+ Dating, Chat

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